Logitech H390 Mic Not Working? (Causes & How to Fix)

A good microphone is very important when you are playing games, watching movies, or chatting with friends online. Most people buy Logitech webcams because they are quite cheap compared to other brands. But they often ask, Why is my Logitech H390 Mic Not Working? No worries! Solving this issue is a piece of cake.

Logitech H390 Mic Not Working?

Is it possible to fix the issue?

It’s possible to fix the issue completely by just reinstalling firmware/configuring it correctly. However, without using Realtek audio drivers. Unfortunately, there aren’t any (and probably never be) alternatives for this chip.
This solution should also apply to other computers and headsets that use a standard headset output that works on other operating systems as well (e.g., Linux). 

Logitech H390 Mic Not Working? Explained

Some Logitech webcams are equipped with noise-canceling microphones, which can be convenient for gamers who play in noisy environments. But what if your Logitech h390 mic is not working?

There will be no sound from your headset while chatting or recording gameplay on YouTube. So what’s the reason behind it, and how to fix it?

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Reasons Why Logitec Mic May Not Work

1). Microphone muted

This might be the reason due to which you are not receiving any response back from anyone while using the Logitech h390 headset. You will have to check your computer’s sound settings and then enable the microphones that are present in the device list by checking the “show disabled devices” box. 

Then click on the “apply” button and then again click on “OK” to ensure that the device is enabled properly. Suppose this doesn’t help to resolve the issue.

In that case, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling your audio driver, as it might be possible that the mic was disabled after installing a fresh copy of Windows OS on your machine.

2). Device not connected

This might be because your computer did not detect the headset, and hence “no device” is displayed in front of all other devices. You will have to check if all the cables are plugged into their respective sockets correctly and then restart both computers and the Logitech h390 headset.

If this step does not work, you can try using another USB port, as either of them might have stopped functioning.

3). Device malfunction

It might be possible that the computer does not detect your device even after plugging it into a working USB port because of an internal hardware issue in your Logitech H390 headset.

In such a case, you will have to check if the product’s warranty has expired and then contact their support team for further assistance. They might ask you to validate the product’s warranty before providing help related to this matter.

4) Driver not installed properly

Suppose all of the steps mentioned above fail to resolve the issue. In that case, there might be some problem with audio drivers, which are responsible for providing input and output audio devices functionality on Windows machines. 

You will have to uninstall and then reinstall the compatible sound driver with your Logitech h390 headset. To uninstall and then install the device drivers, you will have to perform the following steps:

Go to the control panel and click on the ‘sound’ underperformance and maintenance category.

Click on the sound devices tab and select “properties.” A new window should pop up where you should see a list of all installed audio devices, including your Logitech h390 headset. You need to right-click on them one by one and then choose ‘uninstall’. 

Note that only your current driver will be uninstalled; it means if there was more than 1 Logitech H390 device installed on your computer, only the primary (the first one) would be uninstalled and then you would have to install the backup one by right-clicking on “driver” and choose “update driver”.

Once all devices are uninstalled, restart your computer. This will reinstall all audio drivers for computers. After the restart, plug your headset into a USB port and launch ‘sound’ from the control panel. All installed audio devices, including your Logitech H390 headset, should now be in the list. 

Right-click on it and select ‘properties. Then click on the ‘advanced’ tab, and under that, select the “Driver” tab, where you should choose either 32-bit or 64-bit, depending on whichever version of Windows OS is installed on your system (32 or 64). Finally, hit apply button so that changes go into effect.

5). Driver is incompatible

This might be because you installed an old version of the Logitech H390 headset’s driver on your Windows PC, or you forgot to uninstall an older version before installing a newer one. In such a case, you will have to uninstall all old versions and then reinstall them,, as discussed in point 4 above. B

ut make sure that the latest driver is compatible with your Logitech h390 headset as per its hardware specifications; otherwise, it might lead to device malfunction, which was discussed in point 3 above.

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The Solutions: Logitech H390 Mic Not Working?

Step 1 – Unplug And Replug The Microphone Jack

This is the simplest thing to do when troubleshooting issues like this one, that damn jack in your laptop is always loose or something moved or was pressed accidentally.

Step 2 – Delete The Mic Volume And The Recording Devices – Reinstall All Drivers

Windows 10: Open the windows search bar and type “Recording Devices,” then open it, right-click on your Mic device and click “Properties” you should be in the “Listen” tab so uncheck any boxes or delete your Mic volume.

Now go to the “Levels” tab and press the (-) button for each Default Device until it becomes 0. After that, remove all Mics from this window by pressing their respective (-) buttons also. Restart your computer after this step.

Now windows will reinstall these default devices, and you’ll have to set up and configure them manually, then finally plug back the H390 Mic volume.

Step 3 – Reinstall The H390 Drivers, Update Your Sound Card Drivers And Disable A Device

You’ll need to uninstall the drivers, then reboot your system and let Windows install them automatically but before that, update all your sound card drivers if you have any other device plugged in beside the H390. 

Now uninstall the Logitech H390 driver using “Add or remove programs”, after restarting your computer once more to let Windows update it again. Now shut down your computer properly by holding its power button until it turns off completely.

Don’t just press/click on it because this will cause a forced shut down and we want our system to be powered off completely so Windows can install those new drivers.

Now boot up your system and press the F10 button on your keyboard to access your BIOS settings; look for an option that says “Load Optimized Defaults” or similar and load them, then save and exit.

Now boot into windows and plug back your H390 Mic volume then right-click on its icon in the taskbar and click Default device if it’s not already selected, now right-click on another device in this window (it can be a speaker).

Select Disable this device so you’ll only have 2 devices instead of 3, do something like this with all other sound devices too. Now reboot your system once more.

Step 4 – Update Your Windows And All Device Drivers

This one may seem obvious but is often overlooked when troubleshooting issues like this one, this may solve your problem so just do it.

Step 5 – Contact Logitech

If all of the above hasn’t worked, then I’m sorry to say that you should contact Logitech directly and give them your details followed by your H390 model number. 

The number is 800-513-8271 in case you have trouble locating it, but if possible, please try to fix this issue yourself before calling Logitech because they will ask for a lot of information/details about your system or how you installed their drivers, etc., You can also share this article with them so they’ll be aware of the solutions posted below.

which says MTP. Otherwise, this may lead to a system library error due to missing dependencies of that device. After that, reboot the computer and let Windows automatically reinstall the driver for your webcam from its own repository.

Now try using the Logitech h390 mic again by recording a short video. If it records, then it means that your webcam drivers are installed correctly without any problem. Also, check the date of your device driver and its version if you want to be 100% sure that there is no compatibility issue with your Windows OS.

Conclusion: Logitech H390 Mic Not Working?

Further research made me realize that the issue is not with the microphone but rather software/firmware related. That being said, I have tried to find a solution to this. The problem: During Skype calls, another party can hear themselves echoing back even though they are talking through their own microphone.

This means that my mic is currently not working during skype calls. The radio show needs to be pre-recorded because of time constraints, so it doesn’t need to be life, which makes this all more frustrating.

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