HMDX Craze Wireless Earbuds Review: Everything you need to know about

HMDX Craze Wireless Earbuds Review: Everything you should know

The HMDX Craze Wireless Earbuds offer Bluetooth convenience in an earbud. In this review, we have discussed everything you need to know about. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into post!

How Much Does HMDX Craze Wireless Earbuds Cost?

The price is about $40, which makes them an excellent option for the average consumer. They are small, portable, and come with built-in volume controls.

HMDX Craze Wireless Earbuds:

They have a rechargeable battery, wireless functionality up to 30 feet, a speakerphone, and three different-sized flanged wingtips.

The smallest model also has ear hooks that secure them in place. A few cons are the battery life and the sensitivity of the microphone and the speaker. Overall, these earbuds are worth the money and will provide you with great audio enjoyment.

Built-in Mic and Volume Controls

One of the greatest features of the HMDX Craze wireless earbuds is its built-in mic and volume controls. They are so small and lightweight that they are perfect for travel.

You can even take calls while listening to music. The HMDX craze wireless headphones are compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices.

The battery life is a decent six hours, which means you can wear them all day long and still be plugged in for a few hours.

Floppy Neck Cord

The main drawbacks of the HMDX Craze wireless earbuds include a floppy neck cord. While other Bluetooth earbud manufacturers have addressed this problem by adding cable clips, the HMDX craze earbuds don’t.

The floppy neck cord is a real drawback, especially if you have small children. It’s impossible to know if the baby will pull it out, so it is important to be careful when choosing a pair of EARBUDS.

HMDX Craze Sport Earbuds

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Which True Wireless Earbuds Are Worth Buying?

1. AirPods Pro

The most basic wireless earbuds are the AirPods Pro and the Master & Dynamic MW08 headphones. These headphones have good battery life, sound quality, and a sleek design, but they’re also more expensive than the AirPods Pro. 

They’re made of metal and ceramic and have controls that are uncomfortable to use. Their noise-canceling tech is minimal, but they have an impressive battery life of eleven hours.

Despite their high price, many people choose premium earbuds for their sound quality and noise cancellation. While these models may be better than cheap ones, not everyone will want them. 

For example, some people will want earbuds for fitness, while others may want one for Zoom calls. With the advancement of technology, earbuds are becoming more affordable and convenient, and there are a few options on the market.

2. The Master & Dynamic Earbuds

The Master & Dynamic earbuds are another popular choice. These headphones are fairly expensive, but they offer many features. They are comfortable and water-resistant and have impressive 12-hour battery life. 

They aren’t the most beautiful earbuds, but they’re more than capable of meeting the needs of most listeners. If you’re not sure which model is right for you, check out the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus.

3. The Melomania 1 Plus 

The Melomania 1 Plus headphones are waterproof and feature an IPX4 rating. They also have passive noise cancellation. They have a battery life of about 5 hours, but this isn’t a huge disadvantage. 

While they don’t noise-canceling, they offer an expansive musical experience, which is great for a more personal music experience. The Melomania earbuds are much more detailed than their predecessors and are perfect for those who love a little more detail.

The Soundcore app has many features, including a built-in equalizer and HearID, which gives you an audio test. Besides the excellent call quality, the sound cores app also makes it easy to control volume. 

What are the features of HMDX Craze Wireless Earbuds?

1. HMDX Craze Wireless Earbuds are ergonomically designed and have a built-in microphone to make calling easier.
2. The HMDX Craze wireless earbuds come with three sizes of ear tips, giving you a perfect fit no matter which size you are.
3. These earbuds are comfortable and can be worn for hours on end without discomfort.
4. They are also Bluetooth-enabled, so they are perfect for phone calls. These earbuds are easy to take with you wherever you go.
5. Among the features of the HMDX Craze are the three sizes of ear tips.
6. They are ergonomically designed and work with Bluetooth-enabled devices.
7. The HMDX Craze is a great choice for people who like to use their Bluetooth device for music and phone calls.
8. The headphones are small and comfortable, with a convenient charging base. If you’re traveling, these earbuds are ideal for you.
9. The HMDX Craze wireless earbuds are a great choice for a pair of headphones. This pair of headphones deliver excellent sound quality and excellent comfort.
10. The patented ergonomic design gives you an excellent fit and great comfort.
11. The patented flex-fit flex-drivers also make them highly adjustable.
12. These earbuds are very comfortable, and the cord is retractable.

Conclusion: HMDX Craze Wireless Earbuds

Aside from its excellent call quality, it’s also well worth the price. The ‘Pro’ is the best choice in our opinion. The most popular truly wireless earbuds on the market today aren’t the cheapest ones, but they are still worth the money.

HMDX Craze Sport Earbuds

Wireless, Sweatproof, Microphone | Black w/ Teal

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When it comes to sound quality, the Soundcore MW08 earbuds are worth the money. Not only do they provide long battery life, but they also have great call quality. The regular AirPods aren’t too expensive, but if you’re on a tight budget, the Nura AirPods are a good choice. The sound core MW08 is a better choice if you want a truly wireless earbud.