What Size Speakers Are In My Car?

Do you need help figuring out what size speakers are in my car? When installing the speakers in my car, I wanted to know whether I needed specific speakers or if any size should work. Remember, you want something that fits in your car’s designated space.

What Size Speakers Are In My Car?

Shopping for a car requires a little know-how about what you want to buy. You may get in minor trouble as the advertisement is inaccurate to the actual product, and you give them the benefit of the doubt. Moreover, I have given all the possible answers to your question about what size speakers are in my car.

What are the different size speakers?

The speaker’s size typically ranges from 6.5 to 8 inches. But some people have used sizes 10 and 12 inches too. The cone needs to be heavier than that of a midrange. The cone’s weight should be lighter than it slows down higher frequencies. If we look at the frequency content, the voices extend to 100Hz.

Car Speaker Sizes

What size speakers are in my car? To get the answer to this question, you need to know your car speaker configuration. The bigger the size of the speaker, the better the sound quality.

However, firstly it must fit in your car. Car speakers sizes are measured in inches, including the speaker frame and the hole alignment.

This article will discuss the most common available car speaker sizes. The speaker size will depend on the type of sound you want to produce and the area of its installation in the car.

3.5 Inch Speakers

  • With this diameter, they are the most miniature speakers for cars available in the market. 
  • Bring out clarified sounds.
  • Consume less power.
  • Excellent with mid and high frequencies but poor with lower ones.
  • They are space efficient and affordable.
  • Acts as a tweeter in the vehicle audio setup.

4 Inch Speakers

  • 4-inch speakers give the finest tunes.
  • Dedicated to high and mid-range frequencies.
  • Made from quality materials, thereby consuming little power.
  • Produce clear, crisp undistorted sound.
  • They can be installed in most areas of your car.
  • Give good midrange/treble performance.
  • Very power efficient and doesn’t need a dedicated amp.

4.6 Inch Speakers

  • These speakers serve as the replacement for your factory stereo.
  • Offer better bass compared to 3.5 Inch and 4 Inch counterparts.
  • They are affordable in price.
  • Cover a large frequency spectrum.
  • Not comparable to subwoofers, but suitable for beginners.

4.10 Inch Speakers

  • Specially designed to handle high and mid-range frequencies.
  • They feature a long narrow shape, making them easy to fit in moderate space.
  • Be sure to produce the desirable bass in your car.
  • Their oval shape gives them extra cone area.

5.25 Inch speakers

  • Round-shaped factory speaker is the 5.25 Inch speaker.
  • Suitable for door speakers.
  • Bass performance is similar to 3.5 and 4 Inch speakers.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Have easier installation.

5.7 Inch Speakers

  • Swap your OEM speakers for 5.7Inch Speakers to get clearer and louder sound.
  • Manufactured with high-quality material.
  • The only difference between these speakers and 6.8 Inches is the location of mounting holes.
  • Have less distortion.
  • Are better at handling power.

6 Inch Speakers

  • They are ideal for loud music due to their immense size.
  • Big enough for all car models.
  • Withstand shock and shaky movements.
  • Easier to install.
  • Suitable for a mid-range frequency and a little bass.

6.5 Inch Speakers

  • They are ideal for any vehicle.
  • Gives excellent sound with quality bass.
  • They have a standard size and are lightweight.
  • They are relatively easy to replace without needing to modify them.
  • They may produce the best bass. However, they deliver clear, loud, crisp sound, outperforming 6.8 Inches speakers.

6.75 Inch Speakers

  • Have a slightly bigger diameter than the 6.5-inch speakers.
  • These speakers are for bass lovers.
  • Several features are combined, like higher sensitivity and frequency range.
  • They have higher output power and RMS without sound distortion.
  • Durability is for a lifetime.
  • Consume more power.

6.8 Inch Speakers

  • Space-efficient speakers that give a boost to your music experience.
  • The increased size produces better bass than the 6.5 Inch speakers.
  • Better volume is delivered sealed in a sleek design.
  • They are space efficient and easily adjustable in a 5.7 Inch Opening.
  • Installed in the rear decks of the car.

6.9 Inch Speakers

  • Fit in a wide range of vehicles due to a broader cone than other speakers.
  • Bass output is reasonably loud.
  • No need to install additional woofers and subwoofers.
  • Provide best results in low-end frequency.
  • Installation is done at the back of the car, preferably at the boot or in the cockpit.
  • They are not cheap and require an amp.

How to Determine the Right Speaker Size for Your Car?

To find what size speakers are in my car, get the proper measurement of your speakers with some tools. Furthermore, it may be nerve-wracking if you want to replace your existing speakers. Speaker size matters the most when you are about to change them.

The best speaker size for your car depends on your taste and preference. A well-built speaker performs way better than a poorly-built, prominent speaker. To determine what speaker size to install in your vehicle, we lend you a helping hand.

  • Start by Checking the installation space and speaker dimension and size.
  • Measure the mounting depth.
  • Determine the weight of the speaker.
  • Do check the sound quality of the speakers.
  • Purchase the speakers from a well-reputed company.
  • Remember to buy the speaker’s bracket.

You can get more information about car speaker size from this link:

Car Audio: Car Speaker Size Guide

Conclusion – What Size Speakers Are In My Car

As a car owner, you should know the answer to the question, “what size speakers are in my car?” Someday, you may need to replace your speakers. While changing your car’s speakers, ensure and check the woofer’s quality, capability, and level of sound production.

To make a long story short, if you keep certain factors in mind, you can surely get the best speakers for your car. Hopefully, the above article has provided you with the knowledge you need and guided you in the best possible way.

If you have any queries, drop a comment in the comment section below and get the answer in no time. Visit audioambition for more details.