8 Best Way To Hide TV Wires – Improve Home Aesthetics With These Methods

8 Best Way To Hide TV Wires - Improve Home Aesthetics With These Methods

Sometimes even though the whole living space is pretty organized and aesthetically looks pleasing, a few TV wires hanging down the wall end up upsetting you. Does this happen to you often? Do you feel like those scattered TV cables are looking awful and completely out of place?

How can you hide these TV wires or cords and improve the aesthetics of your home? Well, here, we have a list of 8 Best Way To Hide TV Wires you can use to solve this issue effectively.

Why should I hide TV wires?

Hiding TV wires creates a clean and organized appearance, enhancing the aesthetics of your space while reducing clutter. We have presented the 8 Best way to hide TV wires.

Top 8 Best Way To Hide TV Wires

Best Way To Hide TV Wires: man fixing tv wires

1. Put a Cable Management Kit to use

This all-in-one kit comprises raceways, channels, adhesive backing, and more. What these kits do is that they help with concealing and/or organizing the wires of a TV along the wall. They are designed this way only.

You can get started by first measuring the wire length. Then you have to cut down the channels. Now, to the channels, you must opt to attach the adhesive backing and then opt for mounting them to your wall.

You should ensure their alignment and ensure they are straight. Once done, you can put the cords into the channels. After that, for a hidden appearance, you can snap the covers above.

2. Opt for an in-wall solution

You can opt for running the wires of your TV via the wall. For that, you may opt for putting an in-wall cable management kit to use. This method will involve making holes in your house wall. You will need to route the wires via the kit. Also, you will need to patch those holes once you have your wires hidden.

3. Hide these cords behind your furniture

This is most preferred when you own a TV stand or a console table on which you place your TV. Using your furniture may help you hide those scattered wires by putting them behind it. You may opt for tying them or using a clip to keep them together and not get scattered.

4. Opt for a cable concealer box

It’s another useful way to hide those multiple TV cords and/or wires. A cable concealer box comprises many exits and entry points. All the TV cords/wires are gathered and placed inside this concealer box. This makes it very easy to handle the cables, and each one is arranged properly and safely.

You can opt for an appropriate exit and entry point for every TV wire, and they are secured with the help of adhesive clips and/or cable ties. This way, these cables also don’t get mixed up and are one of the most effective ways to keep a clean and tidy look of the whole system.

Check out this helpful video:

5. Opt for a wire raceway

They are basically plastic/metal channels. These channels are mounted to the baseboard or wall so they can conceal those TV wires. They come in many colors and/or sizes and colors and aren’t difficult to install.

Why do we recommend these wire raceways? They tend to give a professional and clean look after hiding those cables and also offer a clutter-free experience if you want to re-arrange the cables again in the future.

6. Opt to relocate the power outlet

To hide TV wires, relocating the power outlet (only if possible) can help eliminate the concern and bring back your aesthetics. You can conceal the wires behind your TV by relocating the outlet there.

For this method, you will require calling out a professional or an electrician who is an expert in this matter, and he will ensure the concealing of the cords effectively.

7. Use a cord clip

These are basically adhesive clips, which you can put to use for the purpose of hiding those TV cables. These are attached either to the wall or to the furniture for routing those TV wires. These clips tend to be the most affordable among other options, and they are also easily installed.

All you need to take care of is putting the TV wires properly into the clips, and you must ensure that these are getting held safely.

8. Call for professional assistance and help

If you feel like you can’t manage the scattered wires of the TV using other methods, opt for a professional who can do this task for you. He will not just fix your wires effortlessly in place but will save you effort and time too. These professionals are trained and have numerous advanced methods of hiding the cords in place.

5 Things to Remember While Hiding TV Wires/Cords

Things to remember: Best Way To Hide TV Wires

If you wish to hide those scattered TV wires, run a check on the below-listed things:

  1. Avoid modifying or cutting those TV cords/cables.
  2. Put an appropriate and non-flammable material to use.
  3. Don’t end up overloading outlets and TV wires.
  4. Ensure following electrical codes while opting to route cables via walls.
  5. Provide enough access (in case if required in the future) so you can keep it maintained.

Final Words: Best Way To Hide TV Wires

8 Best Way To Hide TV Wires - Improve Home Aesthetics With These Methods

Whenever opting to hide or conceal those TV cords and/or wires, ensure safety and prioritize practicing crucial precautions. Make sure that when you gather those TV wires together, they should be lightly held and tied, not tightly.

You must avoid hiding the wires where you have any source of heat present or have something sharp nearby. For more information on related equipment and accessories, you can check out this link!

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