Are Old Speakers Worth Keeping? (what’s the value)?

Are Old Speakers Worth Keeping? (what's the value)?

Do you have some old speakers and wondering whether to discard them or keep them? Wondering are old speakers worth keeping? If yes, this article is for you. Read on to know what to do with your old speakers. Naturally, most products are expected to lose their value as they grow old and speakers are not an exception.

Are Old Speakers Worth Keeping?

Are Old Speakers Worth Keeping

An old speaker is expected to be worth only a fraction of its original price. However, not all speakers fall victim to this fall of value-circumstance. Some vintage speakers were well-built and of high quality. They will maintain their durability and good performance even in old age.

On the other hand, if treated properly, some speakers can keep their value and work with the same performance for many years. Though, they may have little wear that should be replaced.

In terms of price value, old speakers are not as highly valued as modern speakers. For instance, speakers made between the s50s to 80s were produced for very different audiences and are very different prices. Most of these vintage speakers were sold in high quantities at low prices i.e. the Fisher speakers during the 80s.

Those old speakers almost have no value anymore nowadays and cannot convince audiophiles in quality or performance. However, speaker manufacturers like JBL and Acoustic Research manufactured high-quality speakers that will arguably outperform some modern speakers.

To come back to the actual question, which is, “Are old speakers worth keeping?” The answer is, “yes, old speakers are worth keeping.” If you have old speakers and you have enough space in your home, keep them. If you’re among those who love the sight or sound from old speakers, then buy one.

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Factors to Consider When Deciding Are Old Speakers Worth Keeping

When it comes to deciding whether old speakers are worth keeping, there are several factors to consider.

  • First and foremost, the build quality of vintage speakers is often superior to that of newer models, which may use cheaper materials to cut costs.
  • Additionally, older speakers may utilize speaker technology that is no longer in use, which can lend a unique character to their sound.
  • While newer speaker systems may offer more advanced features for home theater or stereo systems, the audio reproduction of older speakers can still hold up, particularly when paired with high-quality audio equipment.
  • Ultimately, whether or not to keep old speakers depends on personal preference and the specific use case.

Do You Have or Just Found Some Old Speakers? Clean and Keep Them!

Are Old Speakers Worth Keeping

Well-built speakers can last many years, but poor handling, wrong storage, and poor care can harm or damage them over time. So, don’t let your speakers deteriorate, and be careful not to scratch them with the wrong tools.

Instead, clean your old speaker carefully using soft brushes and other cleaning utensils. If the speaker’s cabinet looks dull or out of color, give it some new life.

If necessary, wipe off the dust, use very fine sandpaper (1000 Grit or finer) to sandpaper the wood surface, and use an oil finish to maintain the original wood color.

In most cases, you can revive your old speaker with little effort. However, if your old speaker is severely damaged, consider visiting a professional for repair.

If you’ve got a pair of old bookshelf speakers that are still in good condition after 20 years, hold onto them – they could be worth their weight in gold! Vintage speakers have a charm and sound quality that’s hard to replicate with newer models, making them a valuable addition to any audio setup.

So don’t throw those speakers away just yet – keep them around and enjoy the sweet sound they produce. If you’re interested in learning more about vintage audio equipment, drop me a line at the provided email address.

Are Old Speakers of Any Value? Are Old Speakers Worth Keeping?

This depends on the type of old speakers you have. While some speakers lose value as they get older, some gain more values as vintage speakers. Hence, not all old speakers are of value, and some are more valuable than others.
There will probably be a plate on the back of your old speaker with model numbers that you can use as search terms on eBay to determine a fair price. This would give you an idea of the value of your old speaker.

Ways to Recycle or Reuse Your Old Speakers

Are Old Speakers Worth Keeping, recycle

Now you know that old speakers are worth keeping, especially if they have a high value. However, you may not like the idea of keeping an old set of speakers in one corner of your house; we don’t like it either as the speakers take up unnecessary space.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you should throw away the old speakers. Whether those old speakers are functioning or not, here are some exciting ways you can reuse or recycle them:

Note: these ways are not only applicable to old analog speakers in wooden cabinets but also applicable to all types of speakers – from car speakers to large speakers in the living room.

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Turn Your Old Speaker into A Large Charging Device (Desktop or Computer Speakers Only)

Are Old Speakers Worth Keeping

Perhaps, you’ve got no idea that you can reuse your old desktop or computer speaker as a portable charging device. This process is very simple and doesn’t require any welding.

All you need is a pair of scissors or a small knife, a screwdriver, and some electrical tape. Open and disassemble the speaker, remove the transformer, amplifier, and drivers, put them in a large plastic box, and cut a few holes to place the wire.

Your phone will be placed on top of the box and you’re ready to charge it.

Add Chromecast Audio or Bluetooth Dongle

If you’re the type that likes the sound of music from old speakers, you can reuse your old speakers by adding a Chromecast Audio dongle.

This dongle will help to turn your old speaker into a wireless speaker so that you can use your phone to play songs from your speaker.

Mind you, Chromecast Audio doesn’t work with all applications and you need to know which application Chromecast Audio can work with. However, a Bluetooth dongle is a better replacement for a Chromecast Audio dongle.

A Good Source of Magnet

If your old speaker is no longer functioning and has a deteriorated cabinet, then you can comfortably take your speaker apart and reuse it as a large magnet. Magnet from your speaker is even better than those from an old hard drive.

Reuse Your Speakers as Bookshelves or Wooden Decorations

Wooden cabinets of old speakers are the most reusable parts. You can turn the cabinet of your old speakers (bad ones) into almost anything you want – from table to bookshelves.

All you need to do is to remove all parts inside the cabinet, sharpen it, and then polish it up. You will have a piece of lovely new furniture. If you have a set of two speakers, you may want to consider turning them into a bedside cabinet or even a wardrobe.

If you have a bit of carpentry experience, you can turn the speaker cabinets into a table. When you dismantle the speaker, you can reuse any of the disassembled parts like magnets or diaphragms for other purposes.

However, if you’re bent on getting rid of your old speakers, then you can do any of the following:

  • Donate it to a local community organization
  • Give it to Goodwill or the Salvation Army
  • Take it to a local electronics store
  • Sell it on eBay or yourself.

Conclusion: Are Old Speakers Worth Keeping

Are Old Speakers Worth Keeping

From the post above, you must have seen that some speaker systems are still valuable and all old speakers are worth keeping. If you can’t find the need of keeping your old speakers after you’ve purchased new ones, you don’t need to throw them into the landfill, simply reused them for some other utility or creative project(s).

When it comes to audio quality and hi-fi sound, these speakers can really knock your socks off. And if you’re worried about missing out on newer features, remember that sometimes less is more – a good set of stereo speakers can really take your listening experience to the next level.

Are Old Speakers Worth Keeping? (what's the value)?

So, Are Old Speakers Worth Keeping? Your answer must be Yes now. Do the suggestions above give you any inspiration? Please share your opinion with us in the comment section below.