Why is Only One AirPod Working? (find out now)


Although it seems to be a very widespread problem for Apple AirPods, We have tried to help you fix the problem below.

So, why is only one AirPod working? Here’s what I discovered:

One AirPod’s battery is dead, which is the simplest and most likely reason why only one AirPod is working. Because AirPods consume batteries at different rates, even if they are charged at the same time, one of them may run out of power first. Check the battery life of your AirPods or your battery widget, and charge if necessary. 

This is a very common issue among IOS users who had lost one Airpod during the pairing process.

Airpods will be paired as usual but once it is disconnected, only one Airpod will remain connected to the phone while the other one is not working. 

Even if you re-pair them (add both Airpods again), the same issue occurs over and over again until you reset your device or restore it via backup of iCloud or iTunes.

There are several possible reasons why your Airpod may be acting up. One solution for this is that the earbud that’s playing back might need to be reset. 

As a first step, try resetting each device by holding down on the connect button until an X symbol appears next to your device name in your Bluetooth devices list. 

Once you’ve done this, try using them again to see if it worked! After performing these steps, If they are still only partially functional or completely nonfunctional, please read below. 

Issue: An unpaired AirPod or AirPods that only play sound out of one side.

Symptoms: No audio, faulty pairing process (AirPods do not appear as a nearby Bluetooth device, etc.), erratic behavior.

Conditions: After an iOS update it is possible for the AirPods to become unpaired with the iPhone and the AirPods will display as ‘Unpaired’ in settings. 

If this happens and you try to pair them again using the normal method (Put them near your iPhone and they should appear as a nearby device) they may fail to connect and show up as headphones rather than speakers. 

However, if you go into Bluetooth settings on your iPhone > Your Airpods > Connect then the AirPods will be paired again and can function correctly.

Workaround: If you have this issue, turn off Bluetooth on the iPhone, wait 10 seconds for it to disconnect, then turn Bluetooth back on and try to pair your brain-dead AirPods again. 

They are now magically paired with your device again just like they were before they stopped working. It’s obviously not a long-term solution but I bet you’ll get good use out of them while they work if only one is still functioning at least.

one airpod working


Reasons Why is Only One Airpod Working

The first thing you should do to find out if it’s an issue with the Apple Airpod installation process, or if it’s really a hardware problem is to reset the Airpods. 

You can try this by placing them inside the case and opening/closing it again to see if they will turn on. If there are no signs of life after trying different methods, then follow the troubleshooting guide below to know if you should just order a replacement.

1).  Airpods not compatible with the device – It could be that your Airpods are not compatible with your device. That’s why it only works on one side or the other.

2). Updated Iphone – If your iPhone is updated, chances are very thin that you have an incompatible hardware issue with your Airpods. Apple made sure both sides use the same chipset/hardware platform to avoid issues like this.

3). Ensure they are both charged – Make sure that both of them are properly charged, then try switching their positions before pairing them again, as they both may work but for some reason, they’re having difficulties communicating together during pairing mode because of its location inside your ear.

Remove any case that covers your Airpod Charging case first then Restart both Airpods and the source device (iPhone, iPad, iPod).

4). Press and hold button on the charging case – Have you tried checking what happens when you press and hold the button on your charging case for at least 10 seconds? While waiting, have you seen a light blinking from inside the case?

5). Place them in the same position – Do you always place them in exactly the same position in their case? If yes then try to put them in different positions as they might transmit signals better when they’re not too close to each other.

6). Due to sweat or moisture – Sometimes due to sweat or moisture, it may cause malfunctions with either one of the Airpods. This is why it’s best to use a separate case specifically designed for Airpod usage during workouts or heavy sweating activities.

7). Due to dust and debris inside – It’s also possible that there’s too much dust and debris trapped inside both of its small holes which are located outside of the earbuds. Use a bright light to look inside the 2 holes prior to pairing them again for better results after cleaning it out with a piece of paper or cloth.

8). Ensure they’re properly paired to the iOS device – Make sure that both Airpods are properly paired and connected to your iOS device prior to resetting them. If you see a message saying “Airpods Connected” under Bluetooth>>My Devices.

