Are Lavalier Mics Good for Gaming? (Yes… If)

lavalier mic

If you are filming videos and doing live streams on your PC using a USB mic, you should know by now that you are limiting yourself. Don’t get me wrong, and I have nothing against USB mics.

They work perfectly fine for everyday mundane audio requirements.

But if you want to venture outdoors and film in front of a greens screen, then you just cannot do without a Lavalier microphone. But the question we come across often is, are they good for gaming?

Yes, most Lavalier microphones are best-suited for gaming and high-tech audio experiences. Gamers can enjoy the best of both clean and captivating audio using the Sony ECM-CS10 omnidirectional lavalier microphone. It’s affordable and easy to use.

This article answers the question comprehensively and briefly, explains the concepts of Lav mics. We shall provide answers to when to use them, how to choose the best lav mics and why they are perfect for gaming.

About Lav mics

Lavalier microphones are the small mics you attach to your clothing near your mouth. They are also known as lapel mic or clip-on mics. These mics are portable and hence allow the user to move around while speaking and capturing sound signals.

Lav mics work great for Television personnel such as reporters and emcees as they stay hidden. Lav mics stay connected to the lapel so one can use them while vlogging, webinars, public speeches, and even stage performances.

YouTubers and live streamers use Lav mics extendable as they perform interviews and film them on the go.

They have become a necessity for videos of talking head explainers. Lav mics produce fantastic sound quality and provide the added pro of being portable.

This is a vital aspect that plays as a significant selling point for Lav mics. They provide a convenient option for modern-day consumers to eliminate the prevalent bulkier mics.

Lavalier mics have also evolved through the last few decades. Now they come in sizes that are similar to a noodle strand. The strands fit in a condenser-based microphone.

But apart from their size, their performances have also improved a lot. The pickup pattern of lav mics, along with their reach, has benefitted their performance immensely.

Lav mic classification

We can classify lav mics into two groups, proximity and transparency. The former emphasizes the voice close-ups and enhances them, while the latter provides a natural sound irrespective of the distance.

We can differentiate them easily by carefully listening to them. We can perform a simple test by placing the lav mics close to our chest and speaking into it. Then as we speak, we need to move the mix from our mouth and listen attentively to the sound output.

If the volume and fullness of the sound drop considerably as you move its feet or two, you are using a proximity lavalier.

In the case of transparent lav mics, the volume might decrease ever so slightly, but it will maintain its tonal quality. Even at an arm’s length, the quality of the tone won’t drop.

Proximity lav mics

Proximity lav mics such as the AT803 have the ability to isolate latent sound from the background and hence emphasize the voice. This provides a richer and fuller feel making the voice sound like an announcer. Lav mics have a lesser reach, and hence we have to place them high up our chest, preferably the lapel.

It will ensure that the mic is placed a few inches below the mouth so that sound falls under its reach. Thus, television and radio broadcasters rely heavily upon lav mics.

They service interviews, news anchors and studios reliably. Any time we need to isolate the voice from the surrounding atmospherics, a proximity lav mic works wonders.

Transparent lav mic

Transparent lav mics fall under the opposite end of the spectrum. Their sound is much more natural, to begin with. The name itself suggests the feeling one can get while using a transparent lav mic. There are some lav mics that will emphasize a bit on the vocals, yet we will get a slight drop in volume if we move them a few feet.

Transparent lavs are known to taper in sound volume when moved a few feet. Ambient noise increases ever so slightly.

They can pick up dialogues from afar. They are revered much by filmmakers. They use transparent lav mics hidden away in film sets and capture audio from a few feet away.

Why are pickup patterns important for lav mics?

The pickup pattern of lav mics plays an important part in their performance. In fact, it is one of the major aspects that we must consider while choosing lav mics.

We can classify lav mics into omnidirectional and unidirectional depending on the directions it picks up sound. If it can pick up signals from all directions equally well, then it’s omnidirectional. Otherwise, it’s unidirectional.

Unidirectional lav mics have specific front and back so that we can point them particularly towards the talent’s mouth—these work best for live lectures as well as presentations by reducing audience noises and limiting feedback. When the talent doesn’t have to move around much, they can use unidirectional mics.

Also, the fact that people can see the mic must not concern you while using it. If you are wearing business attire, these lav mics will sit well instead of sagging.

For purposes such as filming, omnidirectional lav mics are appropriate. They can pick up well regardless of the direction they are pointed at. Hence we don’t need to look for a front and back side for such lav mics.

You can be flexible while mounting such mics by rigging them onto your hats, shoulder straps and even eyeglasses.

Why are Lav mics great for gaming?

Although one might think that lav mics aren’t the best choice for gaming, there are a few aspects that we’d like to draw their attention to. But before that, we have to understand the qualities that a good gaming mic must possess.

While buying a mic for our daily gaming purposes, you must consider the below qualities for optimum selection. These are basic aspects that would amplify your gaming experience and provide you with the best sound output.

  • Premium sound quality
  • Easy setup
  • It suits the game you are playing
  • Fits your budget

Let’s analyze lav mics with respect to the facets mentioned above and explain why they are great for gaming.

Let’s get to the basics first. The first thing we want our gaming mics to provide is sound quality. Lav mics are no stranger to excellent sound output and quality.

Transparent lav mics provide superior sound quality and are used by many because of that. Many gamers that use lav mics can vouch that they provide superb sound quality and fits their requirement perfectly.

Lav mics are not really difficult to set up. In fact, it’s a one-step procedure where you just have to rig it onto your attire.

A simple clip onto your collar or lapel would do the trick. If you are using omnidirectional lav mics, then you can hide it anywhere near you. There’s practically nothing you really need to set up here other than connecting to your PC.

When you can set up your mic at the correct position, you can enjoy a wholesome gaming experience irrespective of the game you are playing.

And lav mics are priced affordably from a few thousand rupees to higher price tags. You can get the best lav mic online at your affordable budget easily.

Lav mics will provide you with the opportunity to free the load of headphones and enjoy a hassle-free gaming experience. They will pick up the talent’s voice effectively and help you communicate properly while gaming.


Lav mics are known to provide the best results for interviews, filmmaking and videos, but they can service gamers just as well.

Know the right lav mic for your gaming requirement and enjoy a seamless gaming experience using the best lav mic online.

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