4 Best Subwoofer Cables – Buying Guide Included

4 Best Subwoofer Cables - Buying Guide Included

Subwoofer cables, or audio cables, are put to use so they can transmit signals to a receiver and/or amplifier from a subwoofer. These signals have a low frequency. These cables put the RCA connectors to use, and they tend to come in multiple length options. Also, they are shielded so they can prevent any type of interference. Enlisted are the top 5 Best Subwoofer cables:

Best Subwoofer Cables for 2023

1. Mediabridge Subwoofer Cable

These cables tend to be RCA cables, which are high in overall quality and are specifically designed so they can connect a receiver and/or amplifier from a subwoofer. For preventing signal loss or/and electromagnetic interference, these cables tend to have triple shielding along with a PVC jacket that is durable.


  • It’s highly durable and lasts a long time in terms of wear and/or tear.
  • Mostly show compatibility with a broad spectrum of devices, which involves amplifiers, subwoofers, receivers, etc.
  • Provides performance that is consistent and reliable that too at a price people can afford.
  • They come in multiple lengths, which range from 3 feet to up to 50 feet.
  • Gold-plated RCA connectors to transfer signals in the best manner.


  • Don’t function as accurately in the case of an 8-ohm speaker

2. FosPower Audio Coaxial Cable

This cable, which is put to use for the transmission of signals (high in quality) between multiple devices, is basically shielded. The devices could be amplifiers, subwoofers, receivers, etc. To reduce interference that happens externally, this cable has a design that supports it. Furthermore, at the core, it is equipped with a copper conductor.


  • Allows audio transmission that is high in quality
  • They are versatile as they show compatibility with a lot of devices
  • Durable and easily installed
  • Cost-effective, considering it allows high-quality audio.
  • Equipped with a subwoofer cable i.e., 24K gold-plated


  • Not as secure as other cable options.

3. Goalfish RCA Subwoofer Cable

Constructed with the use of copper conductors and connectors that are gold-plated, this subwoofer cable performs optimally. It transfers signals with minimal or reduced interference. This subwoofer cable is known to be a  long-lasting option considering its PVC outer jacket that is quite sturdy and color-coded connectors. Additionally, it doesn’t cause too much sound.


  • Durable and high-quality build
  • Shows compatibility with a broad spectrum of devices
  • The color-coded connectors make it to be easily used
  • High performance, that too with lesser noise issues and/or distortion
  • Premium quality sound with 24K gold RCA connectors


  • It’s a thin cable

 4. XMSJSIY RCA Speaker Wire

If you wish to use a wire for home audio systems, it can be an adequate option where there is no requirement for lengthy cable options. However, this wire tends to have a defined compatibility, which is limited to RCA connectors only. Also, when it comes to interference, the signals may get impacted as compared to other cable options.


  • For audio equipment, RCA connectors allow a reliable connection, which puts RCA jacks to use.
  • This wire gets installed quite easily, and connecting it to any audio equipment is easier.
  • Cost-effective, and hence, anyone can access it.
  • Adequate to be used for shorter distances
  • Allow a sound quality that is quite decent sound quality.


  • The wire isn’t long enough
  • Shows limited compatibility

How to Choose the Best Subwoofer Cables? – Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Subwoofer Cables - Buying Guide

There are several brands and types of best Subwoofer cables available in the market. Some are the best quality cables but are expensive. On the other hand, some are in your budget, but you are not sure about its quality.

So what to do? Which one should we choose? To get a suitable subwoofer cable, follow the given selection tips.

1. Length of Subwoofer Cable

The length of the Subwoofer cable plays an important role in the amplifying quality of an active subwoofer, i.e., a subwoofer that comes with an internal amplification system and no external amplifiers are required.

For such Subwoofers, one only requires a short length of Subwoofer cable so that it does not deplete the audio output quality. But if you have a woofer with passive amplification, you generally require a long subwoofer cable, so you need to consider different factors.

2. Material of Cable

In case you require a long subwoofer cable, then you shouldn’t go for a cheap copper wire as it has the tendency to observe some of the sound energy produced. So you won’t be able to experience the best quality audio on the receiving end. But then the question is, what other choice do you have?

The best answer to this is the silver Subwoofer cables, as they have the tendency to transmit the audio output without any energy loss. But the only problem you might face is that silver cables are quite expensive compared to copper cables. But if you are looking for quality audio, you should go for Subwoofer cables which are manufactured using silver.

3. Types of Plugs Used

Most people only focus on the length of the cable or on, the type of materials, or the different models they have heard from other people. But you should also know that the type of Plug used also plays an important role.

For example, if you have connected your subwoofer to a guitar, the subwoofer cable should be of TS type, but when you are looking for a subwoofer cable that will support your mic wires to an amplifier system, etc.

FAQs: Best Subwoofer Cables

1. Is it necessary to go for an expensive Subwoofer Cable?

Ans. It is a myth that you need an expensive Subwoofer Cable for high-end audio output. Still, you need to buy a suitable Subwoofer cable according to your requirements and subwoofer’s potential.

2. Is it necessary to buy a Subwoofer Cable?

It isn’t necessary, but it gives you a great audio experience.

Conclusion: Best Subwoofer Cables

4 Best Subwoofer Cables - Buying Guide Included

You can opt for a subwoofer cable option from the above Best Subwoofer Cables based on some aspects like shielding, insulation material, how it performs, build quality, connector types, cost, compatibility, and so on. Moreover, once you have your need in place, making a choice among these subwoofer cables will get easier.

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