Samsung Earbuds Vs AirPods Pro: which is better?

Samsung Earbuds Vs AirPods Pro: which is better? Both Apple Airpods and Samsung Galaxy Buds are wireless earphones. Which one is better? Let’s get down to it:

Samsung Earbuds Vs AirPods Pro: which is better?

Samsung Earbuds Vs AirPods Pro: which is better?

The Apple AirPods Pro is the best set of headphones if you want more accurate sound right out of the box with no fiddling necessary. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, on the other hand, will provide a more comfortable, adaptable listening experience if you prefer to change the sound quality based on your media. 

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The launch of Apple Airpods Pro in 2016 took the world by surprise. Many expected to see a wireless headphones and not an earphone from Apple, and this is what turned heads at the time. 


Apple AirPods ProSamsung earbuds
Drivers:Custom high-excursion Apple driver11mm woofer, 6.5mm tweeter
Connectivity:Bluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.0
Codecs:AACSBC, AAC, Samsung proprietary Scalable
Battery life:Four and a half hours with noise cancellation on, five with noise cancellation and Transparency mode off, 24 hours total with wireless charging case includedFive hours for earbuds, 13 hours for the charging case, 18 hours total including battery from charging case
Charging:Five-minute quick charge for an hour of playback; Qi wireless charging support; Lightning cableThree-minute quick-charge for 30 minutes of music playback, two hours for full earbud charge; wireless charging support; USB-C charging
App:Built-in settings in iOSGalaxy Gear for Android

Since Samsung had already launched their version of wireless earphones before Airpods  Pro, it was now up to them to catch up with the trend. With this article, we take a look at how different or similar these two products really are:


This is where both these products differ greatly from each other as far as design is concerned. The build quality is excellent for both, but they do look very different from one another concerning appearance and materials used. 

While it looks like Samsung has tried to imitate Apple’s design regarding AirPods  Pro, they are far from similar in terms of how they look. The weight is also much lighter for Samsung earphones when compared to Airpods Pro, which makes them comfortable for prolonged use.

The Apple Airpods Pro still looks more stylish and sleek than the new Samsung Galaxy Buds. Although they look similar in terms of shape, you can tell by looking at them that Samsung’s earbuds look bulkier. 

If you’re going to wear these while working out or going for a run, then the Samsung earbuds might be better because they are not big enough to fall off easily compared with Airpods  Pro.



The functionality here is very different between these two products with Apple offering more features than Samsung. It is important to mention that even though there are buttons on both these devices, their function is greatly altered when paired with Android or iOS platforms, respectively. 

Apart from this, one can control volume in addition to song selection directly through Airpods Pro while only adjusting the volume in Samsung earbuds through buttons on either side of the earphone. Also, the ability to activate Siri with a quick double-tap on Airpods Pro is not available in the case of Samsung earbuds.

Sound Quality:

If we talk about sound quality, there is no doubt that Apple Airpods Pro offers better audio clarity and volume output when compared to Samsung earbuds. 

While both these products use Bluetooth technology for connectivity, it seems like Samsung has focussed more on making these earphones sweat-resistant rather than improving the sound quality. 

Some users may find Airpods Pro bass levels too high, but this varies from person to person and isn’t always true. 

Overall, you get what you pay for here since Airpods Pro costs almost twice as much as Samsung’s Samsung earbuds. We should mention that this price difference is justified since the quality of music you get with Airpods Pro is much better than Samsung earbuds.

Battery Life:

This is something where Samsung’s Samsung earbuds score over Airpods Pro hands down when it comes to battery life. They offer 6 hours of continuous playback, which is almost double that of what Apple offers (3 hours). However, this difference isn’t always visible regarding real-world usage. 

The reason for this is that sound levels tend to reduce battery life dramatically for most earphones and having a longer battery life doesn’t necessarily mean they will last longer in terms of actual usage time. It really depends on user preferences here, but if you ask us, we would prefer more battery life over excellent sound quality.


Here’s the thing, Samsung Samsung earbuds cost almost half as compared as Apple Airpods Pro despite offering better features and costing much less. This is because Apple charges around $160 for their earphones which isn’t at all worth it considering they are just wire-free versions of wired earphones. 

On the other hand, Samsung is selling theirs for only $129.99, which makes them one of the most affordable wireless earphones on the market right now.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that Airpods Pro is bad since they offer support for both Android and iOS and do come with decent audio quality. Still, if you ask us, we would recommend Samsung earbuds over Airpods Pro day.

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Connection and Controls

Both earbuds offer a close-range wireless Bluetooth connection for convenience. Still, the Samsung galaxy buds also provide users with an additional option to connect it using NFC, which only works on android phones. 

