The Best Equalizer Settings for Car

Something can be wrong if the music you are listening to in your car is not giving you the sound from your headset. The equalizer setting can be from excellent to terrible. If you want to enjoy music as much as driving, having the best equalizer setting for car is all you need. 

The Best Equalizer Settings for Car

Have you ever asked yourself what are best equalizer settings for car? If yes, avoid jumping to the conclusion of changing your car’s audio system. You can get the best equalizer settings for car with just a little tuning. To get more information, keep up with the rest of the article.

What makes your music louder in your car?

You can make your car speakers louder easily. Install a high-quality amplifier or add sound-deadening materials around your vehicle. Try to seal the gaps between your speakers and their mounting holes. Remove the loose items around your speakers and balance your sound system’s tone controls. Then only play high-quality audio files.

What is an Equalizer (EQ)?

An equalizer is a function available in your car stereos. It allows you to boost or decrease specific frequency ranges to enhance sound quality. The frequencies lie between 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, which is the limit a human ear can hear.

In this digital era, equalizers are installed in most modern audio devices. You get the best equalizer settings for car by adjusting your audio settings and getting the most output.

There are a variety of equalizers, but the most popular ones are graphic and parametric. Graphic EQs are the more detailed ones, while parametric EQs are relatively simple in functionality.

The best equalizer for a car is one that is neutral. It covers most genres of music or podcast. You can change the setting according to your mood. The best equalizer settings for car depend on your choice, song, speaker setup, and configuration.

Hold on to find tips and tricks to get the best equalizer settings for car.

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Best Equalizer Settings For Car

The best equalizer settings for car allow you to boost the tone of your system to get superior sound quality. Pick the genre of music from Jazz, Rock, Pop, Country, and Classical.

Then select the default setting, and it will give you the best equalizer setting for car. If you are unsatisfied with the manual settings, let’s learn how to adjust them.

Bass, Mid, Treble

The process of equalizing settings for car stereos depends on changing these frequencies. You may change them until the required frequency is achieved. All these bands have different frequencies. Three primary sound waves are:

  • Bass: This sound band is between 16 and 256 Hz. Bass has the lowest sound frequency of the three.
  • Mid: Mid is the sound band in between Treble and Bass. It has a frequency of 400 to 2500 Hz.
  • Treble: It has the highest of the three sound bands having the highest frequency that the human ear can hear.

To get the best equalizer settings for car, there should be little difference between these frequencies. The following settings will help you to get through it easily:

  • Before starting the manual equalizing, set the volume to its half.
  • Gradually increase the bass to a high level. Bass disturbs the audio, so don’t go to the maximum level. Lower the bass if the music becomes distorted.
  • Repeat the same step for Treble and Mid. Gradually increase the treble without distorting the sound. When the frequency becomes desirable, then stop.

Here are a few examples of the best settings you can set according to music genres.

Acoustic Music

Suppose you are an acoustic music lover and enjoy the tone of instruments without bass or digitally modified sounds. Then, set up your equalizers accordingly.

Just pump a bit of bass frequency along with the mid and higher frequencies. It works perfectly to boost people’s voices. Without going overboard, the sound of most acoustic instruments works perfectly.

Electronic Music

The bass is the most important if you want the best equalizer settings for car for electronic music. It does not focus on the vocals, so you get most digital sounds in the higher range. You can tweak it to your needs after testing it.

Latin Music

Latin music is all about both bass and trebles. It requires strong vocals, and it can get boosted less. If you like, you can do a configuration test.

Classical & Jazz Music

If you love to hear classical music authors like Chopin and Beethoven, do the best equalizer settings for car accordingly. Most sounds come from violins, pianos, guitars, and acoustic instruments. Do the equalizer settings to get the maximum output out of it.

Pop Music

Pop music is mainly about the vocals and mid-range sounds. It would help if you boosted the mid-range frequencies more than anything else. Give a little boost to low-mid and high-mid frequencies.

Rock Music

Rock music is one of the top genres. It focuses on low-frequency sounds along with high-frequency sounds. Electric guitars make these sounds. Test the classical Rock curve that elevates everything besides the mid frequencies.

After getting the best equalizer settings for car, enjoy your Rock music like nothing else.


Bass does not fall in the music genre. But most of you want to max out the punch sound of their bass. Just understand the frequency ranges correctly, and you will get your desired best equalizer settings for car.

You max frequency up to 500 Hz and leave everything else flat. Bass works in this pattern. A woofer or subwoofer is required to reproduce the sound; the bass will eventually increase.


There are many best equalizer settings for cars to get the best sound and boost the frequencies in-car audio system. Start with these settings and tweak them accordingly; it will do wonders. Just apply these changes and see the difference.

It would help if you learned what works better for your setup and liking. The settings you found in this article can be used as guidelines. There are no hard and fast rules on the behavior of an equalizer.

Just fiddle with the equalizer now and then. Do share your thoughts with us if you have gotten the best equalizer settings for car after reading this article. Visit audioambition to learn more.