The 3 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Speakers

The 3 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Speakers

Cruising your motorcycle with your favorite audio on a Bluetooth speaker is the best feeling ever. Confused about selecting the best one? The time to scan dozens of options is over now. This article with the 3 best Bluetooth motorcycle speakers will solve your confusion. 

Are Bluetooth motorcycle speakers worth buying?

Bluetooth motorcycle speakers are definitely worth buying. They are the best option to enjoy your drive with your favorite audio track. However, it also enhances your bike’s value, whether for sale or for a long trip. So, have a whale of a time with this unique system in your motorcycle.

What are Bluetooth Motorcycle Speakers?

Motorcycle speakers are audio products that function as the basic audio systems installed onto motorcycles. These speakers, with Bluetooth connection, produce loud volume with extraordinary sound quality. Plus, they neglect the noise of a motorcycle`s engine and the wind whipping in your surrounding.

Apart from it, Bluetooth motorcycle speakers work in the same way as other traditional speakers. Both speakers have almost the same qualities and internal components. The difference lies in the durability and the volume of the speakers.

Bluetooth motorcycle speakers are more durable and louder than other external speakers.

Furthermore, Bluetooth motorcycle speakers are your best companion on a long ride for some specific qualities. They are highly waterproof and weather-resistant. It means that they can maintain your entertainment in every situation.

Benefits of Bluetooth Motorcycle Speakers

An Outdoor Entertainment

Having Bluetooth motorcycle speakers means you can enjoy music anywhere you want. The speaker sound system will maintain your entertainment, whether far away from home or riding in your community. 

Enjoyable Trips

If you are fed up with the sound of your motorcycle engine, do not spoil your long trips anymore. Replace it with high-quality music. We understand that there was a time when you might want silence. Now it’s time to go for the best Bluetooth motorcycle speakers and share your beat with the world. 

Boost the Resale Value

Using Bluetooth motorcycle speakers will boost the value of your bike. If you have to sell it in future, you can get more amount from the sale. You may find a customer searching for such a system on a motorcycle. 

Things to Consider About the Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Speakers

To avoid rocking the boat, follow the guidelines to choose the best Bluetooth motorcycle speakers. Having the best speakers can make your journey more amazing. So, enjoy Bluetooth motorcycle speakers that mount directly to your handlebars but with care.

Environmental Resistance

The most important thing to consider about Bluetooth motorcycle speakers is their resistance to the weather. They must be waterproof and resistant to overheating environments to keep your thrill going.

Speaker Type 

Before buying Bluetooth motorcycle speakers, keep the type of speakers in your mind. Choose them according to your preference. It depends on your need whether you want helmet speakers or handlebar-mounted speakers. Consider your comfort level during a ride and choose a satisfactory option.

Input Sources

If you really want to feel over the moon with quality music, check the input sources of your Bluetooth motorcycle speakers. Look over its FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity, SD card play, and flash drive.

Wattage of Speakers

Consider the wattage of your Bluetooth motorcycle speakers according to your ride. If you want to ride in a community, you prefer the low-wattage speakers.

While on the other hand, if you are going on an off-country drive, choose high-wattage speakers. It is because the higher the wattage, the louder the volume.

Best Budget Pick- LEXIN LX-Q3

The perfect choice for music lover riders is the LEXIN LX-Q3 Bluetooth motorcycle speaker. Talking about its best qualities, we will mention its excellent Bluetooth connectivity. Enjoy your favorite MP3s and podcasts with its 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity. Watch this video to learn more:

Now, don’t worry if you get stuck in a rainstorm because this bad boy has water resistance ability. Its waterproof system maintains your enjoyment in a showery ride. It is worth using for its built-in radio with high-quality sound and premium bass. Plus, its atmosphere light and signal running light look like a million dollars at night.

Best Budget Pick


  • 5.0 connectivity Bluetooth
  • Compact and sleek design
  • IP67 water resistance
  • Made of heavy-duty metal


  • No user manual

Best Mid-range Pick- JBL Cruise PWSSPKCRUISEAM

We are excited to express our thoughts about JBL Cruise PWSSPKCRUISEAM. It is a top-notch choice in the real sense. Whether it rains or shines, this marvelous creation keeps the tunes going in all environments.

JBL Cruise is designed with a built-in USB charger to prolong your beat throughout the journey. 

Besides, its digital amplifier with quality sound bass creates a concert experience. Another feather in its cap is its paintable quality. The rider can easily paint it according to his taste and bike`s style. JBL Cruise measures inches and weighs 3 pounds.


  • Mirror integration mount
  • IPX5 waterproof rating
  • Easily operated buttons
  • Wireless Bluetooth streaming


  • Low volume speakers

High-end Pick- Kuryakyn 2720 MTX

If you fancy some quality music on your long road trip, Kuryakyn 2720 MTX is the best choice. This cat`s whiskers soundbar easily places on the motorcycle’s handlebars. It measures almost 10.6 inches in length. It can achieve a strong power of 300 watts and an integrated USB charging port for easy charging. 

In addition, it contains a built-in heat sink with a self-protection circuit board. This protection system saves the speaker from overheating and any kind of danger. Besides, your music sounds become great with its built-in amplifier.


  • Strong weather resistance
  • Waterproof system
  • Handles excessive heat with a built-in heat sink
  • Fast Bluetooth connectivity


  • Hard to tune the radio
  • Relatively expensive

Final Thoughts

The 3 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Speakers

We have discussed the perfect options for music-lover riders. But our best choice from the 3 best Bluetooth motorcycle speakers is the LEXIN LX-Q3. Its pocket-friendly nature with high-quality sound makes it prominent among its peers. So, choose LEXIN LX-Q3 and satisfy your wanderlust with your favorite music, podcast, or audiobook.