Samsung Tower Speakers Review: Unbiased Low Down

Is your music system tormenting you at a party? Is it embarrassing you in front of your friends? No more need to fret. Get rid of your poor sound system and use Samsung tower speakers that will surely bring you to your feet. In this article on Samsung Tower Speakers Review: Unbiased Low Down, we will throw light on all its aspects.

Samsung Tower Speakers Review

So, give a deep look at the article to have more knowledge about these products. Don`t kill the vibes of the music, and get one of the best Samsung tower speakers to maintain your taste. Samsung has specially designed tower speakers for your home theater experience. 

Can We Connect Samsung Tower Speakers to TV?

Samsung tower speakers are not only for mobile phones, but you can also connect them to TV. Connecting your speakers to the TV with a few wires is as easy as ABC. Simply follow the given process and have more fun and entertainment.
First of all, use the HDMI cables. 
Then connect the HDMI “In” port to the TV.
After that, connect the HDMI “Out” port to Samsung Tower Speakers. 
Also, use the optical digital audio cable. 
Connect your optical digital “Out” port to the TV.
Then, link the optical digital “In” port to the speakers. 
Turn on the TV. 
Set speakers to the “Audio system”; it is connected.

What are Samsung Tower Speakers?

Samsung tower speakers are floor-standing loudspeakers with high-base music. Samsung, the South Korean manufacturer brand, has its fame for the production of quality speakers.

The Samsung tower speakers are specially designed to be set in the corner of the floor instead on the table. Samsung provides you with dozens of options for your entertainment.,

In addition, you can select Samsung tower speakers according to your need and priorities. They offer unique tower speakers at different prices.

Check the qualities of one of its products and learn more through this video:

Further, you can see Samsung tower speakers at a glance in the given table.

ModelPriceColorAudio Power
MX-ST40B Sound TowerCheck Price HereBlack160W
MX-T70 Sound TowerCheck Price HereBlack1500W
MX-ST90B Sound TowerCheck Price HereBlack1700W
MX-ST50B Sound TowerCheck Price HereBlack240W
MX-T50 Sound TowerCheck Price HereBlack500W

Benefits of Samsung Tower Speakers

Bi-directional Sound

Enjoy a bi-directional sound with Samsung tower speakers. These worth-using sound towers give an experience of room-filling sound. Be on the dancefloor and enjoy the beat from whichever side you are on.

Bass Booster

Samsung tower speakers with bass-boosted sound intensify low frequencies for your party anthems. Turn up your speakers’ bass and ensure you have the best music in town. So, enhance the thrill of your gala with its bass booster button.

LED Party Lights

Another great feature of Samsung tower speakers is LED disco lights. You can change the color of the lights and set them according to the beat of your music. You can create a fantastic ambiance with these customizable lights, colors, and patterns and have fun.

Party Audio App

Samsung sound towers mean to have an incredible sound with a lot of thrill. You can perform like a DJ with its sound effects to pump up your mood. This party audio app lets you easily control speaker volume, bass, lights, and more.

So, orchestrate your music on your own and impress your friends.

Multi-Connection Bluetooth

One of the benefits of Samsung tower speakers is its multi-connection Bluetooth. You can wirelessly connect these spot-on speakers to more than two devices simultaneously.

Plus, you can easily switch from one specific device to another with a touch. You don’t have to disconnect your phone and face awkward silence to play your friend’s playlist.

Group Play

Want to have more fun on your special day? Try Samsung tower speakers with a group play feature. You can enjoy your function with more than 10 sound towers at the same time.

Move your speakers to anywhere you want with their easy-to-grip handle. Connect wirelessly multiple tower speakers with the ease of Bluetooth and enjoy.

How to Select the Best Samsung Tower Speakers?

With a lot of different choices, buying the perfect speakers seems a daunting task. But the selection will be easy once you figure out your preferences and narrow your options. This guide is for helping you to pick the best Samsung tower speakers for your entertainment. Let’s follow and find the perfect choice.

Powered Speakers

An essential thing to ponder is the type of your speakers. Powered speakers, also called active speakers, are loudspeakers with built-in amplifiers. As they already have built-in amplifiers, you don`t have to exchange components for better results.

Sound Quality

If you want to enjoy entertainment at another level, focus on the sound quality of your speakers. Every speaker creates different frequencies that are loud or soft in contrast to others. If your ultimate goal is error-free audio reproduction, pay more attention. The flatter frequency of sound produces better and fitter music for speakers.

Battery Timing

If you want to enjoy your music beat for hours, ensure the long-lasting battery timing of your speakers. Whether you have arranged a get-to-gather or a music concert, the battery life matters more. So check the duration of the one-time charging of your Samsung tower speakers.

Water and Dust Resistance

Do you want speakers for year-round outdoor entertainment? Be conscious of their water and dust resistance and durability. Do consider the water and dust resistance ability before buying your audio devices. With Samsung tower speakers, you can enjoy the rain and shine without any problem.

Pros & Cons


  • Available in different price ranges
  • Audio streaming with Bluetooth
  • Unique design
  • Up to 16 hours battery life
  • Beautiful lightning effect
  • Excellent home theatre experience


  • You can`t connect it via WiFi
  • Limited color range
  • Comparatively expensive

Conclusion- Samsung Tower Speakers Review

If you are a music lover and really want to enjoy your favorite songs, use Samsung tower speakers. These worth-using speakers are entirely up to the mark for your leisure time. Arrange get-to-gathers, concerts, and parties without a problem.

Samsung has provided these floor-standing speakers to give you the thrill of home theatre. Moreover, you can use these bees’ knees for both indoor and outdoor parties. You can also decore your room and have quality music with a single product.

So, without wasting a moment, go for Samsung tower speakers that are completely out of this world. Visit audioambition to learn more.