Go ahead and reset both Airpods by placing them inside their respective charging case, open/close the lid 10 times, wait until they turn off completely, take them out while still holding its button until you see an option called “Forget This Device”, click on it.


Unpair both devices from other devices if necessary so it will no longer show up in Settings>>Bluetooth, then pair both again while they’re still inside their case.

9). Try pairing Airpods together – If you own other Apple devices like an iMac or an older iPhone, try pairing the Airpods together with them first to check if it works properly without any issues. 

Note that this should only be tried if you don’t have other wireless headphones besides your AirPods. Otherwise, it will just cause confusion for both devices when trying to connect to each other.

10). Due to internal hardware – Since the issue is present on one of its sides only, then most probably there might be a problem with its internal hardware which makes it unusable. In order to fix this kind of issue, you’ll need to go to an authorized service center and see if they can repair it for you.

11). Reset the source device – Reset the source device (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) by pressing these buttons power button + home button for 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears on the screen then check if using both Airpods work normally. Remember not to use force shutdown mode when you reset your iOS device to avoid corrupting its system files. 

Disconnect any other devices except the source device to make sure they are updated too because sometimes this issue may be caused by other sources, which makes your phone confused with multiple Bluetooth signals.

12). Restart your iPhone/iPad/iPod – This is to help you see if it may recover both Airpods connections then try pairing them again. If you can connect one airpod but cannot pair it with the second one, go to step 3.

13). Switch Airpods to the opposite earbuds if you use your right hand – You can do this step by going to Settings > Bluetooth > Select your Airpod from the Apple logo on the top left corner then choose it from My devices list > Select Other Left/Right option and click ok. 

Check if both AirPods can connect or not because sometimes this issue may be caused due to Bluetooth signal interference.

14). Use a different Apple ID account to pair – If previous steps do not work for you, try using a different Apple ID account to pair your IOS device and one of your Airpod during the process. 

Remove any screen protectors if possible because some might cause interruptions in the Bluetooth connection.

15). manually reset your Apple ID account – One last solution, you can manually reset your Apple ID account by going to Settings > iCloud > Sign Out from your current Apple ID. 

Make sure you have a good WiFi or cellular data connection because this process may take some time and sometimes it cannot be done without internet access.

16). Restore through backup of iCloud/iTunes – In case restoring both Airpod devices via a backup of iCloud/iTunes, do not forget to update the latest version running on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch because sometimes restoring system files with older software might cause some issue like this one while restoring backups.

Too Much Dust or Debris Around The Charging Case

Apple’s design is really sleek and clean with only a few openings around the charging case that allow for easy access. It’s so sleek that it’s easy to get dust and other small objects stuck in the charging case which can cause your AirPods not to charge.

Solution: Take a needle and gently push out any object you see stuck inside. Do this while your Airpods are turned off and not charging for safety reasons.

Charging Case Not Connected To A Power Source

Just like many tech devices today, Apple made its charging case with a built-in battery allowing you to charge it without having to plug it into anything making it even more convenient. If there isn’t enough power stored in the case itself, then your Airpods will not turn on or work properly. 

Solution: Make sure the lighting cable is securely plugged into a power source and into a wall outlet.

Power Button On Case Does Not Work

If you have tried everything else but your Airpods still won’t turn on, it’s possible that the power button is broken. This means that there isn’t a physical way to turn the case on which will cause your AirPods not to charge or work properly. 

Solution: Take your charging case back into an Apple Store or authorized retailer for servicing or replacement.

Airpods Still Not Charging Or Working After Following These Solutions?

If after trying all of these solutions, one Airpod is still not working, it may be time to contact Apple Support. They will help determine if this is a hardware issue with your device which can result in a free replacement if you have AppleCare+.


You can now check to see if both Airpods are working by holding down on either the top or bottom button – they should be paired together again like before.

Apple AirPods are a great new piece of technology. They look pretty, they’re easy to use, and they sound good enough for something so small and wireless. I hope this quick guide has repaired your unresponsive AirPods.

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