Do New Speakers Smell? (Causes And How To Fix)


Do new speakers smell like smoke? This is a strange but potentially important question to ask.

Yes, new speakers often smell when the speaker voice coils give off a particular smell. This happens when they’re rigorously warmed up enough while playing at high volumes.

If you’re planning on buying a new set of speakers and the person selling you on the product is very keen to get rid of them, then this may be the way to go.

However, if you’re considering an item like this then you should ask yourself whether or not it would be possible for them to sell the same set of speakers again in the near future.

It sounds crazy, but it’s true.

Sound systems take time to develop. One of the reasons that manufacturers produce many different models of the same thing is so that they can make improvements and upgrade the sound system as quickly as possible.

In many cases this means that it is left to the consumer to notice when they’ve bought a new model and smell a difference.

Of course, manufacturers are keen to sell as many items as possible, so the smells aren’t always the first to come about.

Sometimes though, it’s simply impossible for them to release the latest models without creating a bit of a stink. This is where you can get a whiff of smoke from new speakers.

What does this smell exactly?

In some cases, it could be a strong smell of burning plastic. In other cases, it could be something more subtle such as paint fumes, although in some cases, it can be a combination of any number of different things.

If you’re really keen to check out what new speakers smell like then all you need to do is turn up the volume and walk away. It will likely create quite a big whiff as it has been produced in a very hot room.

Do new speakers also make other noises? You might have noticed that there are certain types of sound systems that have an ‘analogue’ sound to them.

This simply means that they’re made using analogue equipment rather than digital. If you were to check out your speakers, you’d probably see that they produce quite a bit of analogue noise – in fact, it may be worth checking out the speakers individually just to see what they sound like.

This smell could actually be a good thing. Firstly, it’s clear that these speakers are producing a better quality sound.

This is especially true if you were comparing them with your old ones.

Perhaps the sound has been refined a little – which would make them far more pleasant to listen to. On the other hand, it’s also possible that they have a little bit more bass that would make bass heavy songs a little more enjoyable to hear.

If you want to know “Do new speakers smell?” then this probably answers “yes”.

If you’re not too keen on buying them or don’t think you want to spend the money on them, then perhaps you should move on and explore the old ones you have. They might just have the same smell!

What does a blown speaker smell like?

When you want to know what does a blowup speaker smell like, one of the most common questions you are likely to be faced with is that of what does a blowup speaker make when it is not working correctly or if it has simply stopped working. But first, what exactly happens when the air in a blowup speaker breaks? While the mechanical design of the device may appear sound, the reality is that the process of making it function is completely different from what you would expect. Instead of the mechanical parts of the device working in unison to generate vibrations and noise, the actual mechanisms that cause these noises are completely different and very difficult to duplicate.

When a professional set of engineers sets out to study what does a blowup speaker smell like, they carefully mimic the conditions of an air-tight chamber with a closed off valve. The goal is to see just how much the air pressure will allow to escape before blowing up. They then run a series of tests, both electrically and electronically, to duplicate the chamber’s conditions. After the testing is complete, they play back the audio track and record the noise level. The results are recorded digitally and then compared with the samples taken from the device itself.

The reason why you may be asked what does a blowup speaker smell like is because that particular sound will be quite unpleasant. But that is not why you will hear the results described in this article. The foul odor that you are hearing is actually the product of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) produced by the blowup speakers themselves. Just as we breathe in and out, the VOCs are expelled from the speaker too. The molecules become hot and vibrate, creating the unique sound.

As air flows past the vibrating molecules, they get pulled to the top, or blown off the air passages. To give you a better understanding, think of the air pressure at your back door. If you open it fully, the pressure in the air will force itself up to the ceiling. The same thing happens with VOCs, which are responsible for giving that rotten egg smell to what does a blowup speaker smell like.

Now that we understand more about what does a blowup speaker smell like, let us move on to another question. What does a blowup speaker do besides produce that awful smell? In addition to blowing air, they also produce ultraviolet radiation. It is important that you keep them away from young children and pets, because the UV rays can cause skin cancer.


Now, you have the answer to what does a blowup speaker smell like? They are a very loud, startling noise.

For this reason, many people find themselves in situations where they have to use them.

They are best left in the car when entertaining guests or when blasting music in an enclosed space such as a gym locker.

The worst part about these devices is that sometimes they can annoy your roommate’s so bad that they never want to turn them on again.

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