Can Any Soundbar Work With TCL TV? (read this first)

A TCL TV is such a powerful home electronics you can maximize its use. If you’re looking to connect your soundbar with the TV, you might be wondering if ‘any’ soundbar can work with it. To answer your question, here’s what I know:

Yes, any soundbar will work with a TCL TV. Any soundbar can work with a TCL Roku TV. However, you need to ensure there’s a compatible connection between your Roku TV and the soundbar. Use the HDMI ARC as the connection option because it can support high-quality content and it’s quite easy to set up.

Due to its capacity to deliver high-quality material and the convenience of installation, HDMI ARC is the preferred connection choice. 

Connecting a soundbar to a TCL TV is similar to connecting a soundbar to a different TV brand. It’s simple if you have the correct components, yet it can be perplexing for some of us. As a result, we’ve put together this tutorial to show you how. 

How to Make a Connection

The first step is to determine which type of connection you are using. It must be compatible with both devices, which means that it must connect to both your TV and your soundbar.

After you’ve made the necessary connections, switch on your television and check for the appropriate settings. Select your connection from the settings (input) menu (HDMI ARC, digital optical, RCA, etc.).

Verify that all inputs are properly secure and pushed all the way in. If you don’t, you can get one-sided audio, a lot of lag, or possibly no sound at all. 

Because most televisions these days are smart TVs, the setup and settings should be simple. To make things easier, we’ve broken the procedure down into a few easy steps: 

  • Connect the soundbar to your TV from TCL.
  • Turn both devices on.
  • Turn your TV’s “settings” on.
  • Select “control other devices” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the connection you want to use and turn it on.
  • On the main menu, select System Audio Control.
  • Select the connection you want to use and turn it on.
  • Return to your original location. The soundbar should now be operational. 

Setting the Stage for Optimal Results

If your soundbar has Dolby technology, you can configure it to play surround sound audio. Simply set your smartphone to Dolby D+ or DTS mode to enjoy the greatest sound your device has to offer.

You might not know if your soundbar supports high-quality surround sound audio right now. The technologies Dolby Digital, Dolby Atmos, and DTS [1] are used in home systems to imitate the way a theatrical sound system works. Look for it on any labels in the box or perform a fast online search to see whether your soundbar has it.

If your soundbar can decode this form of audio, you’re good to go (just like these cheap Dolby Atmos soundbars), to enable this feature, take these steps:

  • On your TCL TV, go to “settings.”
  • “Audio” should be selected.
  • Connect to one of the aforementioned surround sound technologies via HDMI or any other available connection.
  • Then repeat in “audio mode.”
  • Enjoy surround sound when you return to your home screen

When you connect your soundbar to your TCL TV, it will dramatically improve the sound provided by the TV speakers. This will enhance your viewing experience, especially since that surround sound is the industry standard.

You’ll be able to hear the sound more realistically with the correct soundbar connection and settings in place. Naturally, connecting your soundbar to a Denon or Yamaha receiver will improve the overall sound quality. So the next time you watch a movie, you’ll feel like you’re a part of it rather than just watching from the sidelines. 


Buying Guide for TCL TV Soundbars


The finest soundbar is usually one that blends in with your television setup.

It’s a good idea to pick one that’s the same length as your TV so you can attach it at the bottom and make it appear as if it’s attached to or a part of your TV without being too noticeable.

Choosing one that is no wider than your TV is the most aesthetically pleasing option. Of course, this is a personal preference, so if this isn’t an issue for you, go ahead and pick any size soundbar you like. 

Color and appearance

Again, like with size, it all comes down to aesthetics, and for many individuals, this isn’t a big deal.

However, if you want your soundbar to blend in with your present setup, you need think about the color.

Choose a soundbar that matches the color of your television. A silver TV should have a silver soundbar, while a black TV should have a black soundbar.

Of course, it’s not always possible to match the two perfectly, but as long as they appear to be as comparable as possible, the difference should be minimal. 

SmartSound Technology or Sound-Modes

It’s also crucial to be able to adjust how your device’s sound is played. A soundbar with sound modes or smart technology is the most trustworthy option for your TV.

You get the best sound settings for the content that’s playing on-screen when you use sound modes. For example, in display settings, the speech is enhanced and every detail is optimized to ensure that the human voice is heard clearly. This would need to be done manually.

In terms of smart sound technology, the soundbar will evaluate the content being played onscreen and select the best sound setting for it. 

