Is USB Audio Better Than The Jack? (A Comparison Guide)

There is no better way to get good quality sound without not using a better transmitting device. Gaming is best enjoyed when you have excellent audio sound transfer. 

Otherwise, the game will become boring no matter how interesting it is.

Is USB audio better than the Jack? USB audio is better than the Jack because USB has the technology capacity to transmit digital data and power, Jack can only transmit line-level analog audio. Also, USB offers better sound quality than Jack. 

“The Headphone Jack is really quite limited in transmitting digital files compared to USB,” according to Dr. Joshua Reiss, head of audio engineering research at Queen Mary University of London. 

The quality of sound and number of devices a sound transmitting device can accept is what determines how better. 

That’s while in this article, you’ll discover a good comparison guide based on my experience with over a thousand people experience for 3 years.

USB Audio Give Out Noise Free Compared To The Jack

Sound is best enjoyed when the sound transmitting device offers a noise free transmitting sound system.

USB audio is well designed with better technology that offers noise free sound compared to the Jack.

When using Jack to transfer analog audio both inputs or output the device produces noise that makes the sound not enjoyable.

USB produces noise-free quality sound when it is connected on a headset, while other devices like Jack produce noise because they require external input of an analog microphone or output speakers.

Likewise, some other modern of Jack that does require external input or output gives out background sound that affects the clarity of the sound.

The lack of background noise USB produces is as result of the compatibility with the headset or any device it is connected to.

When a headset with USB feature is turned on, it will automatically recognise the USB and begin to install the USB drivers. The USB audio will produce noiseless sound since it’s a wireless device.

Also, USB produces quality sound without noise because you don’t install it manually compared to Jack devices.

Jack devices produce disturbing noise because they are manually installed. The manual installation which does not produce excellent matches causes background noise.

With a USB headset you can successfully play with your computer or enjoy your music without disturbing people around you. 

USB headsets make games enjoyable and enable you to interact with your computer without requiring any external devices like microphones and external speakers.

You can not successfully use Jack without an input or output processing device that transmits the sound like a microphone or external speaker.

Jack devices only help to amplify the sound system for it to produce less quality sound. It can only process traditional sound when you want to cover a wide area.

USB Audio Produce Quality Sound Than Jack 

You need an external device to connect your jack to PC or Laptop, hence the sound is not clear of noise or breaking.

The external input or output that you use to connect the jack to your PC makes the sound not produce clearity. It often comes with background noise that makes one not enjoy the sound.

Jack audio doesn’t have the technology capacity to give the complete sound from the track it’s playing. Jack is built with traditional technology that lacks the conventional sound. 

The processing system of Jack device doesn’t have the amplified power to make sound clear. The processing system is designed to process traditional sound. 

Jack doesn’t have the amp to transmit digital files that require wireless or signal to connect. Because Jack uses an input/output device before you can transmit sound. 

For a device to produce clear sound, it has to have technology capacity to create unique features like 3D. The 3D is usually encompassed with sound and adjustable sound levels. 

USB devices have the technology capacity to produce sound that is very clear. USB doesn’t require any external input and output device before it can transmit sound.

USB uses signal to and infrared when it is used to connect PC or Laptop. The connectivity of USB is built with modern technology that allows the transfer of sound without any background sound.

A USB headset offers better sound quality than a jack because a PC or any headset can automatically connect to it. 

The USB sound processing system permits the transmission of sound while it creates personified features that have 3D sound.

The USB device is builth with quality technology features that allow you to adjust sound levels. You can also set the sound that USB produces when you notice background sound. 

USB Audio Vs. The Jack – Sound Card On The PC?

Let’s first begin with the meaning of “Sound card.”

Sound card simply means an expansion card that produces sound, which you can hear either through inbuilt speakers or headset.

Also, soundtracks help to amplify sound. Therefore when using traditional headphones that have Jack, you need a sound card. 

The sound card is what will enable the jack to produce sound which you can hear through the speakers or headphone.

You can’t use headphones that are Jack compatible without a sound card. Sound card is what houses the sound, which the PC produces through the internal speakers.

USB headphones don’t need a sound card because it has an in-built adapter that functions or does the same thing as a sound card.

Irrespective of the sound card either peripheral or built-in you need cable to connect them to your computer or headset. 

Meanwhile, USB performs the same function of either peripheral or built-in sound card. So, your USB can’t function with the sound card at the same time.

Most of the modern headsets are designed to be compatible with most operating systems like windows.

In summary, USB doesn’t need a sound card to function. Rather, headphone Jack needs a sound card to produce sound.

USB Audio Has The Capacity To Bypass The Onboard Sound On your PC

The onboard sound of the PC most times doesn’t play loud. However, USB audio is designed with the capacity to bypass such functions in your headset.

All USB headphones are built with an internal digital converter of analogue into digital files with an amp that amplifies the sound. 

The internal digital converter also used to to bypass onboard sound cards on PCs. headphones with USB don’t need a sound card to function. 

Irrespective of the technology of your PC onboard sound, USB with digital to analogue converter will bypass the function without wasting time.

USB with HyperX flight has made it easy for you to take your music and game on the go, therefore you’ll never bother to tether it to your desk. 

The bypass function of USB makes it easy for you to enjoy clarity and good quality sound music. This function also comes with sound adjustment control.

The Jack doesn’t have the technology to bypass onboard sound with interference. Without the sound output, Jack will not function at its most priority.

The onboard sound of your PC is built to function alongside Jack because it can’t convert it to digital files.

The sound becomes more clear and of a good quality if the Laptop or PC doesn’t have onboard sound. That means the USB will not have anything to convert rather it will just play strength.

USB Audio Vs. The Jack – Audio Recognition

Sound recognition is modern technology that most headphones have nowadays. The sound recognition is a unique feature that you can’t have with traditional headsets.

USB is built with an internal feature that is used to recognise and dictate speech. This feature is only present with USB headsets. 

The sound recognition feature makes a headset with USB to produce more quality sound and high accuracy. 

The occurrence of the USB sound recognition can’t be denied, especially when it’s well-trained and with a clean input of a voice. 

Sound recognition is an advanced technology that comes with USB headphones that come with inbuilt well-positioned microphones to provide high-quality audio signals. 

The sound recognition feature also makes it easy for the headset to dictate voice whenever the feature is turned on. 

The Jack doesn’t have voice and audio recognition features. It is built to work at line-level that requires cable connection, while USB uses wireless connection.

Headset with a jack doesn’t have the capacity to recognise and dictate voice recognition. It requires an external device for the feature to work in your PC or Laptop.

Voice recognition is mainly designed for modern technology, not conventional ones. Headphones with USB is a modern technology that has the feature.

USB Audio Vs. The Jack – Channel Communicator Interface

Most of the USB headset has in-built noise-cancellation features that are built-in into the sound processing system, which is an additional feature.

The Jack headset doesn’t have a noise-cancellation feature nor does it have voice detection features. 

However, the few Jack headsets that have noise-cancellation feature run on battery. Meanwhile if the battery is down the feature will not. It’s an advance conventional technology of jack


USB audio is better than the Jack because of the modern technology features that are built into it.

USB headset doesn’t require manual configuration that consumes time unlike the Jack. but it uses an automatic adapter once the PC or Laptop has the connectivity.