Spotify Audio Birth Chart Not showing? (how to fix it)


With each passing day, Spotify’s popularity among music fans grows. One of the most important factors in the app’s popularity is its unique approach to customizing music playlists and giving unique features like Discover Weekly playlists and Wrapped experiences. 

Here’s why your Spotify Audio birth chart may not be showing:

Your Spotify birth chart may not show if you haven’t made a new discovery of an artist within the last 6 months, which mostly involves streaming multiple tracks. Without this section and due to market restrictions or inadequate data, your account will not be eligible for this feature.

Spotify’s “Audio Birth Chart,” which analyzes your top artists and creates a soundtrack for your summer, is a significant takeaway from the new feature. Your rising is an artist you’ve recently connected with, and your Sun is the top artist you’ve listened to in the last six months. 

Your Moon is an artist you listen to that best represents your emotional or vulnerable side. What if you put these musicians on a playlist based on their zodiac sign? You’ll have too much power. 

However, the company offered a new type of personalized hub called Only You to its subscribers. This new function will be available through June, and users can now access the “birth chart” list in the hub, so here’s how to acquire Spotify’s Birth Chart. 

Only You, a new type of personalized hub launched by Spotify yesterday, is an astrological audio “birth chart” made of customized playlists. When compared to the annual “Wrapped,” it’s not much different in substance.

The artists on the Birth Chart are the ones you’ve listened to the most in the last six months. Your Moon sign, for example, represents an artist who best connects with your sensitive or sensitive side. 



That’s not all; you’ll also receive a Dream Dinner Party custom playlist, which allows you to select the trio of musicians with whom you’d like to host a dinner party. Spotify will then produce a Spotify Mix based on your preferences.

“You don’t appear to meet the qualifications, thus you’re not eligible for that feature. For the Horoscope tale, you must have discovered a new musician in the recent six months and listened to multiple tracks.”

A new Artist Pairs function is also available, which is based on unusual audio pairings you’ve recently listened to.

The option to go to the For You page should ideally be displayed as a clickable header at the top of the home page. However, according to a wave of complaints, the Spotify Audio Birth Chart does not appear in Only You for many people on both iOS and Android. 

Only You compare all of your saved songs and artists, noting which ones are the most dissimilar, and which combinations set you apart from other users. Spotify claims to have accomplished this by assessing each user’s musical preferences and recommending songs or artists that you both enjoy, but no one else does. For example, if you listen to hard metal and classical baroque music at the same time, this could happen.

You’ll also get a phony astrology reading and a page where you can locate personalized playlists. 

Instead, some users are seeing a filler slide, while the majority of others are seeing nothing at all.

While numerous fixes such as reinstalling the program, emptying the cache, and checking for updates have been suggested, none appear to be resolving the issue.

It’s likely that the Spotify Audio Birth Chart problem isn’t present since it hasn’t yet been rolled out to all users. It could also be a bug on the server’s end. 

Sadly, it is impossible to know without formal confirmation.

However, the aforementioned issue isn’t the only one plaguing Spotify customers, as some claim that the Birth Chart does appear, but doesn’t work properly: 

Yes, the Only You function does not appear to work in the touted Instagram story-like slideshow format for certain users. Rather, you’ll only get standard mixed playlists.

Given that both issues appear to be server-related, there isn’t much that can be done except wait for an official repair.


Still, we’ll keep an eye on the situation for updates, so stay connected to PiunikaWeb.

As the situation became more public, SpotifyCares on Twitter began reacting to the complainants, stating that the Birth charts had an eligibility condition. The following are among the Spotify caring responses: 

Aside from the eligibility criteria listed above, market constraints may be the reason why the Birth chart is not showing up for you. Here’s what a community moderator said while explaining why the feature isn’t available to them.

While previous reports indicated that reinstallation was ineffective, it appears that removing the app and reinstalling it did the trick for some (albeit a small number), as they were able to access their Birth chart.

What is the best way to get a Spotify Birth Chart?

