Audio Ambition Best Picks for Black Friday Deals

Audio Ambition Picks for Black Friday Deals - Complete Reviews with Comparisons

With many great deals to choose from, finding the best sale on Black Friday Deals for your home theater system components is quite the task. We took the liberty of finding some of the most popular options available and making a shortlist for you.

Audio Ambition Picks for Black Friday Deals - Complete Reviews with Comparisons

You will find these deals to be worth the investigation effort; they all come with decent price points to suit most budgets. Taking advantage of these deals is a great way to complete your home theater system and find great options without too much expense.

Look through these deals to see what they offer and how they will help to improve your entertainment system.

Audio Ambition Picks for Black Friday Deals Reviews

iFi Audio Zen Phono Pre-Amp – Best Phono Pre-Amp

With many years of experience in the audio industry, you can expect excellent sound quality and craftsmanship from this manufacturer’s device.


The user experience is increased with clear sound and high-quality output at different volume levels. This unit is a great addition to your vinyl setup; it maxes out all MM and MC cartridges for a better audio setup.

It also comes with multiple TDK capacitors set up in parallel to improve the overall stability while lessening distortion. The advanced circuit design of the pre-amp also helps to improve the EQ tolerance level, which is quite impressive.

With an overall good quality build and design, this unit will last for quite some time to give you many hours of audio pleasure. It is quite a nifty device to add to your vinyl setup to improve your music experience at all levels.

The subsonic filter doesn’t remove all the rumble with all the different devices you may hook it up with. You will find some rattling with the on/of buttons of the subsonic filter, taking away some of the quality.


  • High and clear maximum volume output available
  • Great bass for better sound quality
  • It comes with a good price tag for decent sound
  • Good build quality


  • The subsonic filter is not a good addition
  • Some of the buttons are not of the best quality

Anker Nebula Capsule – Best Mini Projector

You get decent video quality with this can-size mini projector, making it a great addition to your home theater system.


With up to 30,000 hours of lamp life, you don’t need to replace it any time soon, allowing you to save on expenses. To further increase the enjoyment of your viewing experience, you have up to four hours of battery life capacity at your disposal.

The compact size of this mini projector makes it the perfect option to take with you on your travels. It is also made with durable construction, so it will not damage easily while traveling and will last longer.

With built-in stream capability, you can easily watch your streaming services anywhere you want. This mini projector from Nebule is the ideal traveling companion and addition to a family gathering or your movie entertainment.

At only 100 lumens, this is not the best and the brightest video quality you can have for your home theater. Even though it gives you decent video quality, this mini projector is not 4k and HDR compatible, so the higher resolutions are out of reach.


  • It has a long lamp life
  • Long battery life capacity on a full charge
  • Compact design for easy traveling
  • Solid build and construction


  • It has a low maximum lumens output
  • Higher video and picture quality is out of reach

Polk Audio RC85i 2-Way Speakers – Best In-Wall Speakers

These high-tech speakers from Polk Audio are designed to give you top-quality sound output to improve your listening experience with all types of multimedia.


The soft dome tweeters included in this speaker set provide you with better depth and increased sound detail. You also have clean and natural sound with the dynamic band woofers included in the soundbox for much better audio output.

These speakers also give you a much smoother excursion path with a state-of-the-art streamlined design to increase overall sound quality. This means you have a consistent performance on both the low and the high end of the output spectrums.

A paintable in-wall grill provides a free choice of display color, and the aluminum flows nicely with ceilings and walls. The overall durable design with superior components makes these in-wall speakers great for all types of home entertainment setups and adds great sound quality.

Even though these speakers from Polk Audio come with moisture-resistant capability, they will not withstand all wet weather conditions. The price tag attached to these speakers is a bit higher than you might expect, which may place them out of reach for many shoppers.


  • Quick and easy installation options
  • Better performance with a streamlined design
  • Set includes two speakers
  • Easy to set it up and use


  • Not designed for outdoor use
  • They are a bit pricey

Vizio V-Series 5.1 Home Theatre Sound Bar – Best Soundbar

Equipped with a great neutral sound profile, these speakers are excellent for a wide range of sound content and entertainment.


You get some great rumble in the bass range due to the dedicated sub included with this soundbar set from Vizio. This also means you will experience some extra boom in the bass to improve the overall sound output quality.

With two satellite speakers added, you can experience quite a decent immersive surround output for better audio capability. The center channel helps to improve the reproduction of dialogue and gives you great audio output across the spectrum.

The low profile design of this soundbar set makes it easy to fit into any setup without being in the way. The compatibility of voice assistant makes it easy to use and incorporate into any home theater setup.

One drawback is that you don’t have the proper support for Atmos content with this soundbar for the higher sound output options. The way the back of the mounting included with the bar is designed doesn’t allow you to mount it flush against the wall.


  • You get up to four EQ presets included
  • Easy-to-operate remote control included
  • It has a nice aesthetic design to display well
  • Excellent bass output


  • This soundbar doesn’t have support for Atmos
  • No flush mounting on the wall

Denon AVR-S960H 8k Ultra HD AV Receiver – Best AV Receiver

When it comes to AV Receivers from Denon, you will get only the best quality and craftsmanship, and this model will be no exception.


The immersive sound quality of this receiver will make your entertainment come alive and draw you into it for a much better experience. The Denon comes with a nice smooth sound quality to make it even better with both film and music experiences.

With top-quality video output, it will be a great experience to watch your movies with this device added to your home theater. To further increase the audio quality, you have a bright and clear sound output to increase home entertainment quality with a variety of content.

A high-quality, discrete, seven-channel amplifier will provide you with up to 90W per channel to increase the output capability. This device is ideal for all types of entertainment at home, with 8k compatibility and quick media switchover.

The lack of Chromecast included in this AV receiver will take away some of the device’s versatility. With all the high-tech capabilities included, you would expect something that comes with a nice streamlined and low-profile modern design.


  • Some of the best sound immersion
  • High-quality video and audio output
  • Great maximum output capability
  • Many nice features have been added for your entertainment


  • You don’t have Chromecast capability included
  • It doesn’t look that nice

Nakamichi Shockwave Ultra 9.2.4 Soundbar – Best Wireless Speakers for Home Theatre

With these speakers in your home theater system, you will experience entertainment on a whole new level with all the great features added.


With high maximum volume output, you will have a great experience with all types of home entertainment, like movies and even gaming. You have unrivaled 360 degrees of bass sound to enjoy all your movies with great sound levels.

Equipped with custom-designed cone drives with an extended range, this device provides high-volume outputs for streaming and a great music-listening experience. With up to four satellite speakers, your gaming will be taken to the next level with a wide range of sound outputs.

The backlit remote comes with every feature for your convenience to improve your entertainment. The overall design of the wireless speakers makes them ideal to be used in any room of the house.

With the sound quality at a decent level, it is not the best out there, even though it does have quite a high volume output. Some static can occasionally be experienced on the rear speakers, which might be annoying for perfectionists.


  • High maximum volume output available
  • Great bass sound for better sound quality
  • It comes with a good price tag for decent sound
  • Technical support is excellent


  • The sound quality is not the best
  • You may experience some static


With all the great features included, the AV receiver from Denon will be a great purchase this Black Friday and a perfect number-one choice. To add to the sound quality of your home theater setup, the Namakitchi wireless speakers are an excellent choice to go with the receiver. This is all on this Black Friday Deals. Visit audioambition for more details.