5 Best 55” TVs For Under $500

Are you seeking a low-budget TV for your entertainment? Hold your water. We have shared your burden. Here are the 5 best 55” TVs for under $500 for you. If you want to have a blast, pick one of these user-friendly TVs and enhance your zeal. These high-grade TVs will definitely add to your fun at a low and reasonable price.

5 Best 55” TVs For Under $500

Can We Use 4K TVs For Under $500 With a PC?

Of course, if your computer possesses an HDMI output, you can use 4K TVs for under $500 with a PC. In addition, you can use adapters for output types and connect your TV to the computer.

What Do We Consider Before Buying TVs For Under $500

Audio Outputs

Usually, expensive TVs come with lower-quality audio outputs. It can happen that picture quality will satisfy you, but the audio results will mostly upset you. Then, you have to invest in a soundbar or in a decent-quality speaker along with large TVs. So, check their audio outputs with other features before buying TVs for under $500.

Better Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio means the range of brightness levels that your TV displays. Therefore, you should always get a TV with a better contrast ratio. A better contrast ratio will give you a better presentation regarding image details and colors. Therefore consider the contrast ratio before buying TVs for under $500.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate means how many times a specific picture on the TV screen will get refreshed in a second. The 60Hz, or 60 times every second, is the standard refresh rate for TVs for under $500. However, some fast-moving scenes can sometimes look unclear with a 60Hz refresh rate. That is why you should go for TVs with a higher refresh rate and easy on the eyes.  

Connectivity Options

If you want to use a TV for a purpose along with connecting to a set-top unit, focus on connectivity options. You must get connectivity ports like USB ports, HDMI, AV ports, and a 3.5mm audio jack. Consider these connectivity options and have a blast with TVs for under $500.

Further, you can learn more about TVs for under $500 in this Youtube video:

Best Budget Pick- Hisense 55U6H Review

Hisense U6H is undoubtedly the best budget pick. One of its great things is its quality and high contrast ratio. Hisense 55U6H is outstanding for watching movies in a dark room with its contrast for deep blacks. It also possesses a decent dimming feature to enhance the contrast quality. 

Apart from it, Hisense 55U6H is top-notch to watch in a well-lit room because it is good at reflection handling. Lastly, this budget-friendly TV is matchless for watching HDR movies, shows, and gaming. In addition, it presents a fitful refresh rate and possesses low input lag.


  • High ratio of native contrast.
  • Impressively wide
  • Bright enough to watch with ease.
  • Reflection handling is good.


  • Bright colors have some uniformity issues
  • The viewing angle is narrow

Best Mid-range Pick- LG C2 OLED 4K TV Review

Among the TVs for under $500, the LG C2 OLED is great. It brilliantly showcases the best attributes of screen technology, excellent brightness, and high contrast. Thanks to its sleek design that looks great in any home. 

Furthermore, its eye comfort display with billion rich colors is icing on the cake. It gives you unbeaten connectivity options and a fabulous color scheme. Plus, the wide viewing angle of the LG C2 OLED 4K TV with dimming technology is matchless.


  • Sleek design
  • Outstandingly bright screen
  • Superb connectivity options
  • The contrast ratio for deep blacks


  • Problems with cable management
  • HDR10+ support is not available

Best High-end Pick- Sony 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD TV A95K Review

The next incredible option of TVs for under $500 is the Sony 55-inch 4K ultra HD TV A95K. It is impressive in dark rooms as it displays deep blacks with no blooming around bright objects. Instead, this TV, for most uses, presents bright highlights with vivid colors. 

This high-end TV is packed with features like HDMI 2.1 bandwidth, support for gamers, and a variable refresh rate. Its user-friendly Google TV interface comes with the BRAVIA webcam. In addition, it presents some new features, including gesture support if you don’t use the remote control to navigate the menu.


  • Perfect black levels
  • Without blooming around black objects
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Perfect tone mapping
  • Natural picture quality


  • Gaming support is so so
  • Minor color fringing

The Best Overall- SAMSUNG 55 Inch Neo QLED 4K QN90B Review

The Samsung Neo QLED 4K QN90B is another name for TVs for under $500. This high-end TV combines a mini LED backlight with quantum dot color tech. It allows for finer control of the dimming zones for higher brightness levels. Moreover, this fine and dandy TV provides an excellent gaming experience.

The most noticeable features are its fast pixel response time and low input lag. It is a wonderful choice to use as a PC monitor, as it supports common resolutions. Besides, it properly displays chroma 4:4:4, which is required for clear text. It is a versatile choice for almost any viewing environment.


  • Bright enough to watch in a bright room
  • Accurate image at any angle
  • Easy to use and smart
  • Great selection of apps


  • Minor light bloom
  • Without Dolby vision

Honorable Mention- VIZIO 55” M556-H Quantum 4K Review

if you want to get the benefits of high-quality sources, invest your money in VIZIO 55” M556-H Quantum 4K. Among the TVs for under $500, this budget-friendly TV offers a high dynamic range, gaming, and video quality at a reasonable price. It is capable of generating more than a billion intense colors. 


  • Reliable picture quality
  • The dazzling effect of lights
  • Pleasant interface
  • Low input lag


  • Sometimes screen effect is dirty
  • Viewing angles are less impressive

Conclusion- 5 Best 55” TVs For Under $500

The time to pay through the nose for a TV is over now. We have presented the 5 best 55” TVs for under $500, so have one of them and get your entertainment. These budget-friendly TVs have their own great qualities, but we recommend Hisense 55U6H. This fantastic TV has big shoes to fill among TVs for under $500.

However, this pocket-friendly TV has some outstanding features. It has Dolby vision, a high dynamic range, content in HDR10, Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG), and an exceptional refresh rate. So, without wasting a moment, get this top-notch TV and enjoy yourself. Visit audioambition to learn more.