Your Audio Birth Chart is like an astrologer for your musical preferences. This feature tells you about the Sun artist you’ve been listening to the most over the previous six months. There’s also a Moon artist that best represents your “emotional or vulnerable side,” as well as a Rising artist you’ve only lately discovered and begun to like. It’s simple to find your Spotify Birth Chart by following the instructions below – 

  • Simply open your Spotify app to access the new Spotify Audio Birth Chart feature.
  • Similar to Spotify Wrapped, the “Only You” tab may be found on the app’s home screen.
  • If you can’t find it, go to the App Store or Google Play Store and update your Spotify app. 


More information on Spotify’s new Only You feature can be found here.

The wonderful in-app experience, which is a tailored combination of your listening habits, has already gotten many users thrilled. This function is only available on Spotify’s mobile apps for Apple and Android devices.

Only You, a hub that contains all of the aspects, is available on Spotify’s desktop client and the web. Only You is accessible in 79 locations for both free and paying Spotify customers until June 30. Only You, according to Spotify’s release on Wednesday, includes a number of features, including:

  • Your Audio Birth Chart 
  • Dinner Party of Your Dreams
  • Artist Pairings
  • The Year of Your Song, the Time of Day, and the Genres/Topics

Where can I find my Spotify Audio Birth Chart?

Spotify’s Only You feature will generate a personalized astrological birth chart based on your listening habits. You’ll need to touch through the personalized story five times until you see a black screen with the words ‘You’re astrologically unique’ to find out who your Sun, Moon, and Rising artists are.

Your favorite artist is the Sun Sign, your most emotional artist is the Moon Sign, and your most recent discovery is the Rising Sign. 

On Spotify’s Only You, here’s how to find your Dream Dinner Party.

The Dream Dinner Party is another customizable option included in Spotify’s Only You. The software will ask you to choose three musicians from a list of nine based on your listening habits before displaying a pretty little visual with your choices.

You’ll need to touch six times through the Only You story until you reach the “Plan your Dream Dinner Party” slide to get to that part of the feature. 

On Spotify’s Only You feature, here’s how to locate your astrological Audio Birth Chart and your Dream Dinner Party.

Spotify knows how much you enjoy their Wrapped feature at the end of the year, so they’ve decided to make it more often. Prepare for Spotify’s new feature, Only You, to expose you and your musical tastes in a variety of new cruel ways.

Only You is a customized feature on Spotify that informs listeners about their most peculiar habits. Only You will go into fresh new categories.

You can even create your own Dream Dinner Party with musicians based on your most popular listening habits with this tool.


Where can you locate the Spotify Only You feature?

You’ll need to open Spotify on your mobile device to get access to your personalized Only You feature. The feature should now display under the ‘Only You’ heading on your home page.

On mobile, the feature will create a bespoke story for you, with each category represented by a cute tiny Instagram-able graphic. 

The campaign also identifies your “song year” (how you’ve musically journeyed through different historical periods), your “time of day” (the music and podcast content you listen to early in the morning or late at night), and your genre/topics (how music and podcast genres set you apart based on your listening habits).

Interacting with the feature on Spotify’s app will reveal what musical trip “Only You” are on. As you learn anything new about your musical choices, listen to your heart (and your favorite tunes). 

How to find and use the Only You feature on Spotify

Only You is available in both the iPhone and Android versions of Spotify’s smartphone apps. Before you do anything else, make sure the app is up to date.

  • If you haven’t already, open the Spotify app and log in to your account.
  • Only You may appear automatically or on your Home tab if you haven’t seen it before. Otherwise, go to the bottom of the screen and tap Search.
  • A pop-up should appear beneath the search bar, called Discover how you listen. There is something that should be tapped. 

Dinner Party of Your Dreams

To provide some variety, consumers will be given the option of choosing three artists to invite to the ultimate dinner party.

After they’ve made their choices, the app creates a personalized Spotify Mix playlist for each musician to help them relax and unwind. 

Your Audio Chart of Birth

The Sun, Moon, and Rising are the three celestial signs that make up the Audio Birth Chart. The artist a user has listened to the most in the last six months is represented by the Sun sign.

An artist who best portrays a user’s emotional side determines their Moon sign. Finally, the Rising Sign is an artist that the listener has lately found. 

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