What Mic Does POKI Use? (you’ll be surprised)

Poki or Pokimane uses the Electro Voice RE-20 microphones as her primary mic for her streaming setup. The Electro Voice RE-20 is an XLR microphone and has superior audio quality.

Thus, we see heavy usage of this mic in radio and broadcasting studios. She sometimes also used the Audio Technica AT2020 condenser XLR studio microphone in the past.

Is the Electro Voice RE-20 a good mic?

The Electro Voice RE-20 is an industry-standard microphone in the fields of broadcasting and streaming. Thousands of people use this mic in their broadcasts, podcasts, and sound engineering-related works. Also, music artists and producers use this mic for recording vocals and instruments.

It is an XLR dynamic cardioid mic with a variable-D design and a heavy-duty internal pop filter. There is also an internal element shock-mount, which reduces movement and vibration-oriented noise.

What are the specifications of this mic?

The EV RE-20 mic is applicable for specified and also a wide range of applications. The mic has a unique setup to fit any type of recording and streaming needs.

The mic has a dynamic element type that is suitable for a wide frequency response. The mic can pick up all sounds that fall in the range of 45hz to 18000hz. The polar pattern of this mic is cardioid.

The mic features a high impedance of 130ohms which means you can effortlessly couple it with high-end studio equipment, as well as in a home studio setup.

The sensitivity stands at 1.5mV/pascal of open-circuit voltage. The mic has a hum pickup level of -130 dBm. The EV RE-20 shows good polarity, and pin 2 will positively reference pin 3 with positive pressure on the diaphragm.

The construction of the microphone is very durable as the primary material of the mic is steel. The length of the mic is 8.53inches, with the broadest part measured at 2.14inches. The mic is also reasonably lightweight, standing at 0.73kgs.

It also comes with a stand clamp for easy mounting.

What are the main features of the Electro Voice RE-20 microphone?

The reason people love this particular model is that it is loaded with features. In recent years, you need a microphone to have specific standards and the ability to produce high-quality music. Electro Voice RE-20 lets you have all the perks to be a successful creator.

The sound from the mic will remind you of the classic sound of the voices you hear on FM radio with its natural and smooth-sounding tone. The sonic character allows you to gain complete control of the output, so it doesn’t pick up unnecessary sounds.

Moreover, some mics have a tendency to boost the base or the lower frequencies whenever the sound source is nearby. The closer you move, the greater the bass boost, making the sound unbalanced and muddy.

Thankfully, the variable D in EV RE-20 goes for a minimal proximity effect and results in a delicate frequency balance.

As the mic is cardioid, it results in no coloration of the audio at 180degree off-axis. It picks up audio from all directions. The frequency response suits, especially for voice output, so recording songs feels like a breeze.

Besides, the condenser in the mic provides excellent studio-quality performance. The mic is equipped with a large diaphragm dynamic element with humbucking coil guards to reduce line hum.

With all that, a mid-bass tone-shaping switch is there for tailored sound output. All these features make the mic easy to use and a lot exciting.

Electro-Voice RE20 Broadcast Announcer Microphone with Variable-D

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How is the sound quality in EV RE-20?

The answer to this question is simple, but reaching a decision may sound complicated. The mic sounds incredible in a word, but there are mics that sound as good as this one.

Then how does this mic stand out among others?

When recordists or vocalists record a sound, there are certain cases when you can hear popping noises in the recording. Some sounds, especially ‘p’s and ‘b’s, fit the explanation. While pronouncing these sounds, our mouth releases more air than other sounds. If you get in close proximity of the microphone, you may hear the air hitting the mic’s diaphragm and creating a popping sound. Sound engineers often call them p-pop, and they may come in the way of a decent sound recording.

What sets the Electro Voice mic apart is that it almost diminishes the p-pop problem without turning the p-pop filter on. Most mics catch the sound, and you have to edit that in post-production to get a more transparent sound. For EV RE-20, if you place the mic even at barely three inches from your mouth, it filters out popping sounds, thanks to its variable D design and a large diaphragm.

