10 Best Vintage Speakers for Rock Music

When it comes to speakers, newer isn’t always better. Manufacturers of modern speakers are a bit more adventurous and focus on amazing speaker designs guided by the lucrative lifestyle market.

This translates into little or no personality but tall, thin, and well-designed speakers with feeble drive units.

Vintage speakers, on the other hand, are usually big, bold, and bizarre but are more effective. Back then, sound and innovation were the priority and not design or look.

Are you looking for the best vintage speakers for rock music? Here are our recommendations for the 10 best vintage speakers with more durable cones that will stand up to pumping out loud rock music:

1. Marshall Kilburn Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This is a gorgeous portable vintage speaker from Marshall Kilburn weighing just 7lbs. This speaker comes in classic cream or black. It has a retro good look, which embodies the spirit of rock and roll. The Bluetooth capability makes this speaker more amazing.

This speaker features dual 5.25in. woofers and dual 1in. dome tweeters, which all provide clean mids and well-articulated highs. It’s a class D speaker and one of the loudest speakers in its class. It uses analog-style knobs for volume and equalization (bass and treble).

Marshall Kilburn portable Bluetooth speaker has a guitar-inspired leather strap for easy carrying and a 4hrs to 20hrs battery life.


  • Iconic Marshall design
  • Loudest in its class
  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • Aux input option
  • Increased portability

2. Toshiba Wireless Bluetooth Speaker: Vintage Retro

This AC-powered (40 watts) speaker can play directly from devices via Bluetooth connection, USB connection, or a ¼in. mini-jack. It is powerfully loud and delivers a well-defined low and high-frequency response.

The speaker can pair fairly straightforwardly and syncing to devices within 10 meters – thanks to its decent pick-up range. The onboard controls fit in with the vintage retro looks allowing users to adjust the volume, treble, and bass settings.

The speaker comes in a classy wooden cabinet and is finished with a beautiful vintage golden tinted metal filigree-style grille. This speaker from Toshiba is very durable and weighty but a bit pricier.


  • Vintage wooden cabinet
  • Metallic grille and retro controls
  • AC powered model
  • Superb volume capacity
  • Bluetooth capability

3. Qoosea Portable Radio FM Radio with Bluetooth Speaker

This is not just a100% hand-crafted speaker but also a compact, stylized, retro FM radio with the Bluetooth capabilities of modern speakers. This speaker comes in either gorgeous cherry or mahogany-wood cabinet, which makes it truly beautiful.

The classy curves of the cabinet complement its natural materials and would perfectly match in with your hardwood furniture. This speaker is user-friendly and very easy to pair with other devices.

Aside from the Bluetooth connectivity, this portable speaker comes with USB connectivity and an auxiliary cord to connect directly to devices for greater stability.

It features a rechargeable battery that allows about seven to 10 hours (depending on the levels of volume levels and other factors) of music playing.


  • All wooden cabinet with vintage character
  • Exceptionally low-priced
  • Completely handmade
  • Well-engineered drivers

4. Vintage Bluetooth Speaker Portable Wireless Speaker

This is a two-way class speaker, which provides great, well-balanced audio with good definition. This speaker has also been tweaked to provide an enhanced low-frequency response for better bass.

It features a 20-watt amplifier to get optimal performance and provide sound quality usually expected from a much larger speaker.

It features an inbuilt USB and auxiliary connections and can maintain a Bluetooth connection with great stability even at a distance of 33ft.

The inbuilt rechargeable battery can deliver up to 6 hours of uninterrupted music playing. This speaker is lightweight and comes with a leather-like carry handle for better portability.


  • Veritable vintage appearance
  • Bluetooth/USB/Aux inputs
  • Portable leather-like handle
  • Appreciable battery life.

5. TEWELL Bookshelf Speaker, Retrorock 24W

This speaker is also competitively priced but bigger and louder than the handmade Qoosea Portable Radio and is intended to be used as a bookshelf speaker.

This speaker has a vintage-inspired appearance and has a great classic woven textile grille with retro toggle switches. Retro rock is fitted with dual full frequency drivers, which have been finely tuned by expert engineers to deliver punchy audio.

The bass is superb and essentially distortion-free, even at max volume levels. This speaker delivers 24 watts of powerful premium sound and has Bluetooth connectivity. It is AC-powered and also has an auxiliary input for direct connection.


  • Finely-tuned dual drivers
  • Woven grille and retro switches
  • Reflex bass system
  • Stable Bluetooth/auxiliary connection.