In terms of controls, you can control everything from your Apple Airpods Pro except adjusting volume because there is no physical button on the Airpods  Pro itself. 

You have to either open up sound preferences or double-tap to change track or take a call, but you can easily adjust the volume of your song by clicking the sides of your Airpods  Pro. 

On the other hand, this is where Samsung shines more because their earbuds offer more convenience and control. After all, you can control a bunch of different tasks using the touchpad that’s located on one of the earbuds. 

You can play or pause songs, switch tracks, answer phone calls or send messages by tapping on the earbuds. Just like your phone, double-tap once to accept an incoming call or skip to the next track. Double-tap twice to reject an incoming call and triple-tap to redial your last call.


Both the Samsung earbuds and Airpods Pro are very comfortable. They’re both soft but fit securely in your ears without falling off easily. As long as you buy the correct size ear tips for your ears, you should be able to wear them for hours without discomfort. 

The Airpods Pro has a strong grip, so it is almost impossible for them to fall out of your ears compared with the Samsung Galaxy Buds, which have a weaker grip.

Samsung Wireless earbuds vs Airpods Pro is all about headphones picking and getting a great deal.

Just like many other wireless Bluetooth headsets, Samsung has also launched it’s own specially made for the 2016 flagship smartphone series, including Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. The main difference between these two is that while one comes with a cord around the neck, the other completely rests in your ears. 

In any case, if you are someone who likes to flaunt his/ her looks while listening to music on the go, Samsung Gear IconX could be an ideal choice. However, if you wish to communicate or converse then it would be better to opt for Apple’s Airpods Pro. So what exactly makes both of them so different from each other?

Let’s explore.

Power-packed performance with 4GB storage

Samsung Gear IconX is by far the most sophisticated wireless earbuds in the market, providing excellent sound quality. It has 4GB internal memory that can be used to store music files and allows you to listen without interruption. 

The built-in heart rate monitor helps provide accurate fitness data, including steps, distance, calories burned, and duration of activity. Its ambient sound mode lets you hear your surroundings while running. 

On the downside, Gear IconX takes more than an hour to charge fully, which might not go well with some users as compared to Apple Airpods Pro, which only needs 15 minutes for a full charge. Besides having no option to adjust the volume or skip tracks, it has a continuous heart rate monitor that works only with specific Samsung devices.

Stylish and easy to use

Apple’s Airpods Pro look stylish, and you can wear them all day long thanks to their super lightweight design. It has great sound quality but makes sure to adjust equalizer settings on your phone for an enhanced experience. 

The built-in microphone enables you to communicate clearly without any issues, even in a noisy environment. However, few users have complained about frequent Bluetooth disconnection, which might sometimes be frustrating. 

In terms of volume control, there are no volume buttons. However, Siri can help you accomplish the task by pressing the button on top of your earphone or simply saying ‘Hey Siri’. You can store up to 24 hours of music on them which is simply amazing.

Comfort to use

Both are comfortable to use. However, Apple’s Airpods Pro might be slightly better as it has a stylish and ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your ear. Its Bluetooth technology ensures that no cord or wire bothers you when working out. 

Plus, the automatic sensor helps adjust sound levels depending on the noise in your surroundings without any manual intervention. So if you wish to find a headphone that provides great sound quality with best-in-class ease of use, then the apple Airpods Pro could be an ideal choice for you.


Samsung Earbuds Vs AirPods Pro: which is better? Overall, both Samsung Galaxy buds and AirPods Pro are similar in features (except for some minor things like NFC connectivity).

If you need superior sound quality without breaking the bank, go with Samsung galaxy buds instead because they are way cheaper than Airpods  Pro. 

However, these earbuds are not purely made for audio because Samsung galaxy buds offer more control and convenience regarding what you can do with their touchpad.

So I recommend getting both if you’re looking for a good music experience along with having added features that are not available on the AirPods Pro. Visit audioambition to learn more.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Pro

Elevate the everyday with epic sound. SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Pro combines crystal-clear sound quality with unprecedented control, making it effortless to elevate everyday moments.


Product Brand: SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Pro

Editor's Rating:


  • Great sound
  • Excellent noise canceling


  • Tap control options seemed harder to manage
  • Fit is poor
Apple AirPods Pro

A custom speaker driver, a high dynamic range amplifier, and the H1 chip work together to produce superior sound in a compact design.


Product Brand: Apple AirPods Pro

Editor's Rating:


  • Great sound and microphone quality
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Noise cancelling works well


  • Need to improve battery life
  • The charging case is flimsy