This saves a lot of time and effort for broadcasters and music producers, which otherwise can turn frustrating. If you’re still having p-pop issues, just turn the filter on and forget about these noises.

One thing to remember is, when you switch the pop filter on, the bass frequency response will come down 4.5dB in the frequency range of 400hz to 100hz. One more good thing about this mic is that it will pick the same amount of volume even if you partially angle the mic and get a bit farther, thanks to its 180degree off-axis design. You have to turn up the gain to capture tranquil environments.

This impressive feature allows artists and podcasters ‘close talk’ the mic, which means they can touch their lips to the mic and sing without worrying about major sibilance.

Thanks to its large acoustically diaphragm, the mic delivers exceptional performance with a very low mass aluminum voice coil.

With these combinations, the RE-20 can produce very high levels of sound pressure, eliminating the risks of overload and distortion, a common issue with other phantom-powered mics. In comparison to others, this mic functions exceptionally well at high levels and humidity and soaring temperatures.

What is RE-20 suitable for?

The Electro Voice RE-20 has been a constant companion for radio broadcasters and PA systems for decades. Since the last decade, more people have been using this fabulous mic for a variety of things.

Podcasters, streamers, and content creators have grabbed the mic to provide excellent quality to their viewers and listeners. New-age content like ASMR sounds absolutely brilliant with these mics.

The ability to record clean vocals without the pops has interested many artists in using this mic. The mic performs great while recording acoustic instruments, such as acoustic guitars, acoustic basses, and kick drums.

All frequencies sound lovely, but the gamechanger for this mic is the ability to record crystal-clear lows and mids without any additional background noise.

The mic may not perform as well in super-high frequencies as some other very expensive mics do, but anything within 60hz to 1000hz will sound perfect. They can record not only the sound but also the kick of a foot drum which results in a much lively sound experience.

Many top-level recording artists use this mic to record various string and wind instruments, and they sound authentic. That is the reason behind the mic’s presence in countless studios for the last four decades.

Does RE-20 need a cloud lifter?

Most recording mics need a preamp to record sound, especially vocals. For this mic, it is pretty normal to turn the gain at maximum to record speeches. In that matter, a preamp system like cloud lifter will help to record even better-quality audio.

How much gain does RE-20 need?

While different setups and environments need a specific amount of gain, it is better to keep the gain a little high. Equipment such as the DBS 286s provides an additional 60dB of gain to achieve a robust sound with a great presence.

Does the RE-20 need phantom power to operate?

Most good-quality mics need phantom power to work. They generally draw the power from the batteries they come with or from the recording equipment. Thankfully, the EV RE-20 doesn’t need phantom power to operate.

Who else uses Electro Voice RE-20 mic?

Music artists across genres have preferred RE-20s since they started using them. For instance, Neil Young used this mic for recording drums. Thom Yorke has always preferred this mic for recording vocals for a long time. Rush Limbaugh also likes to use his gold plated mic for various needs.

How reliable is the RE-20?

The RE-20 is a condenser mic, and like most condensers, they are pretty durable. There have been multiple instances that artists have dropped the mic several times, but they still worked perfectly.

The mic comes in a durable steel casing which is enough to tackle minor shocks to the insides. With good care, these mics last a long time, and they are worth the price.


The Electro Voice RE-20 is an exceptional mic for all purposes, be it broadcasting, vocals, or instruments recording. The mic is very durable and gives a flawless performance in any setting, making them industry-standard audio equipment.

The versatility and promise they have shown are remarkable in every aspect.

Electro-Voice RE20 Broadcast Announcer Microphone with Variable-D

The Electro Voice RE-20 is an industry-standard microphone in the fields of broadcasting and streaming. Thousands of people use this mic in their broadcasts, podcasts, and sound engineering-related works. Also, music artists and producers use this mic for recording vocals and instruments.

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