How to Get Water Out of Your Phone Speaker

No matter how careful we might be, there are still chances that our smartphones may get soaked with water. The worst part is when water seeps into the speakers and stays there. Due to this, the sound gets muffled and unclear. So, knowing how to get water out of your phone speaker pays well.

How to Get Water Out of Your Phone Speaker - Cell phone on a table

Audio quality greatly decreases due to the moist grills of speakers. Although modern smartphones come with some degree of waterproofing, it is still essential to know about removing water.

If you’re looking for the same answer, this article, knowing how to get water out of your phone speaker, is for you. Keep reading to learn tips about removing water from the speakers of cell phones.

Steps to Get Water Out of Your Phone Speaker

Initially, muffled sound comes out of the speaker in case they are soaked in water. This sound might ignite your fear that your phone’s speaker has been damaged. Modern phones protect from water damage; if you act fast, you can prevent damage or clean the water beforehand.

Here’re some tips and tricks you can use to get water out of your phone speaker.

1-Turn off the Cell Phone and Leave it to Dry Completely

Turn off the device quickly after you drop it on water. Remove the battery and sim card if turning it off is impossible. Leave it upside down on the clean and dry cloth and dry it completely.

Leave the device turned off until you are sure that its circuit is not wet. One way is to bury the cell phone in uncooked rice for a while. If water is deep inside the speakers, leaving the phone to dry out is especially important.

Make sure the affected speaker is facing down during this process. Continue this process for several hours (at max 24 hours).

2-Utilize Speaker Cleaner Feature if Available on Your Phone

Some android phones have a “speaker cleaner” option to clear the voice by cleaning the speaker from particles, dust, and debris. This feature blasts high-pitched sounds intending to remove particles of any kind.

This feature might help you solve the problem of removing water from the speaker, so you, better try it before applying other solutions. You can access this feature from an additional setting and clean the speaker following the on-screen instructions given there.

Can loud music help you get Water Out of Your Phone Speaker?

Yes! Loud music can help you Get Water Out of Your Phone Speaker.

You can also play this sound to Get Water Out of Your Phone Speaker:

3-Download the Speaker Cleaner App to Clean the Speakers

If your mobile phone lacks the water ejection feature, then there is no need to worry. You can still play high-pitched sounds designed to eject water from speakers. Also, there is no need to wander for audio files as multiple apps available can come in handy in ejecting water.

Like the native ‘speaker cleaner’ app, they produce loud, vibrating sounds that help remove water from speakers. Here’s a short description of how to use such apps.

  • Install the speaker ‘cleaner app’ from the play store or Apple app gallery.
  • Disconnect any Bluetooth or sound devices connected.
  • Now raise the media volume to maximum.
  • Select the options from the app and start cleaning the ear speaker and media speakers.
  • Remember to put your phone face down while carrying out the process.

After 2-3 mins of process, check the speaker’s sound quality by playing some random music. If not okay, then repeat the process 3-4 times.

4-Use a Mini Vaccum Cleaner to Remove Water from Speaker

A mini laptop-use variant of the vacuum cleaner is helpful for removing water, especially in a cool environment. Its suction power, when pointed in the right direction, helps water evaporate in a few minutes. Make sure to use lower settings as prolonged and intense use of vacuum cleaners is not good for speakers.

A hairdryer can also be used to perform the suction of water. But here, removing water requires great care because a bit of negligence might affect the speakers’ working. Make sure it has a small nozzle attachment to perform the task accurately. It is also helpful to access areas that are hard to access by other means.

5-Contact Professional Repair Center

The best approach to removing water is to contact a professional repair center. If you fail to get results from the above-stated tips, then better go for the professional approach and take professional help, as traditional methods are not satisfactory enough to remove water by 100%.

How to Get Water Out of Your Phone Speaker

The professional at the repair center will disassemble your mobile and dry it out. After drying out, he will apply isopropyl alcohol to clean it. That is the correct approach to handling water damage.

Usually, water affects the speaker by depositing minerals, and corrosion starts in the worst-case scenario. The only solution is to remove mineral deposits or change the components to fix the problem.

Mobile phones are costly, so don’t take anything lightly; better contact a repair center to fix it immediately. The main benefit of contacting a professional repair person is that he will assist you in drying out your mobile phone without any damage.

6-Final Check to Asses other Functions of Mobile Phone

Another critical thing to do is to let the technician check your mobile because there is a possibility that water might have damaged other mobile sensors. Also, check the guideline mentioned in the manual by the company and approach the service center of your brand to better fix such problems.

Take concrete steps to avoid any mishap in the future. Try never to expose your phone to water when you’re present near liquid substances. Less than a teaspoon of water is enough to damage your phone. Also, avoid high temperatures and humidity in both summer and winter.

Final Thoughts: How to Get Water Out of Your Phone Speaker

This simple guide explains how to get water out of your phone speaker. Whether rain or accidental water splashes, knowing how to remove water can save you from spending, repairing, or changing components.

The sooner you apply these tips, the bigger the chances you save yourself from trouble. These tips are easy-to-use at home and work perfectly fine, so you no longer need to panic to revive the water-logged device. Visit audioambition to learn more.