How To Turn Up My TCL Subwoofer? (A Practical Guide)

How to turn up my TCL subwoofer? There is a separate volume control option for TCL subwoofers from the general volume. Generally, the remote features a bass volume button.

How To Turn Up My TCL Subwoofer (a practical guide)

If you have a Roku ready TV, you can press the star button and scroll down to sound settings. Also, you can turn up the subwoofer from there. How to turn up my TCL subwoofer? Read this article to know the detailed answer!

How to set up a TCL subwoofer?

Subwoofers are an integral part of an immersive sound experience. They complete the entire sound spectrum by adding depth and volume to the sound and music we listen to. In addition, many music genres and films make their mark by adding powerful bass sounds. So, to hear and enjoy the audio to its fullest, you must connect your speakers to a subwoofer.

TCL subwoofers offer a very easy and step-by-step set up to let you experience the rumble. You can pair your wireless subwoofer in two ways – you can let them pair automatically or manually pair them.

How To Turn Up My TCL Subwoofer

To let your subwoofer automatically pair with your speaker, first make sure to connect both the woofer and the soundbar to a power supply. Then, turn them on. Once they are on, the soundbar will pair with the subwoofer automatically.

You can tell that the process is finished by looking at the bottom LED light. The light will become stable and remain on if the pairing is successful.

One thing to note is that do not press the pair button at the backside of the subwoofer when auto-pairing is in process. Only press it when auto-pairing is not successful.

The manual pairing process is also very straightforward. First, connect both the devices to a power supply. Next, press the pair button at the back of the wireless subwoofer. Press the power button on the top panel of your soundbar main unit. The subwoofer and soundbar will pair successfully.

Next, check if the LED light is stable and remains on. If the LED at the back is not still, disconnect the subwoofer from its AC power source and reconnect after three minutes. After that, repeat the whole process to pair your devices.

How to connect soundbar and subwoofers with Roku TV?

Connecting the soundbar and woofer with Roku TV is more or less the same as connecting them to other TVs. If you have the right components, the connection and setup are just a matter of minutes.

First, you have to choose what type of connection you want for both of them.

Second, the connection must be compatible for both devices, which means it must be the same. Generally, HDMI and ARC connections work for both TVs and Sound systems with subwoofers.

After connecting, turn on your TV and go for settings. Find Input and select the type of connection you have. You have to double-check all the inputs to ensure that they have gone all the way in and not moving. Otherwise, it can result in faulty audio, audio dropouts, single-sided sound, or all of these simultaneously. There even can be no sound at all.

Once you have gone through these steps, turn the sound on and test the output.

How is the sound quality of the TCL subwoofer?

In terms of sound, the TCL subwoofer and soundbar delivers a good bang to your buck. The notable thing about the audio system is that it is one of the cheapest systems but offers a phenomenal output from its speakers and woofers.

Furthermore, once you have connected the device with your TV, it lets you select the type of audio output you want to hear. The system has three modes –music mode, TV mode, and movie mode.

The sound output is loud enough; it can play music at 95dB at its peak, but you don’t need more than 80dB to hear everything comfortably. The three modes alter the sound noticeably.

For music, it boosts the highs and trebles more than the middles, while the movie mode emphasizes the low end and bass considerably louder.

The end result is a heavy, deep sound which suits movie watching very much. TV mode sits between these two modes, balancing out the low and high frequencies.

The sound from the audio system is crisp and bright and lets you hear vocals, musical instruments, and other sounds pretty clearly. The only downside is, when you turn up the volume all the way, it can get a bit of distortion or muddy up the sound.

The overall sound spectrum of the device tilts towards the bass-y side, with heavy bass and a little less present treble. Although you don’t need the speaker to play at full volume all the time, you won’t hear these issues.

Overall, it’s a pleasant sound at a fraction of the price of other high-end products.

What to do if the TCL subwoofer doesn’t work?

Typically, the subwoofer pairs itself with the TV and speakers, but sometimes, you can face some pairing issues. For that, you may try resetting and pairing again.

To do that, press and hold the reset button at the back of the woofer for ten seconds. After that, you may try pairing.

That will fix the issue. You can check the pairing status by referring to the LED light flashing; if the light becomes still and brighter, you have successfully paired the device. If not, then try resetting and re-pairing. Don’t forget to check the connections, as sometimes a poor connection can lead to issues.

How To Turn Up My TCL Subwoofer (a practical guide)

How do I change the sound of the TCL subwoofer?

Can I use a TCL subwoofer without the speakers? You can use the subwoofer without speakers; for that, you need a special connection. You can use composite or component cables and try connecting the subwoofer directly to your TV.

You will be able to get the low frequencies of the subwoofer with the default TV speakers. Just make sure the connections are properly set.

Where should you place your TCL subwoofer?

Generally, the subwoofer setup comes in the following setup – the subwoofer rests in the middle, and the speakers flank it on both sides. It is better to keep the subwoofer within four to five feet of both the speakers.

Final Thoughts: How To Turn Up My TCL Subwoofer

This article is for you if you want to know how to turn up my TCL subwoofer! Some people keep the woofer at a corner of the room to increase the bass response, but that can come in the way of an even-sounding experience.

On the other hand, the woofer at the corner produces clearer bass with less distortion, which some people prefer. I hope this article, how to turn up my TCL subwoofer, helped you a lot!

Finally, many people keep the speakers at both sides of the TV and the woofer at the back to create a theatre-like experience.