AirPods Connection Failed? How To Diagnose & Fix it

AirPods connection failed? Wanna know how to diagnose & fix it? Your brand new AirPods set might be faulty without any sign of life. Do not be sad because that is a common issue and could be fixed easily. 

AirPods Connection Failed

Apple brilliantly designed this device to work seamlessly with other devices, but sometimes these connections fail for various reasons. Here we will discuss possible ways to diagnose and fix the issues related to the AirPod connection.

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What are AirPods?

Before we go ahead, let’s take a look at what the AirPods are. The AirPods are small wireless earbuds that can be used to listen to music or make calls hands-free. They are an excellent device produced by Apple for their iOS devices. You can connect them via Bluetooth or W1 chip. Therefore, they support many iPhones and iPods apart from iPod Touch.

How do I pair my new Airpods with iPhone X/8/8 Plus?

First of all, you need to turn on your new Apple Airpods by putting the ‘air’ into the case that it came along with. Now, put both of your Airpod’s charges back inside of the case. Then, open the lid of the case. 

It will automatically discover your Airpods and display them on your iPhone screen to connect it. You have to tap Connect below your desired Airpod picture.

Connection Issues with AirPods

airpods connection failed


After successfully pairing your AirPods with an iOS device, you enjoy a pure music experience without interruption or crackling sounds while listening to or calling someone hands-free. 

But suddenly, you are receiving an error message saying, “AirPods connection failed.” What should be done? How can I fix this issue? If you also want to know more about this problem then read the section below carefully for a complete solution to this issue.

How do I know that Bluetooth is not working on my iPhone X/8/8 Plus?

When you cannot connect your AirPods to an iOS device, it means that your Apple gadget’s Bluetooth is not working properly. However, if you want to know the exact reason behind this issue, follow the steps below carefully.

Go to Settings > General > Bluetooth. It will show all the paired devices with that specific device. Tap on the ‘i’ icon of any connected device, and it will show some more information about the selected device, like Battery level, name, etc. 

If the battery of this device is weak or low, then it’s time to replace its charges otherwise, choose another option, i.e., Power off both the devices and turn them on again after 5 seconds of the turning off process.

Is AirPods firmware up to date?

If your AirPods are not connecting to your iOS device, then it could be a problem with either Bluetooth of your iPhone or the charge of the AirPods. 

But if the issue is still the same after following the above steps carefully, then I think you need to check the latest update for both of these devices- iPhone and Airpods. To do this, follow the below-given steps carefully.

Go to Settings > General > Software Update on your iOS device. Make sure that there is no available software update otherwise, install that ASAP after reading its description. Now, attach your Airpod’s charges back into the case and wait 10 minutes until it automatically turns on itself. 

After successfully turning on AirPods, open the lid of the case and wait for a few minutes until it automatically gets connected to your device.

To solve this type of issue successfully, you have done everything possible on your part. We will try to help you as soon as possible! And Apple users can also read Youtube tutorials for complete guidance.

How do I know if my AirPods are experiencing a connectivity issue?


If your AirPods don’t seem to reliably connect or their connection gets unexpectedly cut off, then there’s a good chance that this is what you’re dealing with. The most common symptoms of this problem are:

  • AirPods always disconnect at the same time on both devices – One of your devices is affected more than the other.
  • A popping sound was heard when unplugging the AirPods from the charging case.
  • The AirPods status light blinks several times after you try to connect them to a device.

How do I fix it?

If you’re experiencing connectivity issues with your AirPods, then there’s one very simple thing that may help alleviate the problem – restart your device(s). This is an incredibly common step in solving minor problems like this and works well with Bluetooth-based hardware. 

Simply power down your iPhone or iPad for 5 minutes, reboot it, and see if the issue persists. If that doesn’t work and you’re experiencing problems with one specific Airpods’ earbud, then try resetting it. 

Turn off Bluetooth on your device, put an AirPod in your ear, and press and hold the setup button (small circular area) for at least 15 seconds before releasing it. You should hear a pop sound when the reset completes successfully.

How do I check which version of iOS my Apple devices are running?

It’s possible to check if an update is available for your iPhone or iPad by going to Settings > General > Software Update. Make sure you have enough battery before attempting to download and install any updates that might be available for your device, as this process may drain your battery faster than usual.

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Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no. Apple does not provide refunds for items purchased within the last 90 days, so this is not an option unless you buy your AirPods from somewhere else and still have the proof of purchase. 

However, if there is something wrong with your AirPods that prevents them from working as expected, then it’s likely that you can exchange or return them at the store where you bought them and get a new pair. If they were purchased via, then you will need to send them directly to Apple to receive replacement earbuds.

So, that’s all about why the AirPods connection failed.

Connect an Apple AirPod case to a power source. Wait for the green LED light inside of the case to start blinking slowly if the pairing process is successful. 

Insert an AirPod into your ear to listen to music or take a call hands-free. Tap Connect near an available AirPod in Settings > Bluetooth. Enter passcode 0000 when prompted. Confirm that a connected icon appears next to the name of your device in Settings > Bluetooth.

Choose the “Forget this Device” option in Settings > Bluetooth, then reconnect the AirPods case to your device. Open the charging case’s lid, then wait until you hear a sound indicating that the AirPods are ready for use.

Check your connectivity settings in Settings > Bluetooth. Make sure that Connect is set to Automatic and Use with iPhone is selected. Restore your Apple Watch pairing by going to Watch app > My Watch tab > General > Reset > Reset All Settings, if applicable. 

Restart your iPhone or iPad after resetting any settings or pairing it directly via Bluetooth Settings. Then open the lid of the AirPod charging case for at least 5 seconds before powering it on again by attaching it back to its charger.

