How To Mirror Phone to TV Without Wifi

Smart TV has several advantages. It enables you to watch internet videos and play games, among other things. Your smart TV’s built-in Wifi allows you to watch various programs. However, what will you do if there’s no Wifi? How To Mirror Phone to TV Without Wifi? If you seek information about (connecting) mirror phone to TV without Wifi, continue reading.

How To Mirror Phone to TV Without Wi-Fi

(Connecting) Mirror Phone to TV Without Wifi

The days of boring old-fashioned TVs are over, as technological innovation has led to the fantastic smart TV that enables you to use the internet. You can mirror phone to TV without Wifi.

While it’s interesting to learn how the internet has revolutionized PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc., it sounds interesting to link a mirror phone to TV without Wifi.

Here are some ways you can do that:

1.     Built-in Mirroring Feature

Most of the recent smart TVs include the Miracast screen mirroring capability. Bluetooth is used to connect to other devices. Thus, it is possible to mirror your Android Phone without Wifi, but Miracast functionality on your phone is required.

The most recent TV models provide this feature.

  • Go to the ‘Settings menu on your Android device and activate Bluetooth.
  • Select ‘Settings’ from the menu on your TV.
  • Find and activate the Bluetooth or screen mirroring option.
  • The Android device must appear in the ‘Screen Mirroring List’ once the TV has discovered it.
  • Similar to a new Bluetooth connection, your Android device may need a passcode to validate the initial connection.
  • Complete the on-screen directions to complete the transaction after accepting the terms.
  • Now, your phone screen will be projected on your TV, and whatever you do on your phone can be viewed on the larger TV screen.
  • Turning off Bluetooth will prevent the screen from being mirrored.

2.     Bluetooth Dongle

If your TV doesn’t support Bluetooth, you can use another technique. Most older TVs lack Bluetooth and Miracast features.

However, you can still mirror your Android device to a TV. You only need a Bluetooth dongle, which is available on Amazon.

It is an intelligent device that may be connected to the TV’s USB port. It facilitates the passage of signals between the two devices.

Simply connect the Bluetooth dongle to a working USB port on the TV and activate Bluetooth on your android device. When your TV appears on your Phone’s Bluetooth list, you may pair the two devices and begin screen mirroring.

3.     HDMI Port

If you consider the preceding methods challenging, try the easiest one. Connect your phone to your TV to reflect the screen.

Almost every TV has at least one HDMI or USB port. They are often positioned on the back of the TV. It requires no Wifi support whatsoever.

You must first enable USB debugging on your phone. This option can be found in the settings. If it isn’t visible, perform the following steps:

  • Access your phone’s ‘Settings’ and then select ‘About Phone.’
  • Navigate to the ‘Build Number’ field and tap it seven times.
  • The screen will display a warning message, “Further tapping will enable Developer Options.” Stop touching the ‘Build Number’ after enabling the Developer Option.
  • Now, restart your phone and open the settings again.
  • Click ‘Developer Options,’ which you should find under ‘System Settings.
  • Find the ‘USB debugging’ option and enable it by toggling the switch.
  • Now, connect one end of an HDMI cable to your phone and the other end to the USB port or HDMI on your TV.
  • When you connect both devices, your phone’s display will reflect that of the TV.

4.     Chromecast and Other Devices

It’s an advanced approach for mirroring your phone’s display to your TV. Additionally, this device may mirror other smart devices without using Wifi.

  • Follow these steps to mirror your smartphone using Chromecast;
  • Connect the Chromecast to the USB port or HDMI on your TV.
  • Download “Google Home” from the Play Store on your phone.
  • This application will assist you in establishing a connection between your TV and mobile device.
  • It provides comprehensive mirroring possibilities and is one of the simplest solutions.

Another device is known as the ScreenBeam Mini2 adaptor. It functions identically to Chromecast and replicates your phone’s display to mirror phone to TV without Wifi.

Watch this video How To Mirror Phone to TV Without Wi-Fi

5.     ScreenCasting

Screencasting is a good solution for mirroring a certain show or app from a mobile device to a TV. It helps you mirror phone to TV without Wifi. It is app-specific, like YouTube’s Screencasting functionality. Nevertheless, it restricts the mirroring screen.

The process to mirror phone to TV without Wifi is as follows:

  • Open the YouTube app on both your Android smartphone and TV.
  • Locate the code on your TV and enter it into your Android device.
  • Click the ‘Cast’ button in the corner of the screen while a video is playing.
  • All YouTube videos will reflect your TV screen. Follow the same steps to cast from other applications, such as Netflix.

When You Should Use Screen Mirroring Without Wifi?

Perhaps you have Wifi but do not wish to use it when screen mirroring, or sometimes your Wifi connection is unreliable, but you still want to mirror your device’s screen. How will you mirror phone to TV without Wifi? Screen mirroring is perfect for face-to-face communication.

Other technologies exist that enable the display of one device on another and are ideal for remote collaboration. Sharing and recording your screen are two examples.

On the other hand, screen mirroring enables the presenter to work and display content from a more approachable device, such as a laptop or a smartphone, enabling a presenter to present their content on a larger screen to a much larger audience.

You can screen mirror your phone to your house smart TV, for instance, to show your family an amusing YouTube video. However, you can utilize screen mirroring to perform collaborative meetings if you’re back in your workplace.

You can easily adjust the video from your mobile device or laptop, but everyone can view it on a larger screen. Therefore, you can create a fully collaborative environment at home, business, or school by mirroring your smaller device onto the larger screen.

The Bottom Line: Mirror Phone to TV Without Wifi

Viewing videos from your phone on your TV is a lot of fun. However, you may not know how to mirror phone to TV without Wifi. While mirroring over Wifi is relatively simple, it requires a few different approaches if you wish to mirror your phone to a TV without Wifi.

However, you need not be concerned because we have discovered many mirroring methods. Your dream of watching smartphone videos on a huge TV screen is possible, even when you don’t have Wifi. Visit audioambition to learn more.