3 Best In-Wall Home Theater Speakers for an Enthralling Cinema Experience

Best In-Wall Home Theater Speakers

Do you want to get the vibes of a movie theater directly in your living room? Then you must place the speakers around your room to create a true surround sound effect. However, if you put the traditional speakers around your room, the speakers’ cables will make a mess in the room. That is where in-wall home theater speakers come in handy.

You can fix them into the surrounding walls and ceilings to create a true surround sound experience. The modern home décor has dedicated space to install in-wall speakers and hide the cables from sight. Here are the top 3 best in-wall home theater speakers to purchase and get the best sound output.

Best In-Wall Home Theater Speakers

1. Micca 8-Inch 2-Way in-Wall Speaker

Micca is a popular brand in the speaker segment, and this 2-way in-wall speaker is the best-rated product from the brand. The speaker delivers superior sound quality that is natural and engaging. The outstanding bass ensures high-impact audio, as you expect from a home theater system.

It features a 1-inch pivoting silk tweeter that imparts clarity and detail audio across the room, while its 8-inch poly-mica woofer delivers smooth and natural vocal sound. Thanks to its 12dB crossover network, the transition between the tweeter and the woofer is coherent even in critical audio regions.

The 100W speaker is easy to install as its mounting tabs easily attach to drywalls and wooden panels. It features a rimed grill structure that is paintable, and it blends into the wall naturally without protruding. You can use the speaker without a subwoofer as well. The speaker is suitable for all rooms, including outdoor areas.


  • Powerful 100W speaker with superior bass.
  • Easy installation with mounting tabs.
  • Versatile applications for indoors and outdoors.
  • Natural audio delivery with advanced crossover.


  • The sound quality is slightly heavy in the high range.

2. Polk Audio 2-way Premium In-Wall 8-Inch Speakers

Polk Audio is a renowned brand in the premium speaker category, and this pair of in-wall home theater speakers is the best that the brand offers. The moisture-resistant speaker is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor installation.

The speaker sports a 1-inch tweeter that adds depth and clarity to the output sound. Its 8-inch woofer delivers clean and detailed audio thanks to its exclusive dynamic balanced technology. Additionally, its polymer cone ensures even audio distribution across the listening area.

The 100W speaker features rubber seal drives that protect from moisture and deliver a better response. It has aluminum grills that you can paint to mimic the color of the wall. You will find fitting templates in the package for instant drop-in installation. Besides, you will find a rotating cam system to fix the speaker into the ceiling.


  • Superior audio components for outstanding sound quality.
  • Suitable for high moisture regions like bathrooms.
  • Streamlined design to virtually blend into the home décor.
  • Suitable for creating surround sound effect


  • The installation is slightly complicated with built-in templates.

3. Silver Ticket 6.5-Inch in-Wall Speaker

Silver Ticket is a relatively new brand in the speaker industry, but this in-wall speaker is extremely popular among audiophiles. The size of the speaker is 6.5 inches which is smaller than the standard 8-inch in-wall speakers. The peak output power is around 80 watts which is great for the size of the speaker.

The speaker sports a mica polypropylene woofer that delivers high-quality sound in every audio range. Besides, the high-quality rubber edge ensures better audio clarity by eliminating distortion. The 20mm silk dome tweeter delivers outstanding depth and detail in the audio.

You can use it as a stereo speaker and a home theater speaker. You can install the speaker horizontally on the ceiling and vertically on the wall. It features a quick-mount system for convenience in the installation process. You will find a cut-out template for perfect fitting.


  • Superior construction for distortion-free audio.
  • Produces clear, detailed, and consistent sound.
  • Suitable for installation in high moisture areas.
  • Relatively easy to install in walls and ceilings.


  • The bass response could have been better.  

Buying Guide For In-Wall Home Theater Speakers

Buying Guide For In-Wall Home Theater Speakers

You must watch out for some factors while purchasing an in-wall home theater speaker.

Speaker Size:

The first thing to notice in an in-wall speaker is its size. There are different sizes of in-wall home theater speakers available. The standard size is 8 inches. But many prefer a 6.5-inch in-wall speaker as per the room size and the structure made in the wall or ceiling for installing the speakers.

Speaker Power:

The higher the speaker’s power, the more powerful the sound will be. If you want surround sound effects, buy a high-power in-wall speaker. The power of a standard in-wall home theater speaker is 100W. However, if you purchase a smaller speaker, the output power will be less.

Sound Quality:

Different components of an in-wall speaker determine the sound quality. Therefore, to find out the sound quality of a speaker, you have to focus on the components such as the woofer, dome, crossover, enclosure, and drivers. The superior and more advanced the components are, the better will be the sound quality.


Not all in-wall speakers are suitable for all rooms. If you plan to install a speaker in your bathroom, you must ensure that the speaker is moisture-resistant. Similarly, the speaker’s construction will determine if it is suitable for outdoor installation.

Apart from these, watch out for the installation process because it differs from brand to brand.

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FAQs: Best In-Wall Home Theater Speakers

FAQs: Best In-Wall Home Theater Speakers

Are in-wall speakers good for surround sound?

In-wall speakers are particularly suitable for surround sound. But you must place the speakers strategically to produce the surround sound effect in your room.

What are the benefits of the Best In-Wall Home Theater Speakers?

In-wall speakers virtually vanish into the wall after installation, making your room look neat. They do not take up unnecessary space in the room.

Besides, they do not create a mess with wires everywhere. Besides, you can create a surround sound effect by installing in-wall speakers in the ceiling as well.

Conclusion: Best In-Wall Home Theater Speakers

Best In-Wall Home Theater Speakers

You will come across hundreds of in-wall home theater speakers, but only a few are worth purchasing. We have handpicked the best in-wall home theater speakers for you so that you save time and get value for your money. We have also provided you with a buying guide to judge the speakers based on the parameters mentioned and pick the perfect in-wall speaker for your room.

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