How to Wear Airpods Pro?

How to Wear Airpods Pro

The Apple AirPods Pro is one of the most sophisticated accessories available on the market. For $249, they come with astonishing features. Now fancy $249 falling off your ears. Terrifying, right? To prevent this mishap, you must know how to wear AirPods Pro.

How to Wear Airpods Pro

Since its launching on October 30, 2019, AirPods Pro has gained people’s liking with its total rebirth design and outstanding features. But unfortunately, like all its predecessors, AirPods Pro also suffers a simple yet frustrating issue- occasionally falling out of ears.

So with all its superpowers making AirPods Pro a dream, it also has its kryptonite. Moreover, gymnasts and athletes prefer to wear Apple AirPods Pro due to their impressive quality in blocking ambient noise and filtering the sound. But it is mostly annoying for athletes, joggers, and people on the go to lose their AirPods Pro unconsciously.

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So if adjusting your earbuds is a constant struggle for you, read this article, How to Wear Airpods Pro, to the end.

How to Change AirPods Pro Ear Tips

If you fail in your first attempt to get the perfect fit, you should try other ear tip sizes to get it right. You cannot enjoy the best of AirPods Pro unless they are comfortably snug in your ears. So here is how to remove and attach the different ear tips. 

1. Use your fingers to pull the tip of the ear tip stoutly til it comes off.
2. Now attach the other size ear tip by placing it on the oval-sized connector.
3. Push the connector by placing your fingers at the base of the ear tip. You will hear a clicking sound when it sets in firmly. 
4. You will have to try all three sizes to know which one is the best fit for you.

Reasons Why Apple AirPods Pro Fall Out of Ears

Agreeably, Apple AirPods Pro is not that despairing in the ‘fit’ department. Then why their falling out is a common problem for most of the users? Well, there are some certain reasons for that. Let’s go over them one by one for a deep understanding and to know how to wear AirPods Pro.

AirPods Pro Silicon Tips

AirPods Pro features different types of ear tips than its forerunners. The AirPods Generation 1, 2, and 3 have non-replaceable plastic tips. While on the other hand, AirPods Pro has replaceable silicon ear tips of different sizes. In order to address the fitting issues, Apple has given three sizes, i.e., small, medium, and large. 

So silicon ear-tips are the answer to all your problems? Well, many thought that the silicon tips would solve the problem, yet in many contexts, they had appeared to be the problem creator.

Many users seem to complain that the silicon tips feel less snug, slip easily from the ear while running long distances or working out, and are prone to dirt accumulation. 

Unsuitable Fit

The second most apparent reason your AirPods keep dropping out of your ears is the wrong fit. Naturally, if your AirPods Pro earbuds are not according to your ear size, it will be difficult to stick them in your ears.

As mentioned before, Apple AirPods give you the best fitting you can ever get. It is because Apple designs its earbuds to fit and satisfy over 90% of its customers.  

While 90% of customers seem a significantly big share of happy customers, it may undoubtedly leave 10%  of users who struggle with their AirPods Pro fitting. Moreover, the driving reason behind it is that people have unique ear sizes and shapes, which makes the one-size-fits-all approach a thing of imagination. 

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An External Physical Hit

The next obvious reason for your AirPods Pro to fall out is you getting a physical hit. An external force can cause your earbuds to drop out quickly. For example, you can readily knock your Apple AirPods Pro out while fixing your hair or shedding your workout clothes. 

Furthermore, you need to remain extra mindful in such situations if you want your earbuds not to be dislodged even when worn correctly.

How to Wear AirPods Pro

Unlike its predecessors, AirPods Pro needs some extra care and attention for proper use. This version distinguishes all previous ones mainly because of its silicon tips that come in 3 different sizes.

Here is a step-by-step guide section that will help you understand how to wear AirPods Pro.

Check for a Letter by Flipping the Silicon Tips

The letter you are searching for indicates the size of your tips. When AirPods Pro comes out of the box, it usually has the medium one on. Further, you can find the large and small sizes packed in the box.

Align the Silicon Tips with the Black Vent of AirPods Pro

This step is almost a kind of hack. But if you want the best fit, you must make sure to align the size letter with the back vent. When you have turned them properly, you will hear a clicking sound. Read carefully to know how to wear AirPods Pro.

Press the AirPods Pro in Your Ears, Rotate, and Wedge

Much like its forerunners, AirPods Pro will also require a whole press rotate wedge motion from you. So press the earbuds in your ear to a comfortable fit, then turn them until they wedge into your ears.

Run the Ear Tip Fit Test

Apple offers you this handy feature to help you achieve a better seal with your earbuds. After comfortably wearing your earbuds, connect them to your iPhone and then go to settings> Bluetooth. There, click the device information button and press “Ear Tip Fit Test”.

Afterward, select continue and hit the play button at the bottom of the screen. During this test, it will suggest you try different tip sizes or adjust the one you are wearing right now.

Conclusion: How to wear AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro is undeniably a revolutionary device in its own way. However, the unfortunate fit issue can prove to be a nightmare for some people. But no worries! Simple problems require simple solutions. You simply need to learn how to wear AirPods Pro.

In this article, we have detailed all the possible aspects that will help you understand how to wear your AirPods Pro. Once you follow these steps, you will feel as light as a feather while using your AirPods Pro. Visit audioambition to learn more.