How To Turn On Roku TV Without Remote

If you own a Roku TV, at some point, you will need to figure out how to turn on Roku tv and off it without a remote control. In this era, cell phones are getting bigger while remote controls are getting smaller.

How To Turn On Roku TV Without Remote

Practically every home has at least one smart TV, but in most cases, you end up with several. The amount of gadgets is not a problem, but they are all equipped with remote controls.

Sooner or later, your remote control will eventually get into your children’s hands or, worse still, your pet’s. And sometimes, remote controls simply stop working or break down for no apparent reason.

Even if you’ve misplaced or damaged the remote, you can still power on and off your Roku TV. Most Roku TVs’ power buttons are hidden in inconspicuous areas, such as the base of the TV.

This post will explain where the power button is located and two more ways to turn on Roku TV and off it without the remote control.

Can I turn on Roku tv without a remote?

Yes! You can turn on Roku tv without a remote. The following methods will help you do so.

Two Ways to Turn on Roku TV Without Remote

Here are two ways to turn on Roku TV without a remote:

Press the Power Button to Turn on Roku TV

This is the simplest and most direct method to turn on and off your Roku TV without a remote control. If you are reading this post, it is likely because you could not locate the desired information.

This is because it is currently fashionable for TVs, particularly Roku TVs, to hide the power button. This becomes even more complicated because Roku TVs are built by more than a few different manufacturers.

To save you time, we spent a lot of effort researching the user guides of all of the main Roku TV manufacturers to determine the precise location of the power button.

It’s important to note that turning off a Roku TV doesn’t actually turn it off; instead, it enters a low-power standby mode. In other words, it does not completely cut electricity. You must remove the power cord to turn off your Roku TV fully.

Watch this video to turn on Roku TV without the remote:

The 7 Types of Roku TV Panel Designs

How you turn off and turn on Roku tv depends on how the panel design is set up on your model. Roku TVs come in seven different panel designs. Now we’ll go over the ins and outs of turn on Roku tv and off with each panel design.

  1. Single Button: You can turn your Roku TV on with a short or long press and off with a long press.
  2. Three Buttons: To turn on the TV, short or long-press the center button and long press to turn it off. 
  3. Gamepad Style Joystick: It does not have a power button. So, press the middle button to toggle between stand-by mode and power.
  4. Four Buttons: Turn the TV on and off with a short press.
  5. Five Buttons (with mute): Short press to power on and off the TV, and the order of buttons will differ from model to model.
  6. Five Buttons (without mute): Short press to power on and off the TV, and the order of buttons will differ from model to model.
  7. Seven buttons: Short press to power on and off the TV, and the order of buttons will differ from model to model.

Roku TV Power Button Location


A TCL Roku TV’s power button is located on its bottom. After reading tens of manuals, here’s what we’ve learned:

The power button on almost all TCL Roku TVs is located on the bottom, behind the white flap. It’s a little difficult to see, but after you lay the TV flat or lift it, you can turn it on without using the remote.


The layout of Hisense’s buttons has evolved throughout several models. As a result, it might be anywhere on the back of the TV—the left side, the right, or the bottom.


On Sanyo Roku TVs, the buttons and ports are situated on the back. Surprisingly, it is rather simple to locate.


It appears that JVC Roku TVs don’t feature power buttons. Don’t worry if you’ve lost or damaged your JVC Roku TV remote. You may turn on your TV using our second way of turning your TV on and off without a remote controller.


Philips’ Roku TVs look a lot like Sanyo’s, and both brands place the power button in the same obvious spot on the back of the TV.


The power button on the Westinghouse Roku set is located on the bottom left side of the TV when viewed from the front.


The power button on the Element Roku TV is hidden under the central flap of the TV’s base, just like it is on the TCL Roku TV.

Onn (turn on Roku tv)

When facing the TV, the power button on all Onn Roku televisions is situated on the bottom of the TV, to the right side, under the flap.


The power button for an RCA Roku TV is located under the TV’s bottom flap, near the middle.


Hitachi Roku TV’s power button is located at the bottom center of the back of the TV.


The Magnavox Roku TV’s power buttons and any other required connections are located on the back. You will be able to spot it quickly.


When viewing an InFocus Roku TV from the back, the power button is on the right side of the TV.

Use the Roku App to Turn on Roku tv

Using the Roku mobile app offers an alternative to physically pressing the power button to turn on your Roku TV. Whether or not your mobile device supports an infrared (IR) sensor, you can still utilize both IR and Wi-Fi to turn your on and off your TV.

Both Apple iOS and Google Android users can download the Roku app. You can do this by following these simple steps.

  1. Download the Roku app for your iOS or Android device now.
  2. After signing in, it will scan the area for Roku Devices.
  3. When your Roku TV shows, you may turn it on or off by using the power button in the app’s upper right corner.

Please be aware that it is not advisable to use any third-party apps for Roku TV control.

Get a Replacement Remote

The Roku app is a good temporary fix if you’ve misplaced or broken your Roku TV remote, but it’s not a good long-term fix because it uses up your phone’s power, and you might need it for other obvious reasons. The official Roku voice remote is a great option because voice search makes media navigation much easier.

Conclusion: Turn on Roku TV

We hope that you now know how to turn on Roku TV without a remote, whether you want to show off your Jedi-level Roku knowledge to your friends or make sure you can always turn on Roku TV and off your TV. Visit audioambition to learn more.