How to Fix a Flickering TV Screen?

Is your flickering screen tormenting you? Has it spoiled your entertainment? Take it easy. The days to worry have gone. We are here to guide you on how to fix a flickering TV screen. This article has the solution to your flickering screen problem. Let’s dig deep into the content and learn to fix a flickering TV screen. 

How to Fix a Flickering TV Screen?

Why Does a TV Screen Flicker?

Flicker appears on the TV screen when they are working at a low refresh rate. It allows the brightness to fall for a time interval notable for the human eye. Usually, the refresh rate of 60 Hz on TV screens produces a prominent flickering effect. At the same time, the flicker-free viewing occurs on the 70-90 Hz or above refresh rate.

What is a Flickering Screen?

A flicker is visible flashing or instability in a view on the display screen. A lot of changes occur in picture quality. When the screen of your TV flickers, it displays a dark or bright frame without showing any content. Mostly flicker appears on the screen at a low refresh rate.

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Best Possible Ways to Fix a Flickering TV Screen

It is pretty disturbing to watch a TV screen flickering suddenly. Of course, repairing a TV is a costly undertaking, and purchasing a new one can upset your budget. So, you should be on the ball to solve this issue independently. Let’s move towards some easy methods to fix a flickering TV screen.

Restart Your TV

Sometimes flickering on the screen occurs due to a short-term problem. You can solve this minor issue just by thinking outside the box. To fix a flickering TV screen, restart your TV. Simply unplug the connecting cable from the wall outlet, wait a moment, connect it again and restart the TV. Check if it helps flicker screens or not.

Unplug and Plug in Your TV Again

The most common solution to get rid of the flickering screen is to turn the TV off and on. Leave it off for a while to adjust. Then plug in your device and check its ability to fix a flickering TV screen. If it proves a temporary solution, go for the other methods given further below.

Check the Internet Connection

Another way to fix a flickering screen is to monitor your internet connection. A poor connection with your router can create a flickering screen. So reset your internet connection and place it closer to your TV. Make your internet connection strong enough to provide online content to your TV.

Inspect Your Wire Connection

To fix a flickering TV screen, make sure that you are not using damaged cables. Check all of your input and output wires. They should not be damaged, bent, or loose. However, if your TV screen flickers at the time of new connections, understand that these cables are creating the problem. So, dodge a bullet and fix a flickering TV screen.

Observe the Video Source

Relying on the video source, you can face some flickers. Sometimes the corrupted frames of the broadcast make your device flicker. You must observe your video source to fix a flickering TV screen. If the flickering remains consistent after playing the video, there is an issue with the file itself. As it is part of the actual file, you can’t eliminate it.

Check Internal Hardware Problems

Most of the time, some internal connectivity problems generate flickering on the screen. You should examine all the connection points of your TV. Check the power, audio input, output connection, and HDMI to fix a flickering TV screen.

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Causes of a Flickering TV Screen 

Screen flicker usually results from plenty of factors. Monitoring its actual causes can save you from many complications in the first place. Pay special heed to the reasons behind the flickering and nip it in the bud. There are so many causes, from connection problems to software issues. Here we will discuss some of them to make you know and troubleshoot them.

Issue of Software Update

Out-dated software often causes the flickering of TV screens. Your device needs an over-the-air update to the software or firmware of your TV. It can also cause the disappearance of your TV channels.

Lighting Adjustment

Your TV can flicker in the fluorescent lights of your room. If your TV is a plasma display, it can’t stream appropriately in vivid lights. The reason behind this flickering is plasma screens are generally better for dark rooms.


As we all know, electronic machinery and devices generate heat when they are overused. Your TV can heat up for remaining on for hours. This overheating causes persistent flicker of the screen of your TV.

Poor Cable Connection

The most common cause of flickering TV screens is the poor cable connection. Defective or misfitted cables can kill your vibes of entertainment. Plugging a loose cable into your unit can create a lot of mess, including flickers.

Improper Power Supply

Your TV also possesses a power supply circuitry to provide electricity to its different parts. It becomes weaker or dead over time. The flickering TV screen occurs when the power supply is improper or dying.

Dying Bulbs

One of the leading causes of the flickering TV screen is dying bulbs. It happens when the LED bulb is unable to reflect. If one or more LED bulb of your TV fails to backlight the projected image, it causes flickering. 

Dust and Debris 

Another thing to cause flickering screens is dust particles. It can ruin your entertainment and damage your device as well. Dust and debris on your TV panel and rear projection units may cause a flickering TV screen.

Final Thoughts- Fix a Flickering TV Screen

There is an abundance of factors that can disturb your entertainment through the flickering screens. We have provided you with the best possible ways to fix a flickering TV screen. Try the given solutions until you find the perfect result from one of them. So, fix it on your own without depending on a service call. Visit audioambition to learn more.