Klipsch Tower Speakers Review: Unbiased Low Down

Are you serious about your speakers? If you want a complete HiFi sound system, it’s time to bring out the guns. The best audio quality in the world of speakers comes from floor-standing speakers. If you are looking for a good-looking, focused, and stand-out sound system, Klipsch Tower Speakers will serve the purpose of a leg up for you.

Klipsch Tower Speakers Review: Unbiased Low Down

Is the sound of floor-standing Klipsch tower speakers better than the others? Yes, the large size and the amplified drivers allow the Klipsch Tower System to get louder, more powerful sound than other speakers. Check out more about the Klipsch Tower Speakers.

What are Klipsch speakers good for?

These premium home audio speakers efficiently deliver full and crystal clear sound to any space. Klipsch Tower Speakers’ audio gives every lick, every breath, every drumbeat, and nuance, whether it is of your music, movies, or TV, with unmatchable quality and precision of your music.

Some Specifications of Klipsch Tower Speakers

The Klipsch Tower speakers, known for sounding spectacular, can supercharge your sound system. They fill a larger room, creating a theater-quality sound. The horns are composed of silicone hybrid Tractrix, providing incredibly high-frequency waves of crisper, clearer sound.

The frequency response is made smooth through compression molding silicone face. Its exclusive Linear Travel Suspension (LTS) minimizes distortion for enhanced and detailed performance.

LTS tweeters are a core component of some of the best speakers in the world. The vented tweeter reduces the standing waves resulting in enhanced detail of high-frequency reproduction.

The Cerametallic woofers have flawless sound production, minimum distortion with maximum efficiency. They come up to the expectation one can have with Klipsch Power Speakers through their powerful detail and emotion.

The reference Premier port allows the fastest, most efficient air transfer from the cabinet, utilizing Tractrix geometry. Hence it gives more powerful bass.

The distortion is cleared through dual input terminals for bi-wiring while separating high and low frequencies current into different cables. Bi-amping allows for further performance optimization with separate outboard power amplifiers for both high and low frequencies.

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Why Do You Need Klipsch Tower Speakers?

Do you want to pump up the volume of your music or movies with a kick-ass home theatre speaker? Then Klipsch Tower speakers are a must for you. Know yourself before buying to prevent yourself from getting a hand on speakers that don’t meet your needs. But somehow, these speakers are the best speakers due to various reasons.

These high-quality Klipsch tower speakers are the largest standard speakers available for your home. They contain several drivers and produce sound through vibration for a wider soundstage. These drivers are wary from model to model. The types of drivers are

Tweeters: Klipsch Tower Speakers have small drivers at the speaker’s top. They emit high pitch sounds at frequencies, i.e., from 2,000 to 30,000Hz. These speakers have horns, cones, or dome-shaped tweeters.

Midrange Drivers: These drivers handle sound ranging from 500 to 2,000 Hz. The human voice and instruments fall within this range. Some horn tweeters act as midrange drivers; moreover, a horn tweeter resonates in that frequency range, i.e., around 1000_2000Hz.

Woofers: Woofers produce low-pitch noises and superior bass performance. The frequency sounds range from 40 to 1000 Hz or higher. The Klipsch Tower Speakers are chosen over other smaller speakers because of the high-quality bass response in the woofers.

Klipsch RP-5000F Review

Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-5000F II

You will be impressed at the sound quality you get for your money with the RP-5000F compared to the most expensive ones. It has been in continuous production for the longest of any in history ever. The horn-loaded twitter design is present in almost every Klipsch speaker category. These are the reasons why the RP-5000F delivers clear, precise audio.

  • Besides looking good, the Klipsch RP-5000F floor-standing speakers sound great and are available at an attractive price. 
  • Surprisingly affordable, power-efficient.
  • Deliver excellent sound detail across its frequency spectrum.
  • The power-efficient design has been constant for all these years.
  • Delivers clear audio in an extensive range without using much power.

Design: Slender and High Quality

  • It’s a moderate-sized floor speaker with 36.2×8.2 x14.4 inches.
  • Well-assembled speaker, supported by cast aluminum feet.
  • Premium looking signature black copper palette is fantastic.
  • Its design makes a statement in a room at a friendly price point.
  • 1-inch titanium vented tweeter named a hybrid cross-section Tractrix horn is located at the front of the speaker.
  • Two 5.25-inch spun copper Cerametallic woofers are also present, focusing on achieving a 96dB @2.83V/1 m sensitivity.
  • Dual binding post connection is used for two different frequencies.
  • You can use a single wire other than a bi-wire.

Sound Quality: Fantastic Sound

  • Given the price, Klipsch RP-5000F is a fantastic floor sound speaker.
  • It gives excellent loud sound without investing in a powerful amplifier.
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor events like movie nights and parties, giving deep bass across every genre.
  • Draw details out of the mix and have great clarity in vocal music.
  • Listening sessions feel alive and pleasurable.
  • It shows a little bit of potential weakness.
  • I Highly recommend them for their versatility and character.

Price: Great Performance for the Money Spent

  • The official price of Klipsch RP-5000F per speaker is $434, while a pair is $868.
  • You can also purchase them in a deal, like a pair, for $650.
  • The competition is challenging towards the top price tier as there are various options between $800.

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How to Build Best Home Theatre with Klipsch Tower Speakers?

Keep some points in mind and set up the best home theatre with Klipsch Tower Speakers.

  • Your listening position and the distance between you and the speakers are the basics for the quality of sound you get from the speakers.
  • Angle the speakers towards the speakers
  • Place the speakers near the wall and get the maximum bass.
  • An AC receiver is required to connect the pieces of your home theatre. Intra AV REceivers, Onkyo AV Receivers, and Pioneer AV Receivers fall into some recommendations by The Klipsch Tower speakers.

Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-4000F



Klipsch Reference R-800F

Pros and Cons


  • Generates great sound.
  • Super efficient.
  • Possess a solid built quality.
  • Designing is attractive.
  • Very reliable and durable.
  • It comes within your budget.


  • Not compact.
  • Weight is quite heavy.
  • Not the best fit for all types of music.
  • Only fit in large areas.
  • It can be risky to children and pets due to its heavy weight.

Conclusion- Klipsch Tower Speakers

If you are wondering about the size of these speakers, you need to ensure that you have ample space to keep them. It is an excellent product that combines form and function but is an expensive floor-standing speaker.

There can be some minor shortcomings, but these minor deficiencies can be ignored. Klipsch Tower Speakers are renowned for delivering focused sound and intelligent features in the audio world.

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