The Best TCL Soundbars Have Been Revealed

TCL Alto 9+ 

The TCL Alto 9+ has a unique design that places the specialized center channel ahead of the side channels. Viewers will be able to enjoy the improved conversation as a result of this.

A wireless subwoofer is also included in the TCL Alto 9+ for deep and strong sound. To generate a multi-dimensional soundstage, it will bring out all of the low tones on the spectrum.

The TCL Alto 9+ has Ray Danz technology, which is used to provide the most realistic and room-filling sounds. It is optimized for TCL TVs. With Dolby Atmos support, this soundbar is sure to give your content additional depth and thrill. 


  • Ray Danz Technology 
  • Dolby Atmos Wireless Subwoofer Bluetooth Connection
  • Wi-Fi is available.
  • A dedicated center channel is available.
  • Improved communication


  • A more powerful soundbar
  • It necessitates additional space

TCL Alto 8i

The TCL 8i is equipped with Dolby Atmos virtual surround sound, which is the pinnacle of home theater audio technology. Some audiophiles may be curious about the subwoofer, and our specialists are happy to report that the 8i includes dual built-in subwoofers.

The built-in subwoofers are intended to add low tones to the material while keeping the soundbar system small. You can stream material wirelessly from your mobile devices and experience the numerous sound settings for optimal audio thanks to the built-in Bluetooth.

The 8i also has HDMI and optical ports, both of which are one-cable installations. 


  • Surround sound with Dolby Atmos
  • Bluetooth HDMI Sound modes Dual built-in subs Compact package
  • The setup is simple.
  • TV compatibility


  • There could be issues with synchronization.
  • Not suitable for heavy bass. 

TCL Alto 6+ 

Our team’s favorite budget-friendly alternative is the TCL Alto 6+. The Alto 6+ is the best option for audiophiles and cinephiles that require a separate sub for enough bass. For decoding and filling the space with broad sound, the soundbar includes built-in Dolby Digital technology.

All your Bluetooth-enabled devices can stream music wirelessly. To improve the sound quality, the Alto 6+ includes several sound modes such as movies, music, and news.

The soundbar subwoofer combo is straightforward to set it up with HDMI and optical, and the soundbar is TCL TV compatible. 


  • Bluetooth streaming soundbar and subwoofer
  • Modes of sound
  • HDMI and optical connections are available.
  • Dolby Digital is a digital audio format.
  • Indicator lights that can be installed on the wall
  • Price that is reasonable


  • The subwoofer cannot be placed too far away from the soundbar.
  • There is no night mode. 

TCL Alto 7 2.0 Channel Home Theater Sound Bar

The Alto 7 2.0 soundbar is a wonderful choice for people looking for a small soundbar with great sound. While it lacks an external subwoofer, it has been precisely adjusted with distinct sound modes to provide you with a more immersive watching experience.

The deep bass ports will compensate for the lack of a subwoofer by generating all low-frequency sounds.

If you’re a TV that is larger than 55 inches, the soundbar’s size is also an advantage. Once plugged into your TV through the HDMI ARC input, the soundbar can be developed to operate with any wireless controller to make things easy for you. 


  • With tweeters, you can hear yourself well.
  • Ports with lots of basses
  • Modes of sound
  • Designed to perform at any volume
  • It’s a terrific match for bigger TVs.
  • HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel)
  • Universal remotes are supported.
  • Bluetooth-enabled
  • Setup is quick and uncomplicated.


  • There are no external subs, and the large size takes up more room.

TCL Alto 5 2.0 Channel Home Theater Sound Bar TCL

The TCL Alto 5 2.0 soundbar is a lifesaver for individuals who are short on space and have a smaller TV. Its tiny appearance allows it to compete with other Alto soundbars and produce clear, crisp sound.

For the heavy bass notes, the lack of an extra subwoofer will make absolutely no difference. Deep bass ports on the Alto 5 2.0 will rocket-reduced sounds for any material.

Integrated sound modes enhance all of your favorite material, giving your movies, news, and music a more genuine feel.  


Connecting a soundbar to a TCL TV is similar to connecting a soundbar to other models.

While it has a number of wired setup options, the only way to connect to your TCL TV wirelessly is through other devices. For superior sound, we recommend digital over analog for wired connections.

In general, connecting a soundbar to a TCL TV isn’t difficult. Simply follow our instructions for a simple setup.