Polk Tower Speakers Review: Unbiased Low Down

Do you want a room-filling sound for your party? Are you fed up with your defective sound system? No need to stress anymore; we have saved you. In this article, we are going to introduce you to a wonderful choice of music. Let’s not sacrifice your entertainment at any cost and read this article on Polk tower speakers review: Unbiased low down.

Polk Tower Speakers Review: Unbiased Low Down

To explain, Polk tower speakers aim to enhance your quality music experience cost-effectively. You can use them for outdoor functions, friends` parties, get-to-gathers, and concerts. Let’s move forward.

What is the Difference Between Active and Passive Polk Tower Speakers?

The common difference between active and passive speakers is that active tower speakers require power while passive speakers don’t. It is because active tower speakers have built-in amplifiers to get energy. While on the other hand, passive tower speakers require external amplifiers to gain power.

What are Polk Tower Speakers?

Polk tower speakers are a reputable and beloved audio device. Polk introduced them to make a revolution in the realm of music with their artistic features. They take care of your entertainment with top-notch sound quality.

The perfect floor-standing speakers can definitely supercharge your sound system. Polk tower speakers are designed to slot next to TV cabinets and bookcases, taking advantage of vertical space.

They fill even a fitting room and create cinematic-quality sound. To complete your Hi-fi system, check out our following table of Polk tower speakers:

Model Price Color Brand
Signature Elite ES50$249.00BlackPolk Audio
Monitor Series 5.1$846.00BlackPolk Audio
Signature Elite ES35$768.00WhitePolk Audio
Monitor XT60$373.00BlackPolk Audio

You can find the perfect option and learn more about one of them in this video.

What are the Basic Features of Polk Tower Speakers?

Polk tower speakers are undoubtedly admirable and worth-using audio devices. They provide music lovers with so many remarkable features. These traits distinguish them from their peers. Let’s talk about some of their matchless features to learn more about them.

Design and Color

Polk tower speakers are compact and well-designed. They are available in various colors so that you can match them with the setting of your surroundings. Create a cinematic effect in your home with these beautiful devices. Their easy-on-the-eye design and color scheme are also suitable for your office.

Variety in Prices

There is no issue with the cost of Polk tower speakers. It is literally a pocket-friendly brand; you don’t have to pay much more for this. Polk provides a variety of audio devices at different prices.

They have dozens of expensive audio devices, but you can get some of them just for a song. So, enjoy the music with these budget-friendly tower speakers.

Volume & Bass 

Like a lot of other features, Polk tower speakers are also matchless in their volume and bass. Whether you like high or low-bass sound systems, Polk tower speakers qualify your requirements.

You can enjoy the beat with both high and low bass sounds. Plus, their clear and crisp volume is icing on the cake for your music thrill.

Cinematic Experience

If you are highly interested in music, find a good option at home. Polk tower speakers provide you with a cinematic experience for your movies.

Place them in the corner of your home and get the real taste of home theater with good-quality sound. Use them for audio effects, music excitement, and much more.

Things to Consider Before Buying Polk Tower Speakers

Polk tower speakers are like an investment that people make once in their lifetime. They help to increase the audio experience while watching movies and videos. Various types of speakers are available in the market today, but Polk tower speakers are unique.

Given below are some significant factors that influence the speakers’ buying process.


Affordability is the first factor that comes into your mind while purchasing anything. Polk tower speakers come with many features; thus, their prices vary based on their functions. It is essential to know the cost of speakers before buying. Polk offers you quality tower speakers both at high and low prices.


Various speakers come in a lot of different sizes, and you should choose the speakers according to the space. Mostly large tower speakers have more potential as compared to small ones. However, you should not depend only on the size. Select your Polk tower speakers according to your home or office setting.

Sound Quality

Your purpose in buying speakers is to enhance your audio experience. In this order, sound quality is the prime thing you should consider before your final decision to purchase. A wide range of speakers offers high-class sound quality in the market nowadays. One of the great names is Polk tower speakers.


This factor is usually overlooked while purchasing tower speakers but is a salient feature. Some tower speakers focus just on the centralized location and do not provide an equal quality of sound. If you move away from the central location, you lose the zeal for music. So, focus on the movement and enjoy your music with Polk tower speakers.

Dust & Water Resistance

If you want to beef up the performance of your speakers, do consider their dust and water resistance ability. Choose water and dust-resistant tower speakers to enjoy your outdoor functions. Concentrate that your speakers should not distress you in a humid and outdoor function. Polk tower speakers can maintain your taste for music both in rain and shine.

Pros & Cons


  • Optional extra accessories
  • Warranty for different models
  • Variety in the color of speakers
  • Different range of affordable prices
  • Availability of both high and low frequency
  • Attractive and compact designs
  • Well-built speakers with rich bass
  • Multi-directional sound system


  • No warranty for all models 
  • Connecting to other devices is a little bit complicated

Conclusion- Polk Tower Speakers Review

If you really eat, sleep, and breathe music, Polk tower speakers are your destination. They provide you with the actual experience of high-class sound and quality bass. Say goodbye to your old tormenting sound system and have Polk tower speakers.

Entertain your friends with you in a joyful ambiance. Apart from it, their low-cost prices are a bonus for music lovers. Polk tower speakers let you enjoy a cinematic effect at your home with multiple features. Another thing worth discussing is their service of warranty.

Polk offers 5 years warranty on its different models of tower speakers. So let’s give it a second thought and go for them! Visit audioambition to learn more.