3 Best Dumb TVs – Buying Guide Included

3 Best Dumb TVs - Buying Guide Included

The Dumb TV, as suggested by its name, is the opposite of a smart TV in terms of multiple features. For example, there is no built-in Wi-Fi and/or many connectivity options. It doesn’t have advanced functions to stream your favorite shows anytime. You can’t connect your Dumb TV to your PC or smartphone.

However, they cost very less as compared to smart TVs. Here are the 3 Best Dumb TVs options you can look forward to while investing in one.

3 Best Dumb TVs

Here we have a list of 3 Best Dumb TVs:

1. Sceptre Class FHD (1080p) LED TV 43 Inches

As the name suggests, this TV is a LED TV that is 43 inches in screen size. It’s a television, which gives the user incredible image/video quality. This is one of the Best Dumb TVs that come with an energy-efficient build and allows lesser consumption of power.

Also, to navigate smoothly or make adjustments in volume, it has a remote control provided.


  • Provision of resolution of 1080 pixels
  • It’s equipped with an LED display
  • It’s equipped with many HDMI ports and one USB port for providing external device connectivity
  • Built-in speakers and audio output for external sound systems
  • It has a slim design that has narrow bezels and appears sleek
  • Options for keeping it on a stand or/and mounting it on a wall


  • Limited resolution

2. Samsung BE55T-H Pro TV 55-Inch

This TV by Samsung, which has a 55-inches of screen size, comes equipped with a PIP i.e., Picture-in-Picture feature. It’s a 4K TV, which further has a modern and/or slim design that fits into your room/space quite naturally. As it is one of the Best Dumb TVs, it is feature-packed, thanks to its solid hardware.


  • Equipped with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • Assured data security
  • It’s equipped with a Direct-Lit LED technology
  • It’s equipped with many HDMI ports and one USB port for providing external device connectivity
  • Equipped with a Pro Mode, which allows customization and advanced settings
  • Built-in speakers and audio output for external sound systems
  • It has a slim design that has narrow bezels and appears sleek


  • Limited angles for viewing

3. LG 27LP600B-P Full HD 27 Inches

This dumb TV by LG has a 27 inches display/screen size (as the title suggests). It comprises a headphone jack, which helps you so you can connect your headphones or your speakers for audio output.

Additionally, when it comes to the image/output media quality, it’s clear. Furthermore, it comes equipped with many connectivity options, which are HDMI, VGA inputs, etc.


  • Wide angles for viewing purposes
  • Thin and/or slim bezel design
  • Offers a refresh rate of 60Hz
  • It comprises Flicker Safe mode and Reader Mode, which helps in eye strain reduction.
  • Energy-efficient and hence, consumption of power is reduced.


  • No provision for built-in speakers

How to Choose the Best Dumb TV? – Buying Guide

Best Dumb Tvs : Girl thinking how to choose

In the era of smart TVs, it isn’t easy to get correct opinions of the dumb TV. People generally don’t have many ideas about dumb TVs nowadays, so to help you with the selection of a dumb TV, the following are the criteria you should follow,

1. Display Measurement

When watching television, you always want to see things big and clear. It is only possible to have big images on the screen when you have a big screen. The bigger the screen, the larger the images will appear.

Also, you don’t want a small TV hanging in your home, so the first thing you should ask the TV salesperson is a large television, approximately 30 to 50 inches. TV within this screen size range will lie in your budget, and if you want a bigger television than this, then it will be expensive.

2. Picture Quality

Second Priority when buying a television that too a dumb TV should be the picture quality. Why Picture Quality? Isn’t it obvious that the better the picture quality, the greater your experience will be watching TV?

The available picture quality is 720p, 1080p, 4k, and 8k. 8K will give you the best experience, but they are expensive. For an economical budget, 4K is the best resolution to go with, and it will still give you quite a good and clear picture experience.

3. Audio Quality

Audio Quality also plays a vital role. When you are watching television, it is necessary to have high-end audio output. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy watching television.

For better quality, you should check whether the TV offers you Dolby Audio quality. You should try to get a TV with Dolby audio quality for a great audio experience.

4. Slots for Ports

For a minimum, a TV should support HDMI inputs so that you can connect cables or other devices to watch a movie or any other stuff. You should also make sure that it has at least a minimum of two slots. If it supports other types of inputs, such as AV IN, VGA, etc., then it is a great deal.

Important note: You can also use an Amazon Firestick if you ever want to make a Dumb TV fully smart and stream your favorite shows online.


Best Dumb Tvs  faq

1. Is it possible to convert a dumb TV to a smart tv?

Ans. Usually, you cannot convert a dumb tv to smart tv because smart tv comes with inbuilt internet connectivity. But a dumb tv cannot have that feature, but it can be customized to become a bit smart by connecting it to some firesticks.

2. If we have a limited budget, which factor should we prioritize the most?

Ans. In case you have a limited budget, you should ensure you get a better resolution, even if you have a smaller size of television.

Conclusion: Best Dumb Tvs

3 Best Dumb TVs - Buying Guide Included

Now that you have three Best Dumb TVs, you can choose the one that matches your requirements the most. Moreover, the pros and cons (considering the aspects like budget, size of the TV screen, and more) of each of these TVs will allow you to decide easily.

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