How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Speaker in Your Car?

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You may want to fix new speakers in your car to improve the sound quality.

Fixing new speakers in your car can improve the sound quality dramatically. Some car lovers claimed that fixing the speakers in your car is the number one upgrade you can make to improve the overall quality of your car.

Car manufacturers are not audio/sound engineers. They don’t care so much about the audio sounds of the car.

They care so much about the engine, horsepower, gas mileage while speakers are usually one of the last on their list. So, don’t be too realistic about the sound performance of your new car.

But the good news is, you can upgrade to new speakers. But how much does it cost to fix a speaker in your car? Read on to find out.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Speaker in Your Car?

Fixing new speakers in your car will create a higher fidelity and clarity of sound and the sound of music from new speakers is more distinct with less distortion.

However, the cost of fixing a speaker in your car will vary depending on the car speaker option, your budget, and the quality of the car audio system, the components you want, and the place where you intend to buy and fix your audio system.

Car Speaker Option

When it comes to car speakers, there are lots of options to choose from and you must decide the type of sound you like based on your personal preference.

There are basically three types of car speakers to choose from. These are full-range speakers, component speakers, and coaxial speakers.

Full-range Speakers: This speaker option comes with a tweeter to produce high-pitched sounds and a woofer for the lows. This speaker option comes in several different sizes.

Component speakers: This speaker option comes with separate tweeters and woofers. They’re claimed to provide a more detailed sound.

Coaxial speakers: This speaker option comes with a tweeter and driver.

Once you’ve decided on the speaker option you want, the next step is to choose how many of the speakers you want. Some cars come with two speakers, while other cars, especially larger, luxury cars have as many as 3 to 5.

Cost of Fixing a New Speaker

Fixing a speaker can have a starting cost as little as $50 to several thousand dollars depending on personal preferences. While you can get a car speaker for as low as $37, speakers of higher quality cost more – from $70 to $100.

You can purchase a budget-friendly, powerful subwoofer without an enclosure for $70 while you can get a subwoofer package, which includes an amplifier and an enclosure, for about $299.You can also purchase a much more powerful subwoofer for $800 or more.

If possible, you can make the enclosure for the subwoofer yourself or purchase a used enclosure. The average cost of installation can be about $70 and adding an anti-vibrator to the speakers can cost about $25.

You can as well purchase a full component speaker system, complete with crossovers, subwoofers, and tweeters for about $800.

Total Cost

You can purchase a high-quality, budget-friendly car speaker for $400 to $500. If you have a little more money to spend on car speakers, you can get a superior system for around $1000 – it’s possible to spend far more than this on a complete car sound system.

DIY Vs. Hiring a Professional to Install the Car Speakers

While there’s nothing wrong with DIY car speaker installation, you’ll need to get the right tools for the job, have some technical knowledge, and acquire a little know-how. This is because fixing a speaker in your car requires taking apart your car door.

The best is to hire a professional to fix the speaker for you. This will not only ensure the job is done right, but it will also save you time and taking unnecessary risks. If you DIY, you may end up breaking something.

Complete Sound System Installation

Sometimes, fixing a single speaker or pair of speakers may not be the best solution to improve the sound quality of your car – you may need to upgrade the complete sound system of your car.

To accurately determine the cost of installing a complete car sound system, it is necessary to discuss each of the components that make up the sound system and their respective costs.

Every car sound system is made up of three main components – the head unit, the amplifier, and the speakers.

These three components, in proper combinations, make a good car sound system.

The Head Unit: Old head units produced signals from cassettes, 8-tracks, and so on but nowadays, head units can generate signals from CDs, DVDs, USB, music streaming, and even connection with smart devices via Bluetooth.

Just as the name implies, the head unit is the brain of the sound system. It is responsible for accepting and accessing different audio sources, producing signals, and controlling the sound level.

Cost of A Standard Head Unit: The head unit comes in varying qualities and prices. However, from research, the cost of a standard head unit is between $80 and $200 depending on the type.

The Amplifier: Normally, the signals generated by the head unit are often too weak to cause the car speakers to produce sound waves. Therefore, the amplifier amplifies or increases the power of this signal.

Most times, the amplifier is installed in the head unit to make the system more compact. However, if you want to improve your car sound system, using an external car amplifier is recommended.

Cost of a Car Amplifier: Like the head unit, car amplifiers come in different types and price tags. You can get a good mono amplifier for as low as $40 or as high as $200.

However, you can purchase a multi-channel speaker for about $80 – $400 depending on your preference.

The Car Speakers: This is the most prominent of the car stereo system. It receives amplified signals from the amplifier in the form of electrical energy and produces the audio sounds that get into your ear.

The car speaker produces sound waves due to the vibration reaching the speaker from the amplifier.

Cost of a Car Speaker: As stated above, there are three types of speaker options for car sound systems – full range, coaxial, and component speakers. Coaxial speakers are usually the factory-fitted speakers in most cars because they are cheaper and take less space.

But if you want to improve your car’s audio system, a component speaker will be more effective.

You can get a coaxial speaker for as low as $20 or as much as $70. You can get a component speaker between $50 and $350. If you choose to add a subwoofer speaker, then expect to add an extra $30 to $80.


As stated above, the cost to fix a speaker in your car varies and can be as low as $100 (or less) or as high as $1000 (or more) depending on personal preferences, budget, the quality of the car audio system, and the place to buy or fix the audio system.

The total cost also depends on whether you’re fixing all of the speakers or not.

To boost the audio sound of your car, it is a good option to add a subwoofer to your audio system – subwoofers are designed to reproduce low bass frequencies.

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