How Do I Get My Audio Birth Chart On Spotify?


Spotify is one of the most popular apps for music lovers like us. It is spoiling us with its unique features, including different types of personalised playlists.

Perhaps, Spotify is gradually becoming the most prominent name among the music apps because of such amazing features.

Now, you can currently make your birth chart list and groove on their beats. How? Here’s everything about how you can get your Spotify Birth chart.

Spotify has recently come with a new global campaign that they call “Only You” to offer us an in-app adventure and uniquely personalised playlist. Among the lot, one of the most significant features of this Spotify Only You campaign is its Audio Birth Chart.

This unique feature helps you learn about your rising stars, sun and moon.

Spotify explains that your Sun sign features the artists you have been listening more over the past six months. Oppositely, the Moon sign reveals the artist you are listening to can reflect your vulnerable or expressive side.

Lastly, the Rising sign can combine everything together with the artist that you have been lately connected to.

So, this is how Spotify has been explaining its new campaign while launching it to the world. But the question of how to get the Audio Birth Chart on Spotify still remains a mystery. If you want to know more about this feature, read on.

What is this new Audio Birth Chart?

The new Only You experience offers an Audio Birth Chart. This helps you to get your customized three astrological signs of the artist. If you do not know what these astrological signs are, first of all, we must tell you what it is?

The Sun sign, Moon sign and the rising signs are the big three signs that tell about your life. Now with the Audio Birth Chart on the Spotify app, you can know about your prominent three artists of music that you listen to most in recent times.

First, your Audio Sun sign reveals the artist you mostly listen to. Your Audio Moon sign indicates the emotional artist of your most emotional side. At the same time, your Audio Rising sign is the newest addition to the artists that combines both.

Remember, they indeed do not correlate with your actual astrological chart. However, it provides a scope of great fun and excitement for all the users like you and me. Now, all of us can share our current music list trends for the past six months with our friends.

How to See Your Birth Chart On Spotify?

The unique Audio Birth Chart acts like an astrologer suiting your musical liking. This app allows you to get information regarding your Sun artist, whom you are listening to maximum times for the past six months.

The Moon artist also reveals your vulnerable or expressive side, and the Rising artist indicates the type of music you have been recently liking the most.

The newest Spotify feature is quite easy to find. All you need to do is take a few steps, just like the Spotify Wrapped. Here are some of the few steps to take for getting this new Spotify feature.

Open your Spotify app first, and then you will get to see the “Only You” tab on the home screen that is pretty similar to the Spotify Wrapped. However, if you still cannot get it, head over to the Play Store or App Store and update the Spotify app.

Only You is already making its users super excited with its personalised in-app experience. You can easily access this feature on your mobile phone through the Spotify app. Moreover, the feature is accessible for both Apple and Android mobile phones.

There is a special “Only You” hub inclusive of all aspects, which comes in handy on the Spotify desktop player and the web. Be it free or paid users, Only You in-app is available for all.

More Insight On The Latest Only You Spotify Feature

The new launch of the music streaming Spotify app is the Only You personalised in-app feature that offers the most interesting experience.

The Audio Birth Chart reveals your listening habits on the Spotify app. Whether offering you a full insight into your most listened to music artists, genre or emotional state, the app gives everything. Accordingly, Spotify describes this feature as the astrologer who reveals three types of artists from its library.

Again, Spotify will show you how your musical liking varies by revealing the Artist Pairs from various genres. Not only that, but it also can show you which songs you have listened to most this year in the different time span.

Additionally, they have the ability to display the timing of the day you tune in to listen to the music or podcasts. Hence, it gives an accurate record of musical insights of your state throughout half of the year.

You can get this new experience as the app is now rolling out globally. In order to see it otherwise, take the following steps to see Audio Birth Chart on your Spotify app.

Step 1. Go to Google Play Store or the iOS App Store and download the latest Spotify version

Step 2. After downloading, open the updated app and click on the Only You feature. This is available under your Recently Played music column that you will get on the screen top.

Step 3. Look at the stories showing your personalised statistics and other information. You can select them to make your personalised playlist.

Step 4. Following this, you can check these personalised playlists by searching them in your library. Moreover, you can even pin them to get quick access to the playlist whenever you wish to listen on the go.

Accordingly, you can get access to the Only You personalised experience and custom-built your listening preferences. In this way, the annual Spotify Wrapped retains its unique way of exciting the users.

Since this feature is available in 79 countries, you can access it. The cosmic musical experience is free to every Spotify account holder.

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