Does Logitech Z906 have HDMI input? (explained)


Logitech makes fine home theatre-related products as well while being primarily recognized for web cameras, mice, and keyboards. They recently came up with universal remotes with the Harmony series, and the product was well received.

That said, let’s quickly answer the question. “Does Logitech z906 have HDMI input?

Logitech z906 doesn’t have an HDMI output, however, it comes with various inputs such as RCA, six-channel direct, 3.5 mm, optical, or digital coaxial – and you can easily switch between the input sources using the remote control.

One of the key areas where Logitech Z906 scores is that it is a speaker set that works at a computer workstation at home. It may alternately be used for the living room.

This makes the Z906 versatile, which adds to the utility of the awesome product. PC gamers can derive value from Logitech Z906, and so can the users who intend to use the Z906 as a home theatre system.

The need to invest in two separate speaker sets is done away with. A single set of peripherals has a high-quality double functionality, in a cost-saving arrangement. This makes Logitech Z906 utilitarian for even more users and budding audiophiles.

Let us consider how well Logitech Z906 performs purely as a home theatre system. The speaker system is affordable, even while the sound quality is exceptionally good.

Design, Inputs, and Features


As THX rated 5.1 channels surround system, Z906 brings RMS power of 500 watts. In the package, 1 subwoofer, 1 horizontal center channel, and 4 identical satellite speakers are included, along with the remote control and control console.

The center channel and satellite speakers are small in size in comparison. They’d appear nice on the workstation. For home theatre, one can place them on furniture or wall-mount them. Screw holes are available towards the back.

The speaker wires are not too long, as they generally are not. But, longer wires are also included in the package. So, the need to splice the wires is done away with.

The subwoofer is a front-firing type and is shaped like a cube. It features a side bass port. Being small in size, it is easy to put anywhere. With the consistent design scheme, the peripheral goes unnoticed. The control unit is also small.

Over the console, there is a circular volume knob with LED lights along the perimeter. The input selection button features a small display. Right next to it is the processing effect button. This turns the stereo sound into 3D, 4.1, or 2.1 channels.

A level button towards the right controls the individual volume of each speaker. 6 LED lights show which speaker’s volume is being changed. The mute button is also there.

Internal hardware

Z906 has a frequency range of 35 Hz – 20 kHz, 110 dB maximum SPL, and 95dB of Signal to Noise Ratio. Using its included ports, the speaker can decode DTS signals and Dolby Digital. 

However, Z906 lacks an HDMI port. In the absence of an HDMI port, Z906 cannot do DTS HD Master Audio or Dolby True HD. This further implies that Z906 cannot do DTS: X or Dolby Atmos as well. There is a dearth of any overhead channels for recreating these sounds.


It is towards behind the subwoofer that most of the connections are. Two of the connections are on the control console as well, to simplify access.

There are 3 3.5 mm ports over Z906. They are the kinds that are generally found in desktop computers – 1 coaxial and 2 digital optical inputs and analog stereo input. 

 They may be used to connect TVs, blu-ray players, video game consoles, and media players. A port for connecting 5 speaker terminals for the center and satellite speakers and the control console is also available.

There’s a port for the headphone jack. Another 3.5mm analog audio input is then available, and those are all connections.

HDMI port is missing

HDMI port is missing in Logitech Z906. If we take a look at the most home theatre equipment nowadays found, we see that they all have the HDMI port. This is used for audio transfer. 

The reason why Z906 should have had an HDMI port is that they are promoting the speaker set as both, for home theater and PC audio systems. At least one HDMI port should necessarily have been present.

In the absence of an HDMI port, the options are severely limited, in particular for home theatre connections. Users are therefore compelled to use digital inputs. These passes surround audio to Z906. 

Options for control

Over the control console, one finds some buttons for all basic functions. They include stereo effect selection, input selection, and volume. But the remote is indispensable for full control. The remote is simple and small.

Too many functions are not available over the system. This stands true for the remote as well. 

If we see the remote, it will have three round buttons towards the top. The function of these three buttons is powering the unit, selection for input, and mute. 

Under these three buttons, four more buttons are there. The configuration is more or less roundish. Using these buttons, one can adjust the volume, stereo effect selection, and speaker levels.

Even while the remote is small, the buttons are large enough. They feel nice and rubbery to touch. There is really nothing great about the design. But all functionalities are made available. Even in poor light conditions, the buttons stay reasonably visible.

Additional features

The Logitech Z906 has a THX-certified 5.1 channels surround system. For being such a small system, this is very impressive. THX-certified implies that all stringent audio tests have been passed. The speaker set will now make available the best possible sound quality, as the THX standards define.


The best part about Logitech Z906 is the placement of speakers and setup. It is very simple. If we go through the manual, we will come across instructions for the right ways to place the speakers in your area. 

The footprint of all peripherals is little. But they can all be well placed and ready to use in little time.

There are some connections behind the subwoofer. Understanding them is not difficult. Irrespective of what a user needs to connect, he can come across the connections easily.

But calibrating the speakers will take some time. This includes audio test mode as well. No automatic functionality is available for the same in Z906.

A user, instead, does the calibrations himself. If you have done calibrations before, then this is easy. But, if you have not done calibrations before, then this is troublesome.

But, this too is not very difficult. All speakers of Z906 will individually emit an audible sound. So, one can adjust all the speakers, and get an equal output from them. 

While you adjust a speaker, the light corresponding to it will keep blinking on the control console. Hence, a user will be sure about the speaker that he is adjusting. 

Upon calibrating all the speakers, pressing a single button is all it takes to exit the calibration process.


Logitech Z906 features a really good audio system with 5.1 channels. This lets us be sure about their target audiences.

The first thing to like about the Z906 is its versatility. For a home theatre system, it works well. For an audio system centered on a PC, it works well as well.

Correspondingly, Z906 attracts a bigger set of audiences. It is small in size, but the performance is good. Logitech is known for this quality. 

If one is looking at going for his initial home theatre system, the Logitech Z906 is the right choice. In only a few minutes, the system will be up and running. 

All hassles with speaker sets, such as connecting speakers and AV receivers are done away with. Calibrating these is also not required. 

Z906 is a cost-effective speaker set. The user gets a full 5.1 channels system as well. 

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