What Are the Best Sounding Vintage Speakers? (Top 10)


In this post, we’re highlighting the best-sounding vintage speakers with the great old style.

There are always legitimate reasons to shop for vintage speakers; some of them remain the best products you can buy.

Though some vintage speakers went out of production decades ago, there are still dozens of vintage you can still find though they come with a price. Here are some of the best sounding vintage speakers below:

1. Quad ESL-57 Electrostatic Loudspeaker

The ESL-57 was launched in 1957by Peter Walker. To date, this speaker is still considered by many audiophiles for its quality audio sound.

The speaker features electrostatic panels that offered a level of transparency and midrange resolution.

Finding a pair of original ESL-57 in perfect conditions has become much difficult in recent years. The market for restored units has also driven the price of this speaker up significantly.

2. MartinLogan Aerius i Loudspeakers

This vintage electrostatic loudspeaker speaker doesn’t only look great but also delivers amazing sound quality, capable of dominating any room where it resided.

This taller and slimmer Aerius i loudspeaker not only offered the transparency, detail, and speed of an electrostatic panel, but it also offered the punch required to enjoy rock, electronica, and other genres of music.

Finding a used pair of Aerius i loudspeakers in reasonable condition has become easier in recent years. If you’ve got an Aerius i loudspeaker, it makes sense to have the factory install a new pair of panels to give your speaker some longevity.

3. Toshiba Wireless Bluetooth Speakers: Vintage Retro

This is a vintage retro speaker. It has great adaptability, which makes it an important bit of gear. It offers an unrivaled projection of a good surround speaker.

It can be referred to as the best vintage Toshiba vega speakers.

Its Bluetooth connectivity can match up easily with gadgets about 10 meters away from the speaker – the speakers pair easily, enabling users to control their playlists from anywhere they are within the house.

4. JBL L-100 Century Loudspeakers

The originals JBL L-100 was released in 1970 delivered an amazing performance. JBL recently reintroduced a new version of the L-100 with improved performance.

This speaker was derived from JBL’s 4310 studio monitors and offers a domestic look though it also requires some space.

These speakers are forward-sounding and almost always sound better with tubes or a warm-sounding amplifier.

You can get a set of JBL L-100 speakers in reasonably good condition for about $400 to $500. You can get replacement drivers at about $100 each. Nostalgia with orange grille covers comes at a premium.

5. LuguLake Handheld Multi-work Bluetooth Speaker

This is one of the best vintage retro stereo speakers. It has a 5.25in. woofer and a 1in. premium arch tweeter. It is a very good mono speaker with one speaker cluster – you would need two speakers for genuine remote stereo sound.

It features 10-in-1 multi-useful properties and is truly noteworthy notwithstanding its small size. It has an FM radio, a USB blaze drive, aux, and TF memory card slot, which supports U-circle.

It also has Bluetooth connectivity for remote streaming, balance control, and the ability to connect with bigger speaker frameworks.

It has a respectable battery life, a sturdy convey handle, and great bass. However, you would need to buy two of this speaker for a genuine stereo sound.

6. TEWELL Bookshelf Speaker, Retrorock 24W

TEWELL is considered the best vintage retro speaker. It has an incredible great woven material grille with retro flip switches. It’s controlled by double full-recurrence drivers, which have been finely tuned by master architects to convey punchy sound with well-characterized registers.

The bass is really amazing and is basically twisting free, even at max volume levels because of its bass reflex framework.

7. Retro Wireless Bluetooth Radio Speaker

This retro vintage model imitates the polish of the old era. It has an amazing shape and patterns – you’ll love the rich shade of its structure. Its great style is enhanced by its cutting-edge Bluetooth connectivity and other features, such as a USB glimmer drive and SD memory card slot.

The USB is a twofold drive and can be utilized to charge gadgets. It additionally includes a 3.5mm jack and RCS (L&R), making it perfect for use with a turntable and other audio inputs.

8. Marshall Kilburn Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This is a gorgeous portable vintage speaker from Marshall Kilburn weighing just 7lbs. This speaker comes in classic cream or black. It has a retro good look, which embodies the spirit of rock and roll. The Bluetooth capability makes this speaker more amazing.

This speaker features dual 5.25in. woofers and dual 1in. dome tweeters, which all provide clean mids and well-articulated highs.

It’s a class D speaker and one of the loudest speakers in its class. It uses analog-style knobs for volume and equalization (bass and treble).

Marshall Kilburn portable Bluetooth speaker has a guitar-inspired leather strap for easy carrying and a 4hrs to 20hrs battery life.

9. ART+SOUND Bluetooth Speaker Vintage Retro Radio

The onboard controls of this speaker are laid out very clearly to the left and right of the radio tuner display. The speaker is compact, lightweight, and has a retro woven grille.

Its inbuilt rechargeable battery makes it a good travel speaker choice, capable of providing up to six hours of uninterrupted listening to rock music between charges.

This makes the speaker ideal for taking with you on a day out.

This speaker has a retro dial to adjust between FM radio frequencies and stylized knobs for user-friendly control.

It has Bluetooth connectivity to pair with other devices with ease. It also has a standard 3.5mm aux input for direct listening should in case Bluetooth devices aren’t available.

10. Vintage Bluetooth Speaker Portable Wireless Speaker

This is a two-way class speaker, which provides great, well-balanced audio with good definition. This speaker has also been tweaked to provide an enhanced low-frequency response for better bass.

It features a 20-watt amplifier to get optimal performance and provide sound quality usually expected from a much larger speaker.

It features an inbuilt USB and auxiliary connections and can maintain a Bluetooth connection with great stability even at a distance of 33ft.

The inbuilt rechargeable battery can deliver up to 6 hours of uninterrupted music playing. This speaker is lightweight and comes with a leather-like carry handle for better portability.


Now you have the top 10 best-sounding vintage speakers.

The list accurately presents the best-sounding vintage speakers you can think of, including retro vintage speakers.

However, if you feel we have omitted any vintage speaker with an amazing audio sound, kindly tell us in the comment box.

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