Before diving into solutions for solving Airpods pairing issue or unknown error (0xE8000001), let’s make sure it really needs our attention by doing a few checks:

With the “Find my iPhone” feature turned ON, go to Settings> iCloud. If your registered devices show up, then make sure to check whether they are turned ON or OFF.

If the device is powered ON, try connecting it to different Apple hardware, i.e., Mac/iPad/iPhone/iPod. If you can connect with other devices but not with your iPhone, then take the help of the Airplane mode trick. 

Turning on this feature will restart Bluetooth connectivity and clear away any interference that might have caused the issue.

Tap on Settings > Bluetooth, and switch OFF Bluetooth from the top right corner. Now keep holding onto both AirPods case buttons simultaneously for at least 10 seconds or until you hear a tone sound (high pitch sound). You can now turn ON Bluetooth back again and see if it works properly.

If the issue still exists, then there are high chances that your AirPods set is faulty or not working properly. Now getting a replacement for these wireless earbuds will be the best solution.

But if nothing seems to work and you want to fix it as soon as possible, then here we have a few more solutions that might help you out:

AirPods Troubleshooting Tips & Fixes

Ensure your charging case battery is at least 50% so that both AirPods can connect quickly during pairing. 

If they are kept in the AirPods case and have a low charge, then try connecting them by taking them out from the case and turning ON the Bluetooth feature on your iOS device again.

Other reasons impact this connectivity issue, but the most common is a hardware fault. To check whether the device is faulty or not, try using them in non-Apple gadgets i.e., Android phones or other computer systems. 

If it works properly, then AirPods are fine, and your iOS device might be causing this issue due to some incompatibility problem with Bluetooth connectivity.

The good news is these are usually pretty easy glitches to fix on your own. Here’s how you do it.

AirPods Not Connected Between Two Devices At All This particular problem usually arises when trying to connect the AirPods on one device, but the connection fails.

The AirPods then refuse to connect to any other device, which can be extremely frustrating considering that they’re supposed to work across multiple devices easily. 

If your problem is along the same lines as this one, try restarting both of the devices you are having problems with. That’s it! Restarting them should allow the AirPods to connect properly between those two gadgets — assuming there was nothing else wrong with either of them. 

If restarting multiple devices doesn’t help you solve this problem, another cause may lurking beneath the surface. The most common underlying culprit is an issue with Bluetooth itself. Before doing anything drastic, go into Settings on each device, turn Bluetooth off, and then back on. 

Once you’ve done that, try connecting your AirPods again. If that doesn’t work, it’s time to take more drastic measures — namely, resetting all Bluetooth connections by turning off Bluetooth in Settings and then holding the power button for 7 seconds to turn it off. 

Next, go into Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings (you will need to enter your passcode when doing this) For iOS 10 users: Go into Privacy > Location Services > System Services Scroll down to “Majority of location services are turned off” Click it and toggle it back on.

If none of these steps resolve the issue, Apple offers a few tips via its support page.

Unfortunately, several issues can cause problems connecting multiple devices, and if none of these steps resolve the problem, you may be looking at a defective AirPod unit.

AirPods Not Connected To One Device At All If your AirPods aren’t connected to one of your devices but work properly on another, this is likely caused by a simple glitch or transient error that will resolve itself after a few minutes. 

There’s not much you can do here other than wait it out, but it’s important not to disconnect or re-pair the AirPods manually in the meantime — doing so could create new connection problems when they finally do start working again.

If they’re not connecting to any device at all, hold down the setup button for about 15 seconds until you see an orange light appear. Then they should start flashing white, when you can try connecting them.

AirPods Keeps Disconnecting From One Device If your AirPods are connected to one device but keep disconnecting from it, there are a few things you can try to fix this issue. 

First, ensure that the problem is not occurring because of an iCloud or Family Sharing conflict. Both use Apple’s “iTunes Wi-Fi Sync” feature, which will temporarily interrupt Bluetooth connections if enabled — turning off this feature should resolve the issue. 

Some users have also had luck resolving their problem by simply disabling iCloud Drive on all devices except for one For iOS 10 users: Go into Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive Toggle Off “Documents & Data” Go into Settings > General > Date & Time Turn Off “Set Automatically” (note that this will require you to adjust the date and time manually whenever it becomes enabled again, which could be a problem for some users)

If disabling iCloud Drive doesn’t solve your issue, Apple offers instructions here on how to completely reset all network settings on your iOS device — although doing so will delete all of your saved wifi networks.

Rearrange app position in multitasking view, disable location services for apps like Find my AirPods, and more. It’s definitely something you’ll want to do as a last resort.

Earlier iOS versions (8.4.1 or lower) If none of these steps resolve your AirPods disconnecting connection problem on iOS 8.4 or earlier, your best bet is to either downgrade back to iOS 8.4.1 from iTunes or upgrade to iOS 9. It’s possible that Apple will release a fix for this issue in future updates, but until then, you’re out of luck.

AirPods Pairing Completely Random Devices If all else fails and you cannot get your AirPods to pair properly with any device, try putting them into recovery mode and resetting the Bluetooth connection settings.

Hold down the setup button (the small circular one on the back) until you see an orange light appear (around 15 seconds). Continue holding down the setup button until it begins flashing white (about 10 seconds) at available devices on your phone or Mac Click the button. 

Click Connect on the AirPods setup page when it appears on the screen, and follow the instructions from there.


Apple really did put in all its efforts while designing AirPods. The device will serve you longer with the best user experience on board. 

No one likes a situation where their long-awaited purchase doesn’t live up to their expectations, so we hope the above solutions help you eliminate this annoying issue that was bugging many iPhone users worldwide.