5 Best 65″ TVs for Under $500

A TV is something that one buys for entertainment purposes. Consider purchasing a TV once and letting it go until it works fine. But, a question you may ask, buying a TV may cost us an arm and a leg. Well, that’s not the case anymore, as you can also lay your hands on some decent TVs for under $500 budget. Read the article to learn more.

5 Best 65" TVs for Under $500

What is A QLED?

A QLED or Quantum Light Emitting Diode is similar to a conventional LED, which uses quantum dot nanoparticles to change color and brightness. The quantum dots produce white light with the help of red, blue, and green LEDs, which reproduce the millions of colors we see on TV with vibrance. 

Things to Look for When Buying TVs for Under $500

When considering the budget for a TV, you might spare a budget of $500, which means you’ll be sacrificing the design feels and some of the cool features a TV may offer. Read this article to learn more about what features you should look for in TVs for under $500.

4K Resolution

4K resolution has now been made affordable, which offers picture quality much more impressive than 1080p or 720p TV. Get your hands on a full 4K TV, and you will only regret it if you are on a shoestring budget.

Screen Size

Make sure to settle for a TV with a smaller screen size. You can purchase a TV once in a while, so getting a bigger size to enjoy your favorite games and series is better.

HDR Support

High Dynamic Range (HDR) TVs offer better color highlights and brightness. You may enjoy the picture in every aspect. Whether you find a TV with Dolby Vision in this budget, do not settle for a TV that does not support HDR.


Choosing a TV with multiple HDMI and USB ports has always been beneficial. You would never want to keep switching the plugs when connecting a Blu-ray or your game on the weekend.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is the change of motion on a TV at a rapid speed. If you’re fond of playing games, settling down for a lower refresh rate in TVs for under $500 won’t be justice to your games.

Brief Overview on TVs for Under $500

Best Budget Pick – Hisense 65 Inch U8G QLED 4k 


The design of the TV is splendid, considering the built quality and thickness of the TVs for under $500. The front of the TV has a metal strip on the bottom bezel while a slim bezel is around. The back has diamond-shaped patterns.

Smart TV

The TV under consideration is loaded with an Android interface, which loads the apps on the go. The OS is very responsive. It also has a built-in Google Chromecast, so if you don’t have any of the desired apps on the TV, feel free to connect it to your phone.

Picture Quality

The picture quality of the Hisense TVs for under $500 offers impeccable. The jaw-dropping performance the company offers with color contrast and blacks adds to the beauty of the series and shows.

Please go through the Youtube video we’ve attached below. The video will help you know what should be considered when buying a TV.

Hisense U8G| Hisense U8G Series Quantum 4K ULED TV Review

Image quality is impeccableViewing angles are not up to the mark
Integrated with Google AssistantMotion smoothness is overactive
Built-in mic

Best Mid-range Pick – LG C1 65-Inch OLED 4K


LG has gone too far with the designs of the TVs. They have produced a minimalistic design in the model mentioned above with sleek and slim bezels. The TV is even thinner than a smartphone you own.

Smart TV

The TV supports WebOS rather than launching it with Android or any other OS platform. It is the same as its predecessors. But, the TV already has Netflix, Disney+, and similar known streaming apps on the TV.

Picture Quality

The picture quality lacks the additional brightness that the OLED usually does with its self emissing pixels. This is because the TV senses the room light and adjusts the brightness accordingly.

WebOS support is exceptionalGlass surface is reflective
Picture quality outruns its predecessorsMusic apps are missing in the OS
Gaming performance is better

Best High-end pick – Sony A8H 65-inch TV: BRAVIA OLED 4K 


The Bravia model of TVs for under $500 produces an industrial design. The detailing is quite prestigious. The finishing is premium. The body is robust, with adequate space between connections and processors.

Smart TV

It is equipped with Android OS with a touch of Sony’s add-ons. The TV supports Google Play Store and Google Assistant and has a built-in Google Chromecast.

Picture Quality

The upscaling of 4K videos is remarkable. The color adjustments are also exceptional for each pixel. The color smoothening artifacts are also negligible as the technology is upgrading.

Picture quality is redefinedOlder version of Android OS may lag
Bold and minimalistic designScreen can burn
Sound quality is top notchNo HDR10+ support

The Best Overall – SAMSUNG 65-Inch Neo QLED 4K


The body provides a premium feel with great touch to aesthetics. The TV has reduced its width compared to its predecessor. However, this reduction may affect the TVs’ picture and sound quality for under $500.

Smart TV

The operating system built-in is Tizen. It supports multiple assistants, such as Google Assistant, Bixby, and Alexa. The TV also has a built-in Samsung TV app, a robust app for streaming and watching your favorite shows.

Picture Quality

The TV offers brighter and more colorful image quality than other 4K TVs for under $500. The Neo Quantum processor makes it easy to reproduce the right pixels in the right place.

Color contrast is exquisiteDoes not support Dolby Vision
The brightness is stellarSound quality is on the lower side
Upscaling is robustThe stand might be wobbly

Honorable Mention – VIZIO 65-Inch M65Q6-J09 4K QLED


The TV under consideration in the banner of TVs for under $500 is more on the bulkier side. It houses a depth of approximately 3 inches. It is bezel-free; therefore, it appears sleeker.

Smart TV

Vizio’s smart TVs include their operating system (OS). Don’t worry; it houses all the essential apps you are looking for in it, such as Netflix, Youtube, HBO Max, etc. it also supports Apple AirPlay and Google Assistant.

Picture Quality

The picture quality for the TV could be more remarkable than other 4K TV brands. The color depth is satisfactory, while motion processing is also average, considering the budget of TVs for under $500.

Deep blacks with average brightnessBrightness cannot compete other 4K QLEDs
Color feels are vibrantSmart TV interface is not friendly

Conclusion- TVs for Under $500

When considering upgrading the TV, one may notice how many brands are available in the market. But buying a TV shouldn’t be a hassle. All you need to list is your prerequisites with TVs for under $500 that meet your budget and expectations. We hope this article on TVs for under $500 might have helped you with a better insight. Visit audioambition to learn more.