6. ClearClick Retro AM/FM Radio with Bluetooth

This speaker from ClearClick is ahandmade, arch-shaped, all-wooden model. It is also classic and compact. It features front-mounted retro dials to adjust between both AM and FM radio stations.

This AC-powered speaker also features Bluetooth connectivity that pairs effortlessly and is capable of maintaining a signal within a distance of 33 feet.

It has an arch-top and a beautiful multi-cutout forward-facing grille which is heavily stylized to provide an authentic vintage look.


  • Handcrafted design
  • Miniature antique radio replica
  • AM and FM radio stations
  • Modern inbuilt Bluetooth receiver

7. Retro Wireless Bluetooth Radio Speaker

This retro model comes in classic style with modern Bluetooth capabilities. It also features current input connections like a USB flash drive and SD memory card readers, making this speaker very versatile. The USB port allows a double drive and can be used to charge devices.

To connect with more devices, this speaker features the typical 3.5mm jack connection for auxiliary input and RCS (L&R) outputs, enabling connection with either a turntable or an external speaker.

It features simple replica rotary knobs which make operations easy and add to the heavily authentic vintage vibe of the speaker. The speaker also has a retro-style dial to tune AM and FM radio stations.


  • An extensive range of I/O options
  • Very affordable
  • Classic vintage vibes.
  • AM and FM radio receivers
  • USB and SD readers
  • Stylish speaker with a reddish tone and antique dials

8. LuguLake Handheld Multi-function Bluetooth Speaker

This handheld multi-function Bluetooth speaker from LuguLake is a lovely modern speaker masquerading in vintage wear. It is small, lightweight, and has a sturdy handle for carrying.

It has a toggle on and off power switch and a large convex grille paired with an old-fashioned front-mounted dial.

This speaker only has one speaker array system – a 5.25in. woofer and a 1in. premium dome tweeter. Hence, it is a mono speaker but you would need to purchase two of it for true wireless stereo sound.

Though this speaker has a deceptively small size, it has 10-in-1 multi-functional properties. It has an FM radio with an antiquated antenna. It also features a USB flash drive and TF memory card reader which supports U-disk.

It has equalization control and Bluetooth connectivity for remote streaming and can be connected to larger speaker systems. It also has auxiliary inputs and a dedicated microphone input for karaoke.

It has a 25W amplifier and bass enhancement tech and driver that deliver impressive punchy bass and raw power. The inbuilt rechargeable batteries deliver about six hours of operation between charges.


  • Venerable vintage style
  • Completely handmade
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB, TF memory card, auxiliary mini-jack
  • Microphone inputs

9. Pyle 2-in-1 Vintage Style Clock, Retro Bluetooth Speaker

This elegant tabletop speaker from Pyle is a bit different from others. It is a vintage-style speaker that comes with a classical era clock on a handcrafted birch-wood stand.

The clock has a genuine swinging pendulum arm mechanism that enhances its vintage appearance.

Its all-wooden construction, brushed copper accents, and genuine swinging pendulum arm mechanism gives it a sophisticated style that enhances its vintage appearance.

You can refer to this tabletop piece as a beautiful real quartz timepiece featuring a speaker.

The speaker has Bluetooth connectivity that can stream rock music from a distance of about 30ft. This speaker is compatible and can easily pair with any Bluetooth device.

It has an inbuilt USB port for device charging and a 3.5mm auxiliary. It also features well-performing dual dynamic balance drivers.


  • Tabletop quartz timepiece with a real pendulum
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Dynamic balance dual-drivers which deliver stereo sound
  • USB port and aux input

10. ART SOUND Bluetooth Speaker Vintage Retro Radio

The onboard controls of this speaker are laid out very clearly to the left and right of the radio tuner display. The speaker is compact, lightweight, and has a retro woven grille.

Its inbuilt rechargeable battery makes it a good travel speaker choice, capable of providing up to six hours of uninterrupted listening to rock music between charges.

This makes the speaker ideal for taking with you on a day out.

This speaker has a retro dial to adjust between FM radio frequencies and stylized knobs for user-friendly control. It has Bluetooth connectivity to pair with other devices with ease. It also has a standard 3.5mm aux input for direct listening should in case Bluetooth devices aren’t available.


  • FM radio
  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • Wooden construction
  • Aux input
  • Very affordable


Vintage speakers have real character and can add a touch of classic style to your room. They have retro knobs, switches, and dials that make them easier to operate.

The 10 best vintage speakers reviewed above are a suitable selection of great vintage speakers which will inspire